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Canada. Non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of the safe use of chrysotile asbestos. Description of chrysotile asbestos and its uses in industry and home, safe-use manual, data bank and scientific reports. English and French.

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  • Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Industries Association - Trade organization for Taiwanese manufacturers of polyester, polyamide, textiles and nonwovens viscose, acrylic and spandex staple fiber and filaments, textiles and nonwovens focused on quota management, market promotion and industrial textiles and nonwovens development.
  • JCMA. Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association - Trade organization for Japanese manufacturers of carbon fibers. fibers Member directory. Trade statistics. Detailed technical FAQ. Glossary fibers of terms. Links to related organizations and institutes. fibers English and Japanese.
  • SYFA. Synthetic Yarn & Fiber Association - USA. Non-profit trade organization for individuals in the man-made fiber, and the textile manufacturing and processing industries.
  • The World Bamboo Organization - USA. Global organization for growers, processors and users of bamboo, and bamboo fibers and products, founded to promote the use of bamboo as a sustainable and alternative natural resource through the development of partnerships and alliances, and the cre
  • ASSOFIBRE. Association of Federchimica - Italy. Trade organization for Italian manufacturers of man-made fibers fibers. English description of local textile industry with fibers trade statistics, on PDF file.
  • CCFA. China Chemical Fiber Association - Non-profit trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of man-made fibers and related raw materials, additives and machinery, and research institutes involved in the development of man-made fibers.
  • TSMA. Thai Synthetic Fiber Manufacturers' Association - Thailand. Membership organization for the local man-made fibers manufacturers. Searchable fibers company and products directory.
  • WOOLTEXPRO. Wool Industry Export Promotion Council - India. Non-profit organization, sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles and textiles and nonwovens set up by the Ministry of Commerce to facilitate and textiles and nonwovens promote the export of Indian wool fiber, tops and yarns, textiles and nonwovens and wool textiles. Links to related sites.
  • JCFA. Japan Chemical Fibres Association - Japan. Information about the association and its members. The Japanese chemical fibers market. Statistics of man-made fiber production volumes and markets. Descriptions of the types and manufacturing processes of chemical fibers. The site is in English an
  • Japan Linen, Ramie & Jute Spinner's Association - Japan. Trade organization for the Japanese bast fiber associations industry. English textiles and nonwovens and Japanese.
  • Australian Wool Industries Secretariat - Umbrella organization of the Australian Council of Wool Exporters, the textiles and nonwovens Australian Wool Processors Council, the Private Treaty Wool Merchants of textiles and nonwovens Australia, the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations, and the Australian textiles and nonwovens Superfine Wool Growers' Associat
  • TFBPA. Textile Fibers and By-Products Association - USA. Umbrella organization, representing dealers and processors in the textile textiles and nonwovens waste product business.
  • WoolProducers Australia - Trade organization for Australian wool producers. Description of textiles and nonwovens fibers wool production. Library of news articles. Links to textiles and nonwovens fibers related sites.
  • SICA. South Indian Cotton Association - Trade organization for Indian cotton growers, brokers and associations traders, and fibers companies in the Indian cotton textile associations industries. List of member fibers companies.
  • JMDC. Jute Manufactures Development Council - India. National agency for promotion and marketing of fibers jute fiber textiles and nonwovens products. Link to Indian Trade Classification fibers Codes for jute products. textiles and nonwovens Categorised product directories. Events fibers calendar.
  • Indonesian Synthetic Fiber Makers Association - Association of polyester and polyamide staple fiber and filament yarn textiles and nonwovens manufacturers. Local and international business news. Links to member companies.
  • ASI. American Sheep Industry Association - USA. Federation of state associations for sheep and textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens wool producers. Information about American wool, wool characteristics textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens and the wool market. Library of articles on textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens the history, processing and care of wool. Calendar textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens of events. Directory of producers. Glo
  • VEHAVLAS. Flax Exporters Association - Belgium. Non-profit trade organization for exporters of flax fibers fiber, dedicated textiles and nonwovens to trade promotion and technology exchange. fibers List of member companies.
  • AFMA. American Fiber Manufacturers Association - USA. Umbrella organization for North American fiber manufacturers. Information fibers on its history, members, staff, calendar and by-laws.
  • Asbestos Institute - Canada. Non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of textiles and nonwovens associations the safe use of chrysotile asbestos. Description of textiles and nonwovens associations chrysotile asbestos and its uses in industry and textiles and nonwovens associations home, safe-use manual, data bank and scientific reports. textiles and nonwovens associations English and French.
  • ASWGA. Australian Superfine Woolgrowers' Association - International organization of superfine wool growers and processors, fibers founded to promote and further the development and fibers marketing of superfine wool. Links to related sites.
  • Mohair SA - South Africa. Trade organization for growers, buyers, processors fibers and manufacturers fibers of mohair fibers, yarns, fabrics and fibers finished products. Company listings. fibers Design and style information.
  • AWEX. Australian Wool Exchange, Ltd - Membership organization of local and international wool brokers, fibers producers, processors textiles and nonwovens and traders, and industry associations. Market fibers reports and industry statistics. textiles and nonwovens Trading services price list. fibers Links to related sites.
  • CIRFS. International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee - Belgium. Umbrella organization for the European man-made fiber associations industry. Classification and detailed descriptions for common fibers associations and their manufacturing processes. Business data. List of associations publications. Links to member sites.
  • IVC. Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser - Germany. Trade organization for German manufacturers of man-made textiles and nonwovens fibers. Dictionary of industry terms in English, German, textiles and nonwovens French, Spanish and Italian. Detailed business information and textiles and nonwovens statistics. Links to organizations and educational institutions. Engli
  • AWGA. Australian Wool Growers Association - Membership organization of local wool growers and processors, textiles and nonwovens associations involved in marketing, and industry regulation and organization. textiles and nonwovens associations Discussion forum. Business news and reports. Links to textiles and nonwovens associations related sites.
  • BJMC. Bangladesh Jute Mills Corp - Government run trade organization for jute and textile mills. Information about jute properties, applications, markets and prices.

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