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Manufacture a range of headsets with integrated UHF 2-way-radio for a range of applications. Includes a downloadable brochure in pdf format .

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See Also:
  • CeoTronics AG - Manufacture a range of headsets with integrated UHF equipment 2-way-radio for microphones and headphones a range of applications. Includes a equipment downloadable brochure in pdf microphones and headphones format .
  • Kaotek Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of microphones, amplifiers, and security system.
  • Telex Communications, Inc. - Market, design and manufacture audio, wireless and multimedia equipment communications products. Products include speakers, amplifiers, mixers, consoles, equipment signal processors and microphones .
  • Western Mobile Telephone Company - Manufacture a hands-free undercover microphone system used with law enforcement two-way radios.
  • Plantronics, Inc. - Design, manufacture and market lightweight communications headset products. equipment Offers a facility to buy online . Includes equipment product features, technical articles and a where to equipment buy section .
  • RadioMate Corporation - Manufacture radio communication and telephone headsets and audio accessories . Includes product overviews and pricing .
  • Porta Phone - Manufacturer of football communication headsets and radios.
  • PCL Communications - Maker of the coiled behind-the-ear listening earpieces. Designed for surveillance, equipment tactical, police and security applications.
  • Setcom Corporation - Designs, manufactures and sells a range of communications equipment products including headsets for police, fire and military equipment usage. [Requires Flash and Javascript]
  • Klein Electronics Inc. - Provides headsets and other accessories for two-way radio equipment.
  • J&M Corporation - Manufacture helmet headsets and hook-up cables for motor microphones and headphones microphones and headphones cyclists. Product descriptions and photographs, pricing and facilities microphones and headphones microphones and headphones to purchase online.
  • DTC Communications Inc. - Manufacture earpieces and microphones for two-way radio . Product specifications and applications.
  • McKay Products USA - Supplier of two-way radio earphones, headsets, microphones, PTT, and bone accessories conduction sets.
  • OTTO Communications - Design and manufacture noise-attenuating and lightweight headsets, earphones microphones and headphones microphones and headphones and remote speaker microphones . Includes a product microphones and headphones microphones and headphones selection and pricing guide.
  • Legion RF - Manufacturer of microphones and other accessories for handheld radios.
  • HandsfreeUSA - Provider of earpieces, headsets, throat microphones, tactical headsets, equipment surveillance kits, microphones and headphones and shoulder microphones for two-way radio.
  • Dowumi Corporation - Manufacture bone conduction headsets for telemarketing, call centers, internet phones, microphones and headphones and emergency service operations. Offers an explanation of bone conduction.
  • Comtronics Inc. - Manufactures and distributes custom and wired headsets and intercoms for microphones and headphones industrial use. Offers a range of technical manuals and data microphones and headphones sheets available for download in PDF format.
  • David Clark Company Incorporated - Manufacture noise attenuating headsets and adapters for use with two-way radios. Products selectable by radio manufacturer.

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