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USA. Multi-national manufacturer of advanced glass and building material systems. Glass fiber and composites for industrial end uses. Information about processes and development, the basics of glass fiber composite technology and application, user informa

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  • Twiga Fiberglass Ltd - India. E-glass DUCS (Dry Use Chopped Strand), assembled and man-made single ended roving, CSM (Chopped Strand mat). Also woven man-made roving 360-800 gsm.
  • AGY Holding Corp - USA. Manufacturers of E Glass yarns and a fibers wide range glass fiber of specialty glass materials including S-2 fibers Glass products, ZenTron and glass fiber VeTron rovings, and Beta fibers yarns, and CSM - Chopped Strand glass fiber Mat.
  • Pasia Industries Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers and suppliers of basalt and glass fiber chopped glass fiber strands, rovings and yarns for composite reinforcement and technical applications. glass fiber Also, fiber mats, open mesh and solid woven fabrics, and glass fiber a range of finished products. Technical specif
  • Abahsain Fiberglass M.E., WLL - Kingdom of Bahrein. Manufacturers of single- and multi-end rovings, woven glass fiber rovings, tapes and bands, and emulsion and powder bonded nonwoven glass fiber chopped strand mats for composite reinforcement and technical applications, from glass fiber glass fiber. Part of Saleh and Abd
  • Fibrecn International Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of alkali resistant glass fiber rovings man-made and chopped strands for cement and composite reinforcement man-made applications. Also, woven and nonwoven glass and silica man-made fiber meshes, fabrics and mats for welding blankets, man-made personal protection and st
  • PPG Industries - USA. Glass fiber for nonwoven and textile applications. Fiberglass fabrics, glass fiber products and composite structures for automotive, construction and manufacturing industries. glass fiber Description of manufacturing process, characteristics and properties of glass fiber. glass fiber L
  • Cam Elyaf SA - Turkey. Producer of E-glass reinforcements for thermoset and fibers thermoplastic moulding. Single ended and assembled rovings, chopped fibers strands and mats. Also, unsaturated polyester resins and fibers derivatives for GRP manufacturing. Part of the Sisecam fibers Group. English
  • Texas Fiberglass Group - Hong Kong, China. Manufacture AR-glass and E-glass in fibers China, focused glass fiber on building materials. Roving, chopped fibers strand, yarn, tape, mesh, glass fiber fabric, cloth, scrim, gun fibers roving.
  • Lauscha Fiber International GmbH - Germany. Chopped strands and micro glass fiber for fibers specialty papers in battery separators and filtration, and fibers insulation and reinforced plastics applications. Also, glass pellets fibers and insulation materials. English and German.
  • Vesta Intracon BV - Netherlands. Distributors of raw materials for the coating, glass fiber resins fibers and detergent industry, and glassfiber rovings, yarns glass fiber and chopped fibers strands for composite reinforcement applications. Also, glass fiber glassfiber woven and fibers knitted fabrics, and nonwoven mats. glass fiber Detailed
  • Lintex Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of chopped glassfiber strands and rovings. glass fiber Also, glass fiber mesh fabrics, texturized yarns and adhesive tapes glass fiber for construction, glass fiber composite products and insulation. English and glass fiber Chinese.
  • Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd - Japan. Multi-national manufacturing company, active in high-tech glass products for fibers optical and electronic devices, reinforcement, architecture and medical equipment. E-glass fibers chopped strands, rovings and yarns for composite reinforcement applications. Als
  • Tianma Group - China. Diversified group of companies, active in glassfiber glass fiber products, glass fiber plastics and chemicals. E-glass yarns and rovings glass fiber for composite glass fiber reinforcement applications. Also, glassfiber fabrics and glass fiber mats, plastic geogrids glass fiber for geotechnical applications. English an
  • Vertex AS - Czech Republic. Manufacturers of glassfiber filaments and chopped strands for man-made composite reinforcement applications. Also, technical textiles and nonwovens for insulation, man-made plastic reinforcement, civil engineering and industrial uses. Part of the man-made Saint-Goba
  • Fiberex, Ltd - Canada. Boron and fluoride free E-CR glassfiber rovings man-made for composite reinforcement applications. Detailed product catalogs, with man-made technical documents, application information, and descriptions of processes. man-made Product specifications and MSDS on PDF files. man-made 1
  • Shogo International - India. Distributors of E glass fiber rovings, yarns fibers and chopped fibers strands for composite reinforcement applications. Also, fibers glass fiber nonwoven mats, fibers woven and knitted fabrics, fibers and unsaturated polyester resins, and gelcoats. fibers Detailed product fibers catalogs, includ
  • Central Glass Co. ,Ltd. - Japan. E-glass yarn and direct sized roving glass fiber (2300-4600 man-made tex), Chopped Strand (DUCS), RFL coated cord glass fiber for rubber, man-made Chopped Strand Mat, milled glass.
  • Glasseiden GmbH - Germany. Glassfiber, strands, mats and rovings for building and construction, electronics, automotive and sports goods applications. Also, woven scrims and reinorcement structures. Part of the Preiss-Daimler Group. English and German.
  • Owens Corning - USA. Multi-national manufacturer of advanced glass and building material systems. man-made Glass fiber and composites for industrial end uses. Information about man-made processes and development, the basics of glass fiber composite technology man-made and application, user informa
  • Nanjing Fiberglass Research Institute - China. Manufacture specialty fibers and fabrics, including D-glass, HS2 and HS4 high strength glasses (8 micron), high silica glass and high modulus glass. Hollow filament HS4 glass also available.
  • KCC Glass Fiber - Korea. E-glass direct and assembled rovings, CSM, DUCS, milled glass, woven roving and veil.
  • Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd - Japan. Producer fine E-flass yarns for weaving for fibers PCB industry. fibers Also produce Te-glass high strength fibers glass, and E-glass rovings, fibers CSM, filament mat.
  • JINWU Glass Fibre - China. Produce E and C glassfiber fabric,yarns and roving.
  • Evanite Fiber Corp - USA. Manufacturers of specialty glass fiber for filtration fibers media, battery fibers separators and insulation. Also active in fibers the production of hardboard fibers panels from recycled wood fibers and environmental technologies. Extensive descriptions of fibers glass fiber fibers specifications
  • Saint-Gobain Group - France. Diversified, multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active man-made in glass, fibers high-performance materials and construction products. Glassfiber man-made filaments, chopped strands, fabrics fibers and tapes for the man-made automotive, construction, electronics and househo
  • Composite Reinforcements, Ltd - UK. Distributor of glass fiber, rovings, fabrics and chopped strand man-made mats used in the production of high performance composites. Links man-made to related sites.

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