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A cellular phone provider for the international GSM network with coverage in over 100 countries. We have short-term rentals and long-term leases.

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  • Go Mobile - Offers an international mobile phone rental service for travellers from services Japan.
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  • Action Cellular - International rental of cellular, satellite and gsm telephones on a phone rental daily, weekly or monthly basis.
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  • Hirefone - Domestic and international short-term rentals of cellular telephones, GSM, for phone rental the United States, Japan, Korea, Caribbean and satellite phones.
  • TripTel - Nationwide US cell phone rentals. San Francisco services and Washington services DC airports for pickup/drop-off. Can deliver services nationwide.
  • Roberts Worldwide - Cellular and satellite phones available for rental.
  • Campus Telecom - Cell phone rental company in Florence and Rome Italy with wireless a focus on campus telecom services.
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  • Rent a Cellular - Long and short term cellular phone rentals for North South services and Central America.
  • Edicom S.C GmbH - Specialize in mobile telephone rentals, cellular telephones, international services and european telephones.
  • GEOFONE, INC. - International GSM, Japanese and USA cell phone rentals, as well services as Iridium satellite rentals.
  • mPhone Ltd - Mobile phones, with or without contracts or SIM phone rental cards, phone rental and accessories.
  • Anywhere Phone rental - Cell phone rental in Americas, Africa, Asia,and Europe.
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  • Gcellular - Offers cell phone rentals for travelers to Israel with locations services in New York and Israel.
  • Mobal Communications Inc - Mobile and cellular phone rental. Including cellular, satellite, services and GSM phone rental phones.
  • Global Cellular Rental - Rent a cellular phone for the US as phone rental well services as over 150 countries Worldwide, short or phone rental long term.

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