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Canadian supplier of new and used headsets and related accessories for call centers, homes and offices. Carries models for wireless, telephone, cellular, drive-through, or computer use.

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  • Smith Corona Headsets - Offers a selection of headsets, accessories and other headsets and handsets equipment telecommunications equipment as well as a repair service.
  • Big Sky Communications - Supplier of Plantronics headsets corded and wireless.
  • Headset Warehouse - Supplier of business telephone headsets as well as suppliers for mobile headsets and handsets and PC use.
  • Communication Technologies, Inc. - Provides the call center and office marketplace with equipment sales and repairs for telephone headsets.
  • The Headset Guy - Telephone headsets for corded, wireless and cordless phones with microphones.
  • T3E Co. - Authorized Plantronics reseller for telephone headsets and home headsets and handsets suppliers office telecommunications needs.
  • CommuniTech - Global distributor of headsets, major brands and styles available.
  • Mallory Headsets Inc. - Telephone, computer and cellphone headsets and other telephony products. equipment Carrying Plantronics, Unex, GN Netcom and ACS.
  • Choice Communications - Sells telephone handset equipment through distributors, dealers, and direct to refurbishers and OEMS.
  • CoolTalk - Suppliers of voice-vibration throat mic hands-free kits and headsets for headsets and handsets mobile phones and walkie talkies.
  • eMicrophones - Offering speech recognition, voice recognition headsets and desktop equipment microphones.
  • Quail Digital - UK-based company offering wireless communications solutions aimed at retail, restaurant, drive-thru, security and grocery applications.
  • Headset-Plus - Featuring a line of wireless headsets for telephones headsets and handsets and computers.
  • Evocal - Distributes headsets for computers and phones.
  • Call Center Products - Canadian supplier of new and used headsets and headsets and handsets suppliers related accessories for call centers, homes and offices. headsets and handsets suppliers Carries models for wireless, telephone, cellular, drive-through, or headsets and handsets suppliers computer use.
  • Headset Express - Offers a selection of headsets and related products headsets and handsets suppliers for both corded and wireless applications.
  • Founders Telecom - Plantronics phone headset provider specializing in call center equipment and office solutions. Products include corded, cordless, equipment computer, cellular and wireless as well as replacement equipment parts and accessories.
  • Pro Tech Communications, Inc. - Providing a full line of call center headsets and amplifiers, including wireless solutions.
  • Oram Distributors, Inc. - Plantronics exclusive dealer in headsets and headset accessories suppliers for telephones, suppliers PCs, and mobile phones.
  • Headset Sales - Offering telephone headsets in the United Kingdom.
  • INFO-motion - Supplier of communications headsets, conference telephones, specialty keyboards and related suppliers products.
  • Midwest Teletron Inc. - Distributor of commercial grade telephone headsets and cordless equipment products.
  • Headsets Warehouse - Supplier of telephone handsets and headsets in the UK.
  • Belworth Telecom - Telephone headsets and equipment. Nationwide 24 Hour service headsets and handsets UK.
  • PhoneLady - Supplier of headsets from different manufacturers.
  • Tactical Supply Industries Inc. - Offers professional grade communications equipment to local, state suppliers and federal suppliers law enforcement officers and private security suppliers officers.
  • Aquariuswebsite - Corded or wireless mobile headsets for the office or home. suppliers Australia
  • Tactical Command Industries Inc. - Offer communication headset solutions for military, police, and headsets and handsets tactical applications. Provides product descriptions, photographs, and an headsets and handsets online buying facility.
  • Headset Experts - Distributor of Plantronics corded, wireless, and cellular telephone headsets and handsets suppliers headsets.
  • - Supplier of telephone headsets.
  • Headsets Direct, Inc. - Provides new and used telephone headsets and cordless equipment solutions.
  • AVID Products - Wireless and computer headsets for the pc, telephony headsets and handsets and telemarketing.
  • Headset Zone - Site offers selection of Plantronics phone headsets for office, home, small office, cellular and computer applications.
  • RCM & Associates - Supplier of commercial grade telephone headsets and accessories.
  • Eartec - Supplier of specialty headset communication systems.
  • Merritt Communications - Supplier of branded headset products including wireless models equipment and related suppliers accessories as well as telephones and equipment conference telephones.
  • - Specializing in wireless headsets for work or leisure uses.
  • Acoustical Innovations - Headsets for use with a telephone, computer, or suppliers cellular phone.
  • Sencommunications Inc. - Offering headsets, cordless, wireless phones and conference telephones.
  • Communications Solutions UK - Headset specialists who also supply a range of telephone system equipment solutions including Answer Machines, DECT and Peripherals as well as equipment offering repair services.
  • TIMNA Electronics and Communications - Supplier of headset and cordless products.
  • Hello Direct - Online buyers guide and catalog of telecommunications products suppliers and services.
  • Canadian Communication Products - Provides a variety of headsets and other telecommunications equipment products.
  • Business Telecom Products, Inc. - Distributor of several of brands of telephone headsets as well headsets and handsets as other telecom products and accessories.
  • Comfort Telecommunications - Offers a selection of headsets,accessories and other telecommunications suppliers equipment as well as a repair service.

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