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Manufacturer of low phase noise microwave yttrium iron garnet (YIG) oscillators, phase locked sources and frequency synthesizers for broadband wireless systems.

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  • Credowan - Specialises in the manufacture of waveguide assemblies and components other devices and components including couplers, transitions and components loads.
  • Kokan Densetsu Kogyo K.K. - Licenser of a direct drive passive mixer for components microwave and millimeter-wave using an electrostatically coupled circuit.
  • Micro Lambda Wireless Inc. - Manufacturer of low phase noise microwave yttrium iron equipment garnet (YIG) microwave oscillators, phase locked sources and frequency equipment synthesizers for broadband wireless microwave systems.
  • ARRA Inc. - Design and manufacture microwave and rf products for microwave commercial, military, microwave scientific and educational use. Products include microwave coaxial and waveguide devices microwave and educational training kits microwave .
  • Trackcom Systems International Inc. - Designs, manufactures and markets 1 to 40 GHz microwave OEM modules equipment for wireless transmission products.
  • Micronetics - Manufactures high quality coaxial, waveguide and surface mount microwave noise equipment sources for noise figure measurement and built-in-test modules.
  • M2 Global Technology, Ltd - Supply standard and custom configurations for coaxial, wave-guide, and drop-in microwave circulators and isolators. Primary markets served include commercial communications, power microwave amplifiers, and satellite communications.
  • Lucix Corporation - Manufactures components and subsystems including oscillators, amplifiers, up/down components converters, transceivers microwave and subassemblies. Frequency ranges from 2 components GHz to 90 GHz.
  • Elitec Inc. - Manufacturers representative for a range of components including microwave PCB substrates and oscillators Also offer design facilities microwave for wireless communication systems.
  • Raditek - Provides wireless and microwave products including isolators and circulators, oscillators, equipment synthesizers, couplers, and splitters.
  • Huber+Suhner - Manufacture a range of RF components and connectors. Includes product components catalogs and applications.
  • Emhiser Micro-Tech - Designs and manufactures miniature voltage controlled oscillators in microwave a variety of packages covering the frequency range microwave of 5 MHz to 7 GHz. Includes a microwave specifications database.
  • Lemos International - Manufacturer and distributor of RF and microwave components.
  • Reactel Incorporated - Manufactures RF and microwave filters, diplexers, sub-assemblies.
  • Taylor Microwave, Inc. - Manufacturer of microwave components, power dividers, pin diode switches, and microwave attenuators.
  • Microwave Filter Company, Inc. - Design, and manufacture passive electronic filters for radio equipment and microwave frequencies.
  • International Telecommunications Components - Manufacturer and assembly of waveguide components and adapters.
  • Elcom Technologies - Designer and manufacturer of microwave frequency synthesizers and phase locked sources 1 - 23 GHz.
  • DiTom Microwave - Designer and manufacturer of microwave components including ferrite components isolators and microwave circulators for the wireless market.
  • Amplus Communication - RF, microwave, millimeter wave components, subsystems and systems.

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