Import and Export Man-made Fibers Textiles and Nonwovens

Importers of polyester staple fiber for the US textile and nonwovens industries. Also, cotton, polyester, polyamide and blended yarns, polyamide chips, and name brand socks.

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  • Down-Nara Co., Ltd - International trade in man-made staple fibers for the man-made textile and nonwovens industries. Also, chips and plastic man-made films, bedding products and textile fabrics. English and man-made Korean.
  • BMT Commodity Corp - International merchants of crude, and semi- and fully-manufactured man-made raw materials. Virgin and recycled polyester staple fiber man-made for yarn spinning and nonwovens applications. Also, spun man-made and filament yarns, from cotton, polyester, viscose and man-made blends.
  • Alyaf Nakh Trading Co - Iran. Import and export of viscose, acrylic and polyester staple import and export fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production, and pre-oriented yarns. import and export Also, bottle grade polyethylene chips.
  • Gem & Co - Importers of polyester staple fiber for the US fibers textile and import and export nonwovens industries. Also, cotton, polyester, polyamide fibers and blended yarns, polyamide import and export chips, and name brand fibers socks.
  • S. Fazalilahi & Sons Pvt., Ltd - Pakistan. Exporters of virgin and processed fibers for man-made yarn spinning, import and export papermaking and nonwovens production. Also, manufacturers man-made of cleaning cloths, terry import and export towels and twines.
  • Sadadekar Group - India. Indenting agents for import and export of man-made polyester, polyamide import and export and viscose fibers and yarns for man-made fabric weaving, knitting and import and export non-apparel applications. Also, bottle man-made and yarn grade polyester chips, chemicals, import and export food items, man-made metal ores and raw materials
  • Spinworth Fibres Pvt., Ltd - India. Traders, distributors and agents of yarns and fibers fibers. Polyester, import and export acrylic and viscose staple fibers for fibers yarn spinning and nonwovens import and export production. Also, manufacturers of fibers quilts, pillows and cushions. Part of import and export the Sethia fibers Group.

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