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The Netherlands. Low shot content, hot spun engineered mineral fibers for reinforcement applications in friction materials, paper- and rubberbased gasket materials, plastics, adhesives and plasters. Descriptions of manufacturing process and mineral fiber

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  • LPO Industries Co., Ltd - China. Versatile manufacturers of fibers, textiles and industrial man-made products. High-temperature resistant ceramic, long and short staple man-made fiber for textile and nonwoven processes. Also, needlepunch man-made blankets and mats for thermal insulation and sound man-made control. T
  • Lapinus Fibres BV - The Netherlands. Low shot content, hot spun engineered fibers mineral fibers fibers for reinforcement applications in friction materials, fibers paper- and rubberbased gasket fibers materials, plastics, adhesives and fibers plasters. Descriptions of manufacturing process and fibers mineral fiber
  • DBW Polska Sp. zoo - Poland. Manufacturers of mineral wool for insulation applications. fibers Also, glass mineral fibers fiber rovings and needled mats, insulation fibers papers and steel wool. mineral fibers Part of Burger AG. fibers English and Polish.
  • MTLS International, Ltd - USA. Manufacturers\\' representatives of carbon and basalt fibers and filaments mineral fibers for high-performance technical and industrial applications.
  • Minwool Rock Fibres, Ltd - India. Manufacturers of rock and slag wool for domestic and industrial insulation, in loose wool and bonded mattresses. Also, consultants, and turnkey contractors for the design, supply and installation of thermal and acoustic insulation systems.
  • Luyang Share Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of ceramic refractory fibers for thermal fibers insulation products man-made and boards, paper, casting, ropes, and fibers nonwoven needlepunch blankets and man-made felts. Also, a range fibers of finished products. Technical information and man-made product specifications. fibers Multi-l
  • Fiberand Corp - USA. Manufacturers\\' representatives for man-made vitreous silicate fibers fibers for stone fibers matrix asphalt and open-graded friction course fibers road technologies. Technical information fibers and specifications. Material safety fibers data sheets. Descriptions of mineral fiber fibers manu
  • TechnoBasalt - Ukraine. Manufacturers of chopped basalt fiber, rovings and man-made continuous filaments man-made for reinforcement, insulation, composite and technical man-made fabrics applications. Also, woven man-made fabrics and geotechnical meshes, man-made and thermo-insulation mats. English and Russian.
  • Specialty Materials, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of boron and silicon carbide fibers for composite fibers reinforcement applications. Also, preforms. Extensive technical information and specifications on fibers PDF files.
  • Sloss Industries Corp - USA. Diversified manufacturing company, active in slag wool, chemicals, and coke for foundries and blast furnaces. Slag bulk and loose wool, and processed fibers for insulation and reinforcement. Part of Walter Industries, Inc.
  • Basaltex NV - Belgium. Mineral continuous filament and chopped fiber for man-made a wide fibers variety of technical and industrial applications, man-made from basalt. Also, needlepunch fibers felts, and woven fabrics man-made and tapes. Development history. Technical specifications. fibers Properties and man-made applicatio
  • Insulation Materials, Ltd - Ukraine. Manufacturers of continuous and staple basalt fiber, and finished products for insulation applications. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information and specifications. English and Russian.
  • Basalt Fiber Equipment & Materials Technology Development - Ukraine. Commercial research and development company, active in man-made machinery and mineral fibers materials for the composite industry. Manufacturers man-made of continuous basalt filaments mineral fibers (rovings) for composite reinforcement man-made applications. Also, basalt chopped strande, woven mineral fibers nets a
  • Pyroterm Group - Spain. Group of companies, involved in refractory based shaped and mineral fibers non-shaped products and insulation materials. Manufacturers of ceramic and calcium mineral fibers silicate fibers for insultion applications. English, Spanish and French.
  • Fibrox Technology, Ltd - Canada. High-purity, granulated and milled mineral fibers for man-made insulation, sealing, fibers composite reinforcement, friction materials, and additional man-made industrial applications. Detailed technical fibers information and specifications. Material man-made safety data sheets. Technic
  • Saidun Ceramic Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of ceramic fibers and fiber based man-made products. Chopped, blown and spun fibers for woven man-made and nonwoven thermal insulation blankets and mats. Also, man-made ceramic fiber boards, paper, blankets, punched parts and man-made friction materials. Technical speci
  • Isomatex SA - Belgium. Development and manufacture of volcanic rock staple man-made fiber and filaments for high-performance technical yarns and man-made nonwoven insulation materials, from blended and aggregated basalt. man-made English, Dutch and French.
  • Advanced Cerametrics, Inc - USA. Advanced ceramic materials for aerospace, military, industrial, textile, medical, consumer, electronic and automotive applications. Ceramic fibers for the composites and electronics industries. Links to related sites.
  • Fibertec, Inc - United States. Manufacturers of glass fibers, mineral wool, mineral fibers wollastonite, mineral fibers and mica for plastic filling and composite mineral fibers reinforcement applications. mineral fibers Offers custom manufacturing services. Site contains mineral fibers technical information, specifications, mineral fibers and application gui
  • DSE Group - Israel. Diversified group of companies, active in solar man-made and alternative fibers energy, coolers, architecture, air-conditioning and basalt man-made fiber and technology. Continuous fibers basalt fibers for defence, man-made insulation, construction and heat shield applications.
  • Rath AG - Austria. Multi-national group of companies, active in shaped mineral fibers and fibers unshaped refractories, jointing materials, and ceramic fibers. mineral fibers Melt-blown and fibers sol-gel generated alumina silica fibers, needlepunch mineral fibers blankets and parts, fibers and modules for high-temperature insula
  • Kamenny Vek - Russia. Manufacturers of continuous basalt fiber, rovings and chopped strands fibers for protective fabrics and reinforcement applications. Information on the properties fibers and chemical structure of basalt. English, Russian and German.
  • Thermafiber, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of rockwool and finished products for man-made high-temperature insulation, fire protection, and thermal and sound man-made control applications. Detailed product catalog, with technical information man-made and data sheets on PDF files.
  • Rockwool International A/S - Denmark. Manufacturers of stone wool fiber and engineered man-made products for thermal and fire safe insulation, acoustic man-made insulation, reinforcement, and stone wool based growing substrates. man-made Diagram and short description of manufacturing process, applications man-made and

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