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UK. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors of a range of chemicals and products for leather maintenance and repair applications. Also, leather furniture care and restoration services. Glossary of technical terms. Links to related sites.

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  • Multimaster, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers\\' representatives for a complete line of leather care, protection and repair products and kits. Part of the Uniters Group.
  • Leather Care Master, Ltd - UK. Suppliers of products for the care, cleaning and protection care and restoration of leather upholstery. Also, textile and wood care products. Descriptions care and restoration of various leather types.
  • Northants Leather Chemicals, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers of a range of speciality pull-up waxes, fillers, leather processing dyes, conditioning oils, cleaners and finishes for vegetable tanned bridle leather processing and saddle leathers. Also, leather wipes for care and maintenance leather processing applications. Detailed product catalogs, includ
  • Leather Training & Technical Dept. Ltd - UK. Distributors of chemicals and chemical products for chemicals leather care, maintenance and repair applications. Also, leather chemicals repair services and educational training. Directory of repair chemicals technicians. Library of articles and technical FAQ.
  • Keck Chimie SA - Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of release agents, finishes, colors, leather processing paints chemicals and lacquers, color pastes and adhesives for leather processing leather and chemicals footwear maintenance and repair applications. Multi-lingual leather processing site.
  • Uniters SpA - Italy. Manufacturers of repair, cleaning and care products for leather, chemicals textiles, wood and plastics. Multi-lingual site.
  • The Fiebing Company - USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety leather processing of products for leather and footwear care and leather processing maintenance. Also, horse care products. Detailed product catalogs, leather processing including technical information.
  • Uticolor, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers\\' representatives and distributors of a range of chemicals and products for leather maintenance and repair applications. Also, leather furniture care and restoration services. Glossary of technical terms. Links to related sites.
  • Corium Solutions, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of water and solvent based leather care, repair and finishing products. Also, leather renovation and recoloring services.
  • Kenda Farben SpA - Italy. Manufacturers of water and solvent base glues and adhesives, leather processing dyes, varnishes and a range of finishes for footwear and leather processing leathergoods industries. Searchable product catalog, providing extensive technical information and leather processing specifications. Technical data
  • LeathercareDirect - UK. Suppliers of a wide range of products care and restoration for leather preservation, renovation and restoration. On-line purchasing care and restoration facility.
  • Leather Magic, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of a wide range of chemicals and chemical leather processing products for leather and vinyl cleaning, repair and care applications. leather processing Technical information, color cards and FAQ. Leather care guide. Dealer leather processing locator.
  • The Columbus Co., Ltd - Japan. Manufacturers and suppliers of a range of oils, deodorants, creams, pastes and chemicals for leather and footwear cleaning and polishing applications. Detailed product catalogs. Leather and footwear care guide. English and Japanese.
  • Texicote Pty., Ltd - Australia. Manufacturers and suppliers of textile and leather furniture care care and restoration products. Detailed product catalogs, including technical and leather information, and care and restoration a care and maintenance guide. Links to related sites.
  • Suede Products, LLC - USA. Suppliers of hardware, solvents, kits and pads leather processing for care and restoration leather and footwear cleaning and finishing applications.
  • Prime Leather Finishes Co - USA. Manufacturers of leather care and finishing chemicals chemicals for the tanning, footwear and leather goods manufacturing chemicals industries. Resins, binders, top coats, pigments, waxes and chemicals extenders for the leather tanning and processing industry.
  • Saric Chemicals - France. Leather finishing chemicals manufacturers. Water and solvent leather processing based, chemicals anionic and cationic binders and drivers for leather processing impregnation, coating, chemicals fixation, top modifying and specialty finishing. leather processing Also, products for chemicals leather renovation and maintenance. List leather processing of

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