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A UK based company that specialises in writing business plans for individuals, start up companies or companies that have a turnover of up to £25 million.

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  • Windhaus Associates - Consulting services in development of marketing and business business plans plans for existing and startup businesses.
  • IRA Network - Business plan preparation and financial resources. Specializing in consulting both private consulting and public sector sources of funding.
  • Concord Business Development - Develops business plans, sources venture capital and facilitates mergers into public shells.
  • BusinessPlans - Offers an online business plan builder.
  • Garner Associates - Helps clients to write business plans throughout the small business United Kingdom.
  • The Wright Consultants - Helps small business with business plans, financing, capital resources, marketing business plans and expansion.
  • Christie Karis - Small Business Plans - Business plans with compelling marketing and financial clarity consulting for Startup, SBA loans and growth.
  • AHIM Business Development - Israeli firm that prepares business plans and financial small business forecasts.
  • McDaniel Consulting - Consulting firm specializing in writing customized business plans small business [requires Flash].
  • IBP Consultants - Provides business plan preparation and consulting services.
  • - Offers assistance to entrepreneurs with preparing business plans, finding appropriate funds, and learning about financing.
  • Business Confidant - Offers expedited business plan writing services.
  • BizPlanIt - Provides business plan consulting and free business plan small business advice.
  • Jan B. King - Offers business plan writing, coaching and review services.
  • Springboard Business Plans, LLC - Business plan writing services by Diane Tarshis. Includes her biography and details about services and fees.
  • Professional Planning Associates - Focus: business plan services, business plan descriptions and consulting informative articles.
  • MBA Business Plan - Los Angeles, CA. based consulting group offering set priced services.
  • PinPoint Business Services - Provides business plans for small, home-based and e-commerce businesses.
  • MBA Plans Inc. - Consulting and writing service offering financial forecasting, market research, strategic business plans analysis and model development.
  • Peter McMahon - Southern California based consultant offering business plan writing services.
  • RJR Online Business Plans - Provides preparation of business plans and financial projections. Offers financial templates.
  • Business Plan Store - Business plan writing for small companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Virtual Management Solutions - Located in Madison, Wisconsin; offers business plan development, small business management business plans consulting, grant writing and other services.
  • EPIC - Produces business plans for early stage businesses and business plans facilitates consulting access to capital.
  • Probusinessplans - Business plan development for technology commercialization.
  • Indigo Ventures - UK based consultant specializing in business plans.
  • Plan4biz - Business plan consulting firm.
  • US Business Plan - Matches those needing business plans with consultants. Allows consulting consultants to small business seek work.
  • Buzzplan - Provides business plans written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
  • John Ekblom, ACMA - UK based chartered accountant offering business plan writing services.
  • Frank Roberts, CFP - Provides business plan writing services.
  • Business Plan Preparation Service - Specializes in the preparation of business plans.
  • Par Excellence Business Services - Offers pre-priced services, tips and a plan outline.
  • TLS Business Consulting - Offers business plan consulting and writing.
  • Miller Consulting - UK firm offering internal business plan information and small business services.
  • Business Plan Services - Focus: professional service exclusively dedicated to assisting with small business all business plans aspects of effective business planning in the small business United Kingdom.
  • Inventura Limited - A UK based company that specialises in writing small business business small business plans for individuals, start up companies or small business companies that small business have a turnover of up to small business £25 million.
  • Motavo Venture Group - Provides venture capital firms and emerging organizations with small business business plan and financial modeling services.
  • Business Plan Tools, LLC - Offers samples, templates, consulting and live support.
  • Cayenne Consulting - Business plans and financial projections for high-tech ventures.
  • Ground Floor Partners - Business plan consulting services for start-ups and established consulting businesses.
  • Business Plans Plus - Consulting firm offering business plan services.
  • John V. McCoy - Writes business plans for startup enterprises.
  • Planigent - Offers customized business plans and strategies, advice, samples, templates, and business plans venture capital resources.
  • Wisteria Limited - UK based small business accountant offering business plan consulting writing services.
  • Simple Service Consulting, LLC - Salt Lake City, UT, based consultant that develops business plans and assists in raising capital.

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