Construction, Installation, and Maintenance Telecommunications Business

Deploys high-capacity, dark fiber-optic networks in metropolitan areas of second and third-tier American cities for use by communications carriers, service providers and Fortune 500 companies.

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  • Enet Technical Services - Provides installation and maintenance of secure and non-secure telephone, computer business and data systems for business commercial and government clients.
  • Columbine Cable Company, Inc. - Voice, data and fiber optic communications installation specialist. business Focusing on business infrastructure design and implementation for cable business plant needs.
  • Advent Television Ltd - Digital TV - Advent Television is a full digital television broadcast and technology construction, installation, and maintenance company. Building and operating digital TV stations around the world.
  • Accord Communication - Providing services in setup of OFC Networks (Optical construction, installation, and telecommunications maintenance Fiber Cables), engineering and contracting, trenching, laying, ducting construction, installation, telecommunications and maintenance and turnkey installations of CDMA towers.
  • Thermo Bond Buildings International, Inc. - Shelters to house electronics at remote sites. Transmitter business buildings for telecommunications radio, television stations and cellular providers.
  • Hawkeye Construction - Offer a range of services for overhead and telecommunications underground transmission, business distribution and telecommunication systems, and substation telecommunications siting.
  • Branch Tel - Com - Fiber optic, copper, CATV cable installations, networking services.
  • Metropolitan Communications Group - Full-service fiber optic engineering, construction and splicing firm. Includes case construction, installation, and maintenance studies.
  • Connected Fiber - Provides fiber optic installation, splicing, testing, documentation, and business emergency services throughout the continental United States.
  • Cable Care Communications - Data, voice, and fiber cabling installation and testing.
  • - Message boards, news, and information for power, CATV business and telephone linemen.
  • SMI International Communications - Provides communications, facilities and systems management. IT products telecommunications and solutions telecommunications to government and commercial clients around telecommunications the globe.
  • Evolium Telecom - Telecommunications infrastructures and mobile telephony structures based in construction, installation, and maintenance Romania.
  • The Cable Vine - Message boards for the individuals working in the business cable television installation and underground utilities locating industries.
  • Alltech Communications - Provides audio & video networking lighting control, central vac & construction, installation, and maintenance home automation. Located in San Pedro, CA.
  • Cable Technology Contractors - Data and telecom cabling contractor located in Nashville, telecommunications TN. Support construction, installation, and maintenance of commercial LAN and outside plant telecommunications network solutions.
  • J-Trex Communications - Offer a range of infrastructure services including full telecommunications roof-top sites business and co-locates. Includes a completed project telecommunications portfolio.
  • American Fiber Systems, Inc. - Deploys high-capacity, dark fiber-optic networks in metropolitan areas business of second business and third-tier American cities for use business by communications carriers, service business providers and Fortune 500 business companies.
  • Fiber-Tel Contractors, Inc. - Offering fiber optic cable splicing and installation including telecommunications cable blowing, telecommunications testing, connectorization, in-service hot cuts, and telecommunications emergency restoration.
  • Net-Tech Distributing Inc. - Supplier of HDPE innerduct plastic pipe fiberobtic business blowers and accessories.Underground handholes and vaults, stainless steel business bandings, cable accessories,computer cable and components.
  • Dixon Ottawa Communications, Inc. - Specializing in public safety and emergency 911 system construction, installation, and business maintenance service.
  • SDV Telecommunications - Providing telecommunication installations and technicians, warehousing and material management.
  • Arose Incorporated - Manhole design, pole line engineering, cable planning and telecommunications design.
  • Penta Communications - Offers complete construction of fiber optic communication, including business splicing, aerial, business underground construction, wireless maintenance and infrastructure.
  • Puget Sound Services - Provides structured cabling services, consulting, and design for telecommunications LAN and WAN installations.
  • DAP-COM - Offer contract broadcast transmitter engineering including STL - TSL and construction, installation, and maintenance transmitter maintenance for all classes of FM and LPTV . construction, installation, and maintenance Includes a listing of related links .
  • 3C Information Solutions Inc. - Provides telecommunications solutions to industrial and construction companies telecommunications both nationally telecommunications and internationally. Based in Canada.
  • ComKraft Telecom - Specializes in telecommunications systems, voice and data cabling, construction, installation, and business maintenance and wiring and installation of telecom systems.
  • Teltek Sales, Inc. - Distributor for outside and inside plant needs.
  • Telco Access Partners, LLC - Provides local network infrastructure services, cellular tower development, construction, installation, and maintenance deployment financing, and rooftop access management services for construction, installation, and maintenance telecommunications companies and property managers.
  • Globecomm Systems Inc. - Designs, assembles and installs satellite ground segment systems business and networks. (Nasdaq: GCOM).
  • Sitaf Group of Companies - Survey, design , installation, jointing, and commissioning of business fiber optic and copper cable. Middle East
  • Cowart's Construction - Working with telephone companies on projects ranging from telecommunications buried and business aerial cable, fiber optics and in-service telecommunications hot cuts.
  • Bailey Teswaine - Construction of communications facilities all over Europe and telecommunications Scandinavia for construction, installation, and maintenance global carrier.
  • Parker-Europe - Voice, data, networking and internet consultants. Details of services, technologies construction, installation, and maintenance and enquiry form.
  • Aqsacom - Offer management and maintenance of GSM networks. Includes construction, installation, and maintenance an overview of services.
  • Martech Communications, Inc. - Commercial installation, maintenance, and audit of major cable construction, installation, and maintenance installation systems.
  • Just Cabling - Provides voice, data, fiber optic and video cabling services. Located construction, installation, and maintenance in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • G&H Communications Services, Inc. - Offers fiber optic splicing, inspecting and locating services.
  • Principled Connections - Contractor providing structured wiring systems, voice & data business network cabling, business telecommunications products and installations. Serving Ohio business and western Pennsylvania.

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