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Supply computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions for specialized vertical markets including healthcare, hospitality and public safety. Provides a listing of current distributors and development partners

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  • Periphonics - Develops, markets and supports products and professional services equipment for Computer Telephony Integration and Telecom Enhanced Network equipment Services.
  • ComTek International - Design, development, implementation and support of distributed CTI computer telephony integration and IVR software solutions.
  • Citel Technologies - Makers of the CITELlink IP and SIP Handset computer telephony integration Gateways that bridge legacy Digital and Analog telephone computer telephony integration users to IP PBXs, IP Hosted/IP Centrex, and computer telephony integration SIP services across multiple vendor platforms such as computer telephony integration 3Com, BroadSoft, Mitel Networks, and Sylantro Systems.
  • U.S. InfoTel - Provides predictive dialing solutions for the call center computer telephony integration equipment industry.
  • ChaseData Corporation - Sells predictive dialing systems and call center software for small equipment and medium companies.
  • TALX Home Page - Providing services and software including interactive voice response call centers (IVR) equipment and CTI.
  • Java (TM) Telephony API - Sun\\'s JTAPI specifications website. Software provides various call centers call computer telephony integration center services.
  • Windows to Technology - Solutions for business, telecommunication equipment.
  • Dialogic Corporation - Dialogic designs and manufactures Computer Telephony components for computer telephony integration voice FAX, Speech Recognition, IP Telephony, Telephone companies, computer telephony integration wireless and Call Center applications
  • MASTAR - Answering service software that integrates with DID, digital call centers telephone switches and ISDN, and offers message management, call centers paging and billing.
  • Welltech Computer Co., Ltd - Offering CTI products. Located in Taiwan.
  • IntraNext Systems - Offering the NextSys range of CTI client and equipment server products.
  • XTEND Communications - Supply computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions for specialized vertical markets computer telephony integration including healthcare, hospitality and public safety. Provides a listing of computer telephony integration current distributors and development partners
  • Telenet Solutions - Computer Telephony Integration consulting and systems installation specialists.
  • Eletech Enterprise Co. - Digital recorder that logs up to 64 channels computer telephony integration call centers of telephone calls. Record, store and manages telephone computer telephony integration call centers conversations.
  • Chrysalis Software - Chysalis focuses on providing custom and packaged solutions equipment which augment computer telephony integration the Nortel Call Center product line.
  • Emerging Voice Technology, Inc. - Software development company specializing in voice applications development, call center call centers automation and line quality testing.
  • Alston Tascom, Inc. - A call center database information and network telephony system.
  • Dialpro Northwest, Inc. - Providing call center and other CTI products for computer telephony integration call centers North American businesses.
  • IP5 Corporation - Computer telephony systems. Call center. VoIP VoATM. UnPBX, NT-PBX. CT call centers software.
  • Maxxar Corporation - Full service provider of computer telephony integration and electronic data access solutions.
  • CCS, Inc. - Software which integrates existing telephone systems with host data to call centers provide features such as screen pops, intelligent routing and auto-dialing.
  • Computer Talk Technology - A call center solutions company specializing in server based automatic call distributors (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • SynreVoice Technologies Inc. - Specializes in providing state-of-the-art computer telephone integration (CTI) equipment and automated call centers voice processing systems.
  • Noble Systems Corporation - Offering predictive dialers and intelligent inbound call routing products to support blended call centers.
  • Genesys Corporation Homepage - Enterprise Interaction Management software. Features open, scalable framework computer telephony integration and integrated applications that enable call and contact computer telephony integration center solutions for voice, Internet, and email.
  • Interactive Intelligence, Inc. - Computer telephony solutions for enterprises and call centers providing PBX, ACD, IVR and unified messaging functionality.
  • Komtel, Inc. - Interactive voice response, web-based reporting applications and services equipment for merchandisers and mystery shoppers.
  • NetCall Telecom - Intelligent telephony services for more efficient customer response, computer telephony integration call centers qualification and conversion.
  • MarkeTel Systems - Providing predictive dialers to improve the productivity of equipment outbound call call centers centers.
  • Computer Telephony Solutions, Inc. - Offering interactive voice response, intelligent call routing and ACD software.
  • Cytech Marketing Group, Inc. - PC based automatic and predictive dialers for lead generation and telemarketing.
  • Interactive Telesis Inc. - Provide IVR services, automated consumer surveys for credit/prepaid call centers calling call centers cards, digital recording and playback services, store/dealer call centers locators, automated call centers shareholder communication.

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