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Callback providers offer either web initiated or phone call initiated (with quick disconnect) long distance connections - bypassing the costs of direct dialing in countries that have high connection charges by originating the call in a less expensive telecom market.

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  • Eztel - United States based callback service.
  • Callback World - International callback service.
  • MiliTel - Call back service using US carriers to route the calls.
  • CallnPay - Norwegian based callback concept for mobile and fixed services lines.
  • World Phone - German callback provider offering internet triggered services.
  • EUROtel - South African based callback provider. Also is an internet service provider (ISP).
  • Paradise Technologies - South African based callback company, offering web triggered callback and traditional services callback and VoIP.
  • BestNetCall - Web initiated callback service.
  • Yes-Tel - International callback services from over 100 countries.
  • Telequant - International callback and PC to phone service.
  • Eurocomm - UK based callback company also offers UK dialaround.
  • Evoiphone - Unlimited outgoing calls using callback service in Canada.
  • Kallback - Discount provider of international call reorigination.
  • Enlinea Communications - International callback telephone service offering internet call triggering.
  • One4000 Telecom - Callback initiated from the web or text message from a services mobile phone.
  • Passport Telecom Ltd - UK based callback company.

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