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Canadian personal historian Gillian Hewitt specializes in "saving lives" through memoir books, milestone mini-books, travel logs and life-writing workshops.

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  • Choose Your Words - Libby Atwater offers personal history products and publishing personal history services biographies from her base in Ventura, California.
  • Writing Your Life Story - Biographies, autobiographies, and journal writing based upon personal personal history experiences, to be passed on to family and personal history loved ones.
  • Treasured Legacies - Services offered include: autobiography, book publishing, editing, business history, family biographies history, ethical wills, genealogy research, ghost writing, interviewing, memoirs, and biographies self-publishing.
  • Everyone Does Have a Story to Tell - Everyone has a story to tell and Steven biographies Friedman helps biographies preserve oral and family history as biographies tapes and books.
  • Artichoke Press - A full selection of books, training and FREE books ezine on books parenting, writing memoirs, self-publishing, wellness and books end-of-life.
  • Keepsake Memoirs - Canadian personal historian Gillian Hewitt specializes in "saving biographies lives" through biographies memoir books, milestone mini-books, travel logs biographies and life-writing workshops.
  • Family Legacy Writing - Offering a line of Life Story Books, this books company\\'s services include interviewing, copy development, editing, book books design, and printing.
  • Chapters of Life Memory Books - Helping people capture memories through taped interviews, which personal history are transcribed and edited, then combined with photos personal history to create hardbound life story books.
  • Storytelling Productions - Based in Australia, Ann Scally specialises in recording personal history and personal history documenting life stories, business and organisation histories, personal history and celebrated personal history occasions as archival quality books.
  • Modern Memoirs - A writing, editing and publishing service that specializes personal history in biographies personal memoirs.
  • Remember and Record: Personal Histories by Carol Zuckert - Personal historian Carol Zuckert of Remember and Record personal history facilitates an array of memoirs, including personal/family books, personal history Ethical Wills and videos enhanced by professional photography.
  • Access Generations - Marc Aaron Johnson offers personalized and professional Family personal history History books services, including heirloom-quality Family History Books, CDs, personal history DVDs, Videos, books and web sites that preserve and personal history celebrate families of books the past and present.

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