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A manufacturer of public payphone parts ds3ries, flexible metal tube series, including armored electric wire protection tube shower hose and gas hose.

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  • Pacific Communications - Payphone service provider for many states in the United States.
  • Tortel Communications Inc. - Pay telephone services including installation, repair and maintenance.
  • Western Communication Systems, Inc. - Payphone service provider for payphones, pre-paid calling card pay phones machines pay phones and internet kiosks.
  • Enclosures, Inc. - Manufacturer of payphone vending equipment and parts.
  • Ipm Group - Manufactures and distributes payphones, kiosks and equipment.
  • R & C Telecommunications - Manufacturer of desktop payphones, customizable mobile and fixed models. Located telephones in Mexico.
  • Alliance Payphone, Inc. - Provides quality payphone service at no cost to the location equipment when sufficient revenue is generated.
  • Quadrum Communications - Payphone parts and accessories.
  • BT Payphones - Payphone equipment, sales and phonecard sales and information outlet.
  • Telco Intercontinental - Manufacturer of indoor pay telephones, Interconnect products, PMDC pay phones and telephones universal motors and electromechanical assemblies.
  • Magnum Telecom - Wholesaler of payphones, call meters kiosks and related equipment.
  • Communication Connection - Distributor of Elcotel, Protel, Intellicall and Ernest payphones.
  • RedyRef - Manufacturers of telephone enclosures and booths, internet kiosks, pay phones acoustical pay phones panels, alcoves and rooms, swing-up book and pay phones directory tables.
  • ATI Payphone Solutions - Provides consulting, management and provisioning of pay telephones.
  • Solitaire Payphones - Supplies coin and card payphones for use indoors, worldwide.
  • CTL Payphones - Payphone maintenance contracts, Repairs, Spares and Sales.
  • - Purchase payphones on-line. Payphone equipment and accessories.
  • Sondi - Offers a selection of payphones and payphone management equipment system solutions pay phones for landline and GSM as well equipment as other wireless applications pay phones as well as the equipment MEDIGATE ISDN communication system for pay phones hospitals and equipment nursing homes.
  • Jaro Inc. - Complete line of telephone booths. Indoor or outdoor telephones enclosures as well as furniture for internet multimedia telephones kiosk.
  • Myrmidon Corp - New and refurbished payphone enclosures, and pedestals.
  • Midwest Telephone Supply, Inc - Extra income every year by owning your own pay phone. telephones Commercial, residential and antique payphones.
  • QuorTech Solutions Ltd. - Provider of networked public access equipment and services. Includes an overview of products, company news, and career opportunities.
  • Kaiphone Communication Co., Ltd - A manufacturer of public payphone parts ds3ries, flexible telephones metal tube series, including armored electric wire protection telephones tube shower hose and gas hose.
  • Innovative Phone Services - Payphone refurbishing, supplies, parts, repair and enclosures. Mars Electronics distributor.
  • Freemarket Phone Co. - Installs payphones for business and industry.

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