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Offering paramilitary and adventure books and videos, covering subjects ranging from self-defense, weaponry and law enforcement, to the outrageous and controversial.

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  • Military Library Research Service Ltd - Reprints of National Archive and other official and semi-official books, military manuals and pamphlets concerning the Second World War and other military conflicts
  • Searust Book Co. - Specialize in producing reprint editions of rare and books out-of-print scholarly publishing books on Naval, Historical, and Military books subjects.
  • Armor Plate Press - Create unique historically-based military publications and electronic media publishing resources (including books DVDs and web content).
  • Consolidated Press International - Publish and sell research and investigations of Col.Craig Roberts into such topics as government crimes, assassinations, Vietnam, USMC snipers, mind control, secret operations and other topics.
  • Brightwell Publishing - Publishes books that explore and strengthen "military brat" books cultural identity.
  • QuikManeuvers - Dedicated to providing precisely researched, substantiated books about military historical military, military intelligence and psychological events, processes and military struggles.
  • The Battery Press - Specializes in the publication of aviation, military, and military naval titles books for collectors and veterans.
  • Slouch Hat Publications - Specialist in Australian Army Military History. Books are all written books by Australian authors and printed in Australia.
  • United Publishers - Produces military telephone directories, base guides and base military maps for books military installations across the USA.
  • Dixie Dreams Press - Specializing in the Civil War and before. publishing First time military authors welcome. Outright purchase for publishing accepted manuscripts.
  • Chivalry Book Shelf - Publisher and dealer in titles relating to medieval and Renaissance military history.
  • Battlefield Guide Books - Major and Mrs Holt\\'s series of guide books military to the publishing memorials, museums and scenes of action military on the battlefields of publishing World War 1 and military World War 2.
  • Pen and Sword Books - Publishers of a variety of military history titles books and guide military books.
  • Historical Military Publishing - Publishers of original, historically based books.
  • Doureios Ippos Books - Publish a small selection of books on 20th military century warfare military in the Aegean region. Books appear military to be Greek text military only, but well illustrated. military Website text in Greek, Italian and military English.
  • Osprey Publishing Ltd - Publisher of military history.
  • Nissi Publishing - Vietnam War helicopter books written by Vietnam helicopter pilots.
  • Defence and Aerospace Publishing Services Switzerland - Publisher of defence newsletter "Military Procurement International", the publishing CD-ROM database publishing "Military Research and Analysis" and specialised publishing consultancy services provider to publishing governments and the defence publishing industry.
  • Hailer Publishing - Internet based bookstore/publisher, that specializes in re-printing out of print military history books.
  • Paladin Press - Offering paramilitary and adventure books and videos, covering military subjects ranging from self-defense, weaponry and law enforcement, military to the outrageous and controversial.
  • On Dutch Wings - Publishers of the pocket serialbook Military Aircraft Serials Review.
  • Historical Document Reproduction, Inc. - Produce reproductions of the Japanese WWII surrender document, publishing the US books Declaration of Independence and other historic publishing documents.
  • AJ-Press - Polish publishing house specialising in WWII aircraft, ships, books armoured vehicles, books as well as the greatest battles books and campaigns. Books contain books detailed scale plans and books colour profiles that will be of books use to books modellers.
  • First Person Productions, Inc. - Audio books publisher specializing in first person veteran\\'s books war stories from WWII to present.
  • Hole In The Head Press - Publishers of books on the Atomic Age and the Cold publishing War.
  • J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing - Bookseller and publisher specialising in books about World books War 2
  • Osprey Military Books - "The world\\'s leading publisher of illustrated books in military the military, aviation, and automotive fields. Title series military include Men-at-Arms, Campaign, Order of Battle, Aircraft of military the Aces, Combat Aircraft, Elite and Warrior"
  • Helmet Military Publications - Small, independent Austrian publisher of a series of books books on military Napoleon\\'s Italian campaigns. Site contains pictures books of the only one military published so far - books Castiglione 1796. Text in English.
  • Seniram Publishing - Publish a small selection of books on the publishing US Flag and on US military history.
  • Old Army Press - American Western Military History - Publishes books, DVDs and VHS tapes on American books Western Military History with authors such as Robert books Utley and Robert Murray.

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