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Design and manufacture wattmeters, loads, attenuators, components, and coaxial systems for RF power measurement. Product data sheets, catalog and user manuals available in pdf format .

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  • EMC Test Systems LP - Offer a range of products for EMC testing. testing Products include absorbers, chambers, RF leak detectors and testing shielding. Product photogallery and specifications available in pdf testing format .
  • Trend Communications Inc. - Manufacturer of hand held ISDN, ATM and frame testing relay test solutions.
  • Bird Electronic Corporation - Design and manufacture wattmeters, loads, attenuators, components, and coaxial systems wireless for RF power measurement. Product data sheets, catalog and user wireless manuals available in pdf format .
  • EML Inc. - Supply communications service monitors and test sets, oscilloscopes, testing and battery equipment analyzers. Offers a facility to purchase testing online.
  • Aeroflex Inc. - Design, manufacture and supply electronic and mechanical test equipment and measurement equipment systems including wireless and radio systems. equipment Related software and data equipment sheets available for download.
  • EZwireless Communications Company - Offers professional wireless device testing and certification.
  • Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. - Designs and manufactures wireless test equipment for 802.11, 802.11b, 802.11a, equipment 802.11g, Bluetooth, CDMA, TDMA and CW applications.
  • Kalun Communications Inc - Manufacturer of RF sweep generators and other test and operating equipment for CATV, DTV, wireless and broadband applications.
  • Cardinal Electronics Inc. - Repair and calibrate a range of communication test testing equipment specializing in service monitors. Includes calibration charges.
  • ORGA - Supplier of IT3 Platform, SIM Simulator, USIM Simulator, testing Test SIM equipment and Test USIM equipment.
  • X-Tel Communications Inc. - Provider of engineering test systems and services for the wireless wireless industry . Features product and services overview, and company news.
  • MegaPhase - Manufacturer of VNA test and measurement cables and wireless in-system cable wireless assemblies.
  • Trilithic, Inc. - Manufactures instrumentation and microwave components for cable, broadband, emergency alert systems, wireless markets.
  • Smith Myers Communications - Supplier of test and measurement equipment for cellular testing systems, both equipment live and off-air.
  • Perytons Ltd. - 802.15.4 multi-channel protocol analyzers with simultaneous data capture, two dimensional messages display and antenna diversity.
  • Autek Research - Manufacture portable pocket-size RF measuring instruments . Includes specifications and notes on product applications, pricing and a listing of dealers.
  • RF Imaging & Communication - Buy and sell used electronic test and measurement wireless equipment and communications radio service monitors.
  • DBM Corp - Offers frequency converters and synthesizers, RF test equipment wireless and subsystems wireless for wireless communications: cellular, PCS and wireless satellite link emulation.
  • Ramsey Electronics Test Equipment - Manufacturer of RF isolation chambers for use from wireless 1 MHz equipment to 8 GHz. Designed for testing wireless equipment including cellular, 802.11, equipment Bluetooth, two-way radios, and wireless paging systems.
  • Survey Technologies, Inc. - Supply a laptop signal measurement and analysis system and field wireless test software. Product overviews, a listing of distributors and software wireless updates available for download.
  • Lcc - Providers of integrated wireless services and tower ownership.
  • Mercury Communications LLC. - ESN reader, programmer, manufacturer of AMPS programming equipment equipment for Motorola and more amps analog system equipment phones.
  • Aztec Research LLC - Research and development of cellular telecommunications devices and test equipment.
  • Convex Corporation - Manufacture telecommunication test equipment. Product data sheets and wireless application notes wireless available in pdf format.
  • Morcom, Inc. - Offers a range of electronic test equipment for testing the radio wireless communications industry. Product descriptions, photographs and testing related links.
  • Optoelectronics Inc. - Manufacture and distribute test equipment, receivers, and frequency testing counters for use in the scanning hobby, commercial testing radio, and law enforcement industries. Offers related software testing and informative and technical documents for download.
  • Rohde & Schwarz - Test and measurement for mobile radio; broadcasting and testing broadband communications, testing EMC measurements, general purpose and RF testing testing, radio monitoring, location, testing communications and IT security.
  • Novatech Instruments, Inc. - Supplier of test and measurement equipment for the wireless and equipment communications industries.
  • Aslan Technologies, Inc. - Offer testing and detailed measurements of newly installed and existing equipment equipment of wireless sites. Services include sweep testing and fault equipment location.
  • Navair Inc. - Canadian distributor of radio and broadcast communications test equipment with testing service throughout North America.
  • Agilent Technologies Inc. - Offers a range of design and test instruments. testing Products include testing RF and microwave and wireless test testing equipment. Offers a facility testing to purchase online .

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