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  • Peryphon Telecom Industry Ltd. - Manufacturer of coin and calling card payphones, combat wired phones telephones, wired phones and military amplifiers.
  • TIP Systems - Phones specially designed for prisons for use by equipment inmates and equipment visitors.
  • Telematrix USA - Manufacturer of telephones for the hospitality, commercial, and residential markets.
  • Shenzhen Zhongfengxun Electronics Co Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of telephone including caller ID, telephones two-piece, one-piece telephones and caller ID indicators. China
  • Alif Telecom - Malaysian telephone manufacturer.
  • Hose-McCann Telephone - Supplier of Sound-Powered telephones and shipboard marine telecommunications telephones systems and equipment accessories for military, commercial and entertainment.
  • Kings III - Provider of emergency and security phones. Includes customer equipment list and FAQ.
  • CEECO Industrial Telephones - Manufacturer of industrial strength emergency telephones, weatherproof phones wired phones and telephones enclosures, pay phones, autodialers, handsets, dials, and wired phones keypads.
  • Hentak Limited - Manufacturer of classic phone gift sets.
  • Rath Microtech - Manufacturer of ADA elevator and lift telephones, security telephones phones, emergency phones and courtesy phones.
  • Hatif Telecom - Manufacturer of single line telephones in the Middle equipment East.
  • Victory Concept Industries Ltd. - Telephones manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplying quality wired phones telecom products.

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