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Provides training in telecom and datacom disciplines through distance learning and on-site methods. Includes a list of courses, glossary, and self-tests.

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  • Optical Technology Training Ltd - Fiber optic or copper cabling training.
  • TZ-ExpertCom - German company offers training in cellular networks, computer business networking, and telecommunication protocols.
  • NBXTraining - Online training for 3Com NBX equipment. Includes demonstration business and registration information.
  • Bazemore Fiber Optic Services - Offers custom fiber optic training courses for the DOT, LAN, WAN and CATV industries.
  • TPG Training - Provides training in telecom and datacom disciplines through business distance learning education and training and on-site methods. Includes a list business of courses, glossary, and education and training self-tests.
  • Tonex - Developed a number of self-paced, multimedia and web-based education and training telecommunications telecom course programs available on the Web and education and training telecommunications CD-ROM.
  • Ericsson - Provides training on concepts and products to base business operators, technicians telecommunications and engineers.
  • Electronic Interface Associates - Fiber optic training classes provided in coordination with business the Fiber telecommunications Optic Association and Westmoreland County Community business College.
  • NetCBT - Develops BICSI RCDD, LAN Specialist, and Outside Plant business study aids education and training along with Wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet, business DSL, networking and network education and training cabling self paced training business courses.
  • InterConnect Communications Ltd - Series of master classes which addresses the training requirements of senior professionals in the communications sector.
  • Lightguide Systems Inc. - Fiber optics seminars, training, consulting, optical telecommunications networking, fiber business splicing, connectors, and switching.
  • Lucid Optical Services Ltd. - Fibre optics and copper wire training, technical consultancy, testing, and publishing in the UK and Europe.
  • Matsushita Electric Corp. - Panasonic telephone system user guide help.
  • GSM Training - Computer based telecommunications courses on GSM training and telecommunications other wireless telecommunications technologies
  • Technology Training Limited - Training courses in next generation fixed and mobile telecommunications telecoms networks, in OSS and BSS, and in telecommunications telecoms security and telecoms regulation. Courses delivered as telecommunications public and on-site Instructor Led Training (ILT), in telecommunications the UK and worldwide.
  • LIDO Telecommunications Essentials - Seminars and e-learning with some additional resources.
  • University of Pittsburgh Telecommunications Program - University program offering both Master of Telecommunications and Telecommunications Ph.D. telecommunications degrees.
  • The TM Forum - The TMForum develops widely-adopted management standards for telecoms OSS/BSS, and delivers worldwide awareness and training events on their standards
  • Ashmead Training Ltd. - Telecom and Datacomm training company. Providing private and education and training education and training public courses on UMTS, GPRS, GSM, VoIP, ADSL, education and training education and training SDL, IP V6, ATM, SDH, SS7 technologies and education and training education and training others.
  • University of Wisconsin Madison - Telecommunications courses for continuing education.
  • Pearson Technologies Incorporated - Specializes in fiber optic communication technologies used to telecommunications replace wire.
  • McCarty Associates Inc. - Offers classroom, on-site and field-training courses in outside plant cable fault locating and transmission testing and installation and repair.
  • Optimal Connections, LLC - Provider of call center training and services. Including online web based surveys, marketing and competitive research, and helpdesk set-up, assessment and certification.
  • Lightwave Technology Corp. - A vast range of short courses in the field of telecommunications fiber optic engineering.
  • Protection Technologies Inc. - Training and seminars for telephone, power, and PCS business engineers and education and training installers dealing with the effects of business ground potential rise (GPR) education and training and lightning on communication business circuits.
  • Telecoms Academy - Provides telecoms business and technology training for the business fixed and business mobile telecommunications industry globally. Includes Instructor business Led Training (ILT) and business distance learning, with public business courses scheduled globally.
  • PTT - Provides off-the-shelf interactive e-learning courses delivered online or education and training on CDROM. Courses available include SDH, ATM, IP education and training networks, ISDN, Optical fibre, and telecoms principles.
  • Harmon Technical Trainers - On-site provisioning for Cisco ONS 15xxx products.
  • Aircom - Interactive programmes for corporate CBT, Distance Learning and business CPD.
  • Telecom Training Systems Inc. - Telecommunication training and consulting.
  • C-Jonathan Lewis Associates - How-to book written for telephone repairs and troubleshooting.
  • Mpirical Limited - LTE training and courses. Focusing on Telecoms, business SAE, 4G, business WiMAX, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, 3G and business IP. Worldwide and online business delivery.
  • Wire Rap, LLC - Specializes in providing onsite, customized AT&T Route It! training. Also business offers consulting and outsourcing services.
  • TRA - Provides telecom training through classroom, web-based, and CD-ROM venues. Topics business include Emerging Technologies, 3G Wireless, ATM, VoIP, SONET, Optical Networking, business TCP/IP, Network Security, and CDMA.
  • Web Customer Services - Provides materials aimed at furthering public knowledge of education and training education and training the telemarketing industry.
  • Fiber Network Training - Fiber optic training and 3M Telecom Systems Division telecommunications Technician certification telecommunications with online classes and knowledge/skills testing.
  • Wray Castle Limited - Independent provider of telecoms training specialising in IP education and training telecommunications networks and protocols, service enablers, WIMAX, UMTS, GSM education and training telecommunications and GPRS, radio principles and planning, TETRA, CDMA, education and training telecommunications wireless access, transport and signalling, and market appreciation. education and training telecommunications Kendal, Cumbr
  • Teracom Training Institute - Seminars, videos and tutorials on telecom, data communications, telecommunications IP, networking education and training and security, geared to non-engineering professionals.
  • The Resource Center - Wide selection of help desk, call center, CRM and customer education and training satisfaction training seminars, certifications, books and videos.
  • RWM Fiber Optics - Fiber optic career training for industry.

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