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Germany. Manufacturers of enzyme products for food and beverages, animal feed, textiles, pulp and paper, and specialty applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information. English and German.

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  • Specialty Enzymes & Biochemicals Co - USA. Manufacturers of industrial enzymes derived from plants, animals, fungus enzyme products and bacteria, specialised in custom solutions. Specialty enzyme products for enzyme products textile finishing processes. Description of enzyme technology. Technical articles. Links enzyme products to related
  • Mega Pacific Technology - USA. Manufacturers and distributors of reformulated cellulose enzymes chemicals for textile enzyme products and garment washing and dyeing applications. chemicals Also, chemical auxiliaries and enzyme products surfactants for textile processing. chemicals Custom formulation services. Technical information on enzyme products Excel f
  • ABF Ingredients, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers of ingredients for food and beverages, and a range of industrial applications. Enzyme products for denim fabric treatment and textile finishing. Also, xylanase enzymes for kraft pulp bleaching. Part of the ABF Corp.
  • Maps, Ltd - India. Manufacturers of industrial enzymes and micro-organisms for enzyme products textile, enzyme products leather, food and beverage processing and products, enzyme products detergent, starch enzyme products and animal feed applications. Description of enzyme products production process. History enzyme products of enzymes. Technical information.
  • O'Laughlin Chemical Co., Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of acid and neutral cellulases in granule, powder and liquid form for textile processing and finishing. Also, auxiliary chemicals for dyeing and printing. English and Chinese.
  • AB Enzymes GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of enzyme products for food and beverages, animal feed, textiles, pulp and paper, and specialty applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information. English and German.
  • Enzyme Development Corp - USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of enzyme products for dyestuffs and chemicals food processing, animal feed, agricultural, brewery, fuel and dyestuffs and chemicals textile finishing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical dyestuffs and chemicals information. Buyers' guide and articles on PDF files.
  • Lumis Biotech, Ltd - India. Manufacture, formulating and marketing of enzyme products for textile enzyme products wet processing, food products, animal feed, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. enzyme products Extensive technical information.
  • Deerland Enzymes, Inc - USA. Manufacturers and traders in industrial enzyme products in liquid, granular and spray-dried form. Enzymes for desizing in textile wet processes. Extensive technical information and specifications.
  • Dyadic International, Inc - USA. Biotechnology company, involved in industrial enzymes, biofuels dyestuffs and chemicals and biotherapeutics. Acid and neutral cellulase, catalase and dyestuffs and chemicals amylase enzymes for textile wet processing and finishing dyestuffs and chemicals applications. Technical information, specifications and application
  • Biocatalysts, Ltd - UK. Development and manufacture of single and complex chemicals enzyme entities for the food and beverages, environmental, chemicals protein and textile industries. Water soluble enzymes for chemicals denim fabric washing applications.
  • Diversa Corporation - USA. Biotech company, involved in biologically active compounds dyestuffs and chemicals for use in agricultural, chemical processing, industrial and dyestuffs and chemicals pharmaceutical applications. Enzymes for cotton fabric preparation and dyestuffs and chemicals wet processing. Technical brochure on PDF file.
  • Zytex Pvt., Ltd - India. Biotechnology company, involved in enzymes, food additives dyestuffs and chemicals chemicals and chemicals. Enzyme preparations, specialty chemicals and chemical dyestuffs and chemicals chemicals auxiliaries for yarn and textile fabric wet processing, dyestuffs and chemicals chemicals dyeing and finishing applications. Technical information.
  • Tex Biosciences Pvt., Ltd - India. Group of companies, involved in chemicals and chemicals enzymes for enzyme products a range of industrial applications. Manufacturers chemicals of specialty enzymes for enzyme products leather and textile processing chemicals and finishing. Detailed product catalogs, including enzyme products technical information.
  • Iogen Corp - Canada. Biotechnology company, involved in the manufacture of industrial enzymes for the pulp and paper, textile and animal feed industry. Also, technologies for the production of environmentally responsible fuel from natural fibers.
  • Biopract GmbH - Germany. Development and manufacture of technical enzyme preparations chemicals for applications in agriculture, food, textile and environmental chemicals technologies.
  • ML Chemical Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of enzymes and specialty chemicals for enzyme products leather dyestuffs and chemicals and textile processing and finishing applications. Technical enzyme products information and dyestuffs and chemicals specifications.
  • Richcore Lifesciences Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of enzyme based products for a range of industrial applications. Starch hydrolyzing enzymes for textile desizing, scouring, washing and polishing of yarns and fabrics. Technical information, specifications and applications guides on P
  • Amulya Bio Products - India. Manufacturers of enzymes for textile processing and chemicals finishing, in liquid or powder form. Product catalogs, chemicals with technical information and application guide. Part of chemicals the Aarti Group.

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