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Manufacture solid state microwave amplifiers operating in the frequency range from to 2 to 40 GHz with output power from 10 mW to 200 W.

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  • AML Communications, Inc. - Manufactures RF and wireless amplifiers for broadband RF amplifiers applications, CDMA, TDMA, cellular, and PCS.
  • Beslay Pty Ltd - Design and manufacture RF amplifiers and repeaters for cellular systems. amplifiers Includes product data in pdf format.
  • Crescend Technologies - Manufactures radio frequency amplifiers. Product data and specifications in pdf amplifiers format .
  • Unity Wireless Corporation - Design and manufacture high performance linear power amplifiers. microwave Features a microwave range of product data, investor information, microwave and company news and microwave events.
  • Cellular Specialties, Inc. - Design and manufacture bi-directonal and tower top amplifiers, and RF splitters and combiners. Includes product specifications and photographs.
  • Comtech PST Corporation - Manufactures linear broadband solid state rf power amplifiers microwave . Features product specifications, and a searchable listing microwave of sales representatives.
  • Henry Radio - Supply a range of RF power amplifiers and exciters, and communications equipment . Includes product specifications and pricing .
  • Amcom Communications, Inc. - Manufacture broadband RF and microwave components including MMIC, amplifiers Hybrid, and equipment GaAs FET circuits as well as amplifiers power amplifiers for wireless equipment LAN, local loop, and amplifiers CATV applications.
  • KMIC Technology Inc. - Manufacturer of thin-film solid state amplifiers from 1 to 40 microwave Ghz providing milliwatts to 40 watts output power.
  • Research Communications Ltd - Designs and manufactures RF transmit and receive amplifiers, specialising in amplifiers low noise PHEMT LNA\'s from 50MHz to 3GHz.
  • Microwave Support Systems - Manufacture a range of RF and microwave amplifiers, amplifiers filters switches microwave and system components.
  • Ophir RF - Designs and manufactures high power RF amplifiers and microwave subsystems for the broadband and wireless communication markets.
  • Microwave Power Inc. - Manufacture solid state microwave amplifiers operating in the amplifiers frequency range from to 2 to 40 GHz amplifiers with output power from 10 mW to 200 amplifiers W.
  • RF Linx, Inc. - Manufactures 2.4 GHz bi-directional amplifiers for wireless LAN and internet systems. Includes product specifications and pricing.
  • Aldetec Inc. - Manufactures microwave GaAs FET Amplifiers. 50Mhz to microwave 26 GHz.
  • TPL Communications - Manufacture commercial RF power amplifiers and mobile chargers.
  • TMD Technologies Limited - Makers of microwave tubes, amplifiers, power supplies, receivers, klystrons and equipment magnetrons.
  • AmpliTech Incorporated - Designs and develops low noise, medium power, LNA amplifiers and MPA, LNA and microwave amplifiers.
  • Microwave Solutions - Manufacturer of solid state microwave amplifiers from 10Mhz microwave to 26GHz for military and commercial industries.
  • AmerAmp - Specializes in designing and manufacturing medium to high equipment volume custom made high power amplifiers for use equipment by the cellular base station, WLL, MMDS, MDS equipment and solid state TV OEM manufacturers.
  • Hyperlink Technologies Inc. - Manufacture bidirectional RF amplifiers for spread spectrum wireless LAN applications. microwave Includes product data and specifications.
  • CAP Wireless Inc. - Designs and manufactures low noise high dynamic range amplifiers for equipment cellular and PCS applications .
  • NuWaves Engineering - Manufacturer of preamps and power amps as well as data radios.
  • Keragis Corporation - Specializes in producing custom RF and microwave components and subsystem amplifiers designs that solve specific engineering problems.

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