Equipment Trunking Two-Way Radio Telecommunications

Design, optimize and build-out cellular, PCS, paging, trunked radio and other two-way mobile systems throughout the world. Includes investor relations, media center, career opportunities, and related links .

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  • LCC International, Inc. - Design, optimize and build-out cellular, PCS, paging, trunked equipment radio and equipment other two-way mobile systems throughout the equipment world. Includes investor relations, equipment media center, career opportunities, equipment and related links .
  • Bytel, Inc. - Manufacture a trunking data modem for automating remote two-way radio functions over trunked radio networks. Includes product overview two-way radio and specifications .
  • Motorola Trunking Communications - Offers a range of trunked solutions. Includes system trunking overviews and benefits, industry usage, and technical articles trunking .
  • SmarTrunk Systems, Inc. - Manufacture digital trunking system protocol for trunked mobile radio systems at UHF and VHF frequencies. Offers a range of product, technical, and training information .
  • Digital Wireless Corporation - Develop and supply a high speed networked trunked digital radio two-way radio system with secure, digital audio and integrated data transmission . two-way radio Includes an article with diagrams of the dispatch voice over two-way radio internet protocol technology.
  • Trident Micro Systems - Develop and manufacture products for the commercial radio trunking industry, specializing trunking in advanced radio trunking systems, conventional trunking systems and mobile data trunking products.
  • RavenNet - Provides a seamless network connecting many sites together for enhanced trunking coverage radio coverage.

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