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Provider of digital and analog video microwave systems for the broadcast industry, common carrier, cable, government, military and international marketplace.

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  • CES International, Inc. - New and refurbished tandem and central office switching central office and central office transmission equipment, installation, test and repair services central office and custom central office cable assembly manufacturing.
  • Turin Networks Inc. - Provider of multi-service optical transport products for service providers.
  • Aries Telecom - Supplier of GSM gateways, GSM and STM-1 multiplexers, E1 channel suppliers banks, Echo cancellers and E1 drop-insert multiplexers.
  • Bayly Communications Inc. - Providing telecom transmission and network access equipment, T1/E1 multiplexers, T1/E1 channel banks, and digital cross-connect switches.
  • G.A.S. International Inc. - Supplying telephone equipment for Central offices, Hotel, Motels and large suppliers switches.
  • Lexcom Telecommunications - Supplier of central office switching and transmission products and services.
  • Carrier Access Corporation - Provides multi-service digital access equipment to competitive telecommunications central office carriers, including competitive local exchange carriers, internet service central office providers and wireless carriers. (Nasdaq: CACS).
  • Walker and Associates - Distributor partnering with more than 200 suppliers of central office telecommunications equipment.
  • Central Office Systems - Buy and sell new and refurbished central office and transmission equipment.
  • Harmer & Simmons - DC Power Supplies and switch mode rectifiers for suppliers telecoms. Modular equipment power systems integrate rectifiers, alarm, distribution, suppliers low volts disconnect, power equipment management systems and battery suppliers backup. UK based.
  • White Rock Networks - Provides carriers with a building-block type family of suppliers metro optical transport systems focused on SONET, CWDM, suppliers DWDM, and Ethernet.
  • US Telecom Supply - Provider of telecommunications equipment, including: central office switching, transmission, fiber central office optics, DSL products, batteries and power, wire and cable and central office other central office hardware.
  • WizCom International, Ltd. - Provider of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and internet central office connectivity, central office Central Reservations Systems (CRS) and information services central office to the central office hotel, car rental and tour industries.
  • Aculab - Provider of open standards-based components for the computer suppliers telephony industry. Products include digital access cards (E1, suppliers T1 and Basic Rate ISDN), speech and signal suppliers processing platforms, fax processing, speech recognition and text-to-speech.
  • Emerson Energy Systems - A global supplier of energy solutions for telecommunications suppliers platforms.
  • TelExpress, Inc. - Distributor of surplus and refurbished telecommunications equipment for the Central equipment Office.
  • West World Communications - Supplier of circuit guards, tagging devices and protectors.
  • Carolina Communications Service, Inc. - Resellers of telecommunications equipment.
  • Bhumika - Telecom Transmission solutions, E1 GSM Gateway, T1 GSM equipment Gateway, Multiplexers, equipment Echo Canceller and other transmission equipment.
  • Bell Enterprise - Providing new and used Central Office products and suppliers PBX equipment.
  • Used Telecoms - Used telecom equipment broker specialising in PBX and equipment carrier equipment. Brighton, UK
  • Valiant Communications Limited - Provides a wide range of telecommunications transmission equipment.
  • Tele-Source Industries Inc. - Providing customer solutions to a wide range of central office customers for telephones, parts and service.
  • Radyne ComStream Inc. - Designs and manufactures Satellite and cable equipment central office suppliers for Internet, Data, Telephone and Digital central office Television.
  • Verissimo Technologies - Distributor of new, surplus, and refurbished central office central office networking equipment. [Requires Javascript for proper operation]
  • Innovative Communications Technologies Inc. - Offers "private telephone network" product, similar to IP suppliers Telephony, without equipment using public infrastructure.
  • Extel Communications - Products to extend the capacity and range of existing telephone central office networks, allowing previously isolated consumers, such as those found in central office rural and regional areas.
  • Nucomm - Provider of digital and analog video microwave systems suppliers for the broadcast industry, common carrier, cable, government, suppliers military and international marketplace.

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