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An international scholarly publisher of books, journals, and conference proceedings in all aspects of aerospace, chemical and mechanical engineering and materials science.

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  • Jones and Bartlett Publishers - College and emergency care textbooks.
  • Macmillan Education - Publishes educational text books and supplementary material in publishing all subjects from infant to tertiary education.
  • Pearson Learning - Produces educational resources for PreK to adult.
  • Memoria Press - Publishers of classical education materials such as Latina books Christiana and books Traditional Logic.
  • Greenwich Exchange Publishing - Educational titles, student guides and literature reviews.
  • Phillip Roy, Inc. - Publishers of adult education materials.
  • Edizioni La Creazione - Books for teaching the Italian language.
  • Innovative Systems -Publishers, Inc. - Books and workshops for professional report writing in criminal justice, law enforcement, fire services, public safety, corrections and private security.
  • Academic Innovations - Publishes Career Choices, a secondary school/college textbook series and an education interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Reed Elsevier - Publisher and information provider, operating in four core publishing segments: science and medical, legal, education, and business. publishing Includes an investor information area, company history, employment publishing opportunities, and FAQ section. (NYSE: RUK and NYSE: publishing ENL)
  • R.T. Edwards - An international scholarly publisher of books, journals, and conference proceedings books in all aspects of aerospace, chemical and mechanical engineering and books materials science.
  • ThinkShop - Thinking skills resources for teachers and learners.
  • Basic Educational Materials, Publishers - Products for educators covering academics, employment readiness, and publishing lifeskills.
  • Crystal Springs Books - Publisher of resource books, teaching tools, and educational education music.
  • Ace Publications - Publisher of High School Economics texts in New books Zealand and Australia.
  • Stenhouse Publishing - Stenhouse books and videos help K-12 teachers deepen publishing their professional books knowledge and build their students' skills
  • Hackett Publishing Company - Specializing in philosophy, classics, literature, political theory and publishing the history of science.
  • Paradigm Research - Full service publishing resources for high school and books college debate.
  • Teacher Created Materials - Publisher of quality, research-based, educational resources in all education curriculum areas books for teachers and students at all education grade and skill levels.
  • MarkED Resource Center - Non-profit consortium of states providing all levels of current curriculum materials for business and marketing teachers.
  • Smallprint Services - Photocopyable resource packs for the design and technology publishing classroom.
  • Leuven University Press - Academic books, journals and series publications in multiple disciplines including education arts, theology and social science.
  • Greenwood Publishing Group - Wide ranging books and electronic media.
  • Brooks Cole - Publishes textbooks, multimedia, and software for higher education.
  • The Tufnell Press - Books on gender, sexuality, education, and health care.
  • Tata McGraw-Hill, India - Offers professional, technical, computer, management, engineering books, and textbooks.
  • Autodidactic Press - Publisher of self-education books with a free newsletter.
  • New Readers Press - Publisher of instructional and supplemental materials for adult education literacy, basic education, high school remedial, and ESL.
  • The Learning Source Ltd - Creators and developers of materials for educational publishers.
  • Bob Jones University Press - Textbooks and educational services for Christian schools and home schools.
  • Linmore Publishing - Specializes in ESL, adult basic education, literacy, and content area books ESL for secondary and adult learners.
  • Lyceum Books - Textbooks and professional books in social work and publishing history.
  • Beach City Press - Produces research-based and standards-driven resources which increase student achievement through books purposeful, meaningful instruction and guided practice of essential skills.
  • American Guidance Service (AGS) - Publisher of assessments, textbooks and instructional materials for books students with a wide ability range.
  • Greek Grammar Book 1 - Titles to teach Greek grammar.
  • Penguin Classics - Classic literature, includes catalog, discussion boards, trivia, and feature essays.
  • Atomic Dog Publishing - Higher education publisher specializing in developing course content education in print books and on the Internet.
  • Shell Education - Specializing in professional resources that provide the perfect education mix of research and standards-based content with practical education lessons and classroom activities for grades K-12.
  • Pustaka Nasional Pte Ltd - Publishes Malay and Islamic books for general reading books and school education texts.
  • Rapid Intellect Group - A virtual association of educators engaged in academic books publishing.

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