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Publishes bibliographies and reference books, library science textbooks, information science materials, and practical handbooks, monographs, and manuals for library educators, librarians and teachers.

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  • BRB Publications, Inc. - Offers products and services dedicated to searching and understanding of books public records.
  • Oxygraphics 2007 - Independent publishers of scientific books on CDs, paper publishing and freely accessible PDF files.
  • Bernan - Publisher of statistical and government references. Distributes information published by reference the U.S. government and international agencies.
  • Book Hunter Press - Publishes reference materials for book delears, including the Used Book publishing Lover's Guides.
  • Europa Publications - Publishes a series of regularly revised reference books publishing that cover reference international affairs, politics, and economics.
  • Marshall Cavendish Corporation - Publisher of illustrated reference and children's books.
  • EBSCO Information Services - Offers databases, electronic journals, books, and subscription services.
  • ABC-CLIO - Publisher of reference books, CD-ROM products, and research publications.
  • R.R. Bowker - Publishes reference products such as Publishers Trade List Annual, Books reference in Print, and Ulrich\\'s International Periodicals Directory. Serves as official reference US ISBN agency.
  • McFarland & Company, Inc. - Publisher of scholarly and reference books.
  • Facts On File, Inc. - Publisher of print and electronic reference products for publishing the school books and library market.
  • Merriam-Webster - Publisher of American English dictionaries and reference sources.
  • ETS Publishing House - Publishes Russian-English dictionaries.
  • Libraries Unlimited - Publishes bibliographies and reference books, library science textbooks, publishing information science reference materials, and practical handbooks, monographs, and publishing manuals for library educators, reference librarians and teachers.
  • Moschovitis Group - Information technology and reference publishing.
  • [email protected] - Publishes references materials, including dictionaries, handbooks and encyclopedias.
  • Librairie du Liban Publishers - Offers monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual dictionaries, encylopedias, and books books.
  • H.W. Wilson Company - Publisher of web, CD-ROM, and print references for books librarians and researchers.
  • Helicon - Publisher of the Hutchinson Encyclopedias.
  • Marquis Who's Who - Publishes biography reference sources covering notable people throughout publishing the world.
  • Shogakukan, Inc. - Japanese publisher of dictionaries, educational, and other non-fiction books and fiction reference works, including manga books.
  • Kinship - Publishes books and CD-ROMs, including many New York reference State source publishing records for genealogists. Also includes research reference suggestions.
  • Dashofer Holding, Ltd. - International publisher of reference books, software, and newsletters.
  • The Visiting Fireman - Annual publication and reference book for fire buffing, and fire service enthusiasts.
  • Citadel Data Net - Reference and consumer publishers.
  • Collins Cobuild - Publishes dictionaries and reference works for teachers and learners of English.
  • Trident Press - Publishes reference books, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases.
  • Cengage Learning - Reference products for libraries, schools and businesses.
  • Quirk Books - Publishers of irreverent pop-culture, humor, gift, self-help, and impractical reference books.

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