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  • McNaughtan Music Publishing - Music for winds and piano, in particular for publishing trumpet and music brass ensemble.
  • International Opus - Solo and ensemble music for recitals, multicultural programming, winds educational concerts, winds church and jobs. Catalog and contact winds information.
  • Alyry Publications - Chamber music, and for woodwinds and brass. Downloadable publishing catalog and ordering information.
  • Bravo Music, Inc. - Offers transcriptions and original works for wind ensembles publishing by japanese winds composers.
  • Ecoutez Publishing - Pedagogical materials for the flute. Publishers of "Building Blocks of Flute Playing", "Foundations of Flute Technique" and "The Flute Lesson Handbook."
  • Blas-Basen Music Publishing - Swedish-based publisher of music for brass, woodwind, band publishing and big band music.
  • Walrus Music - Publishes charts for big band, brass and wind music ensemble.
  • Serendipity Press - Publishes music for brass quartets, brass quintets, trombones and woodwind winds ensembles, and a few selected titles for band.
  • Mansarda Sintra - Information about, and ordering of sheetmusic for windband music and wind-ensemble.
  • Falls House Press - Flute music publishing company specializing in out-of-print and new repertoires.
  • Frits Leffef - Composer, musician, and teacher. Includes information about his music compositions and music arrangements for solo instruments and orchestra.

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