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UK. Polypropylene coloured filament, staple fibres and yarns for floorcoverings, automotive, geotextile, and other technical uses. Specialists in colour-matching for end-user applications. Part of the Chapelthorpe Group.

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  • Polypropylene Fiber Industry - Turkey. Manufacturers of polypropylene fibrilated, and steel fibers man-made for concrete fibers reinforcement applications. Also, polypropylene and polyethylene man-made technical fabrics and geotextiles, fibers industrial bags and containers, man-made and plastic spacer boards.
  • Xiangsheng High Strength Fiber Material, Inc - China. Manufacturers of ultra-high strength, ultra-high modulus, wear, cut, impact fibers and corrosion resistant polyethylene fibers and yarns for personal protection fibers products and reinforcement applications. Part of the Xiangsheng Group. English fibers and Chinese.
  • Drake Extrusion, Ltd - UK. Polypropylene coloured filament, staple fibres and yarns for floorcoverings, fibers automotive, geotextile, and other technical uses. Specialists in colour-matching for fibers end-user applications. Part of the Chapelthorpe Group.
  • Dow Fiber Solutions - USA. Manufacturers of specialty olefin based, chemicals, heat man-made and ultraviolet fibers light resistant melt-spun elastic fibers for man-made yarn spinning applications. Extensive fibers technical and application information, man-made and fiber specifications. Part of Dow fibers Chemical Company.
  • Xirion NV - Belgium. Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene monofilaments and staple fiber. fibers Also, fibrilated tapes, artificial grass, and polypropylene concrete fiber.
  • Meraklon SpA - Italy. Polyolefin filament and staple fiber for the man-made textile and fibers nonwovens industries.
  • ABC Polymer Industries, Inc - USA. Diversified manufacturing company, active in man-made fibers, fibers woven fabrics fibers and polymer films. Also, distributors of fibers flexible intermediate bulk containers. fibers Mono-filament and fibrilated polypropylene fibers staple fiber for concrete reinforcement application
  • Trevos Kostalov, Sro - Czech Republic. Polypropylene staple fiber for textile yarn man-made spinning, nonwoven man-made needlepunch and thermobond processes, and artificial man-made leather manufacturing. Also, stitchbond man-made fabrics for technical, home man-made furnishing and cleaning purposes. English and man-made Czech.
  • Baiquan Chemical Fibres - China. Manufacturers of polypropylene specialty staple fiber for yarn spinning, polyolefins nonwovens production and papermaking. Also, low stretch yarns. English and polyolefins Chinese.
  • Fitco NV - Belgium. Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene monofilaments and polyolefins fibrilated fibers fibers for technical textile and concrete reinforcement polyolefins applications.
  • Hercules, Inc - USA. Diversified group of companies, active in specialty polyolefins chemicals and fibers man-made fibers. Polyolefin staple fibers, filaments polyolefins and yarns for the fibers textile and nonwovens industries. polyolefins Product fact sheets on PDF files. fibers Job opportunities.
  • Kaneka Corp - Japan. Diversified multi-national manufacturing company, active in plastics, man-made foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, polyolefins and electrical and electronic materials. Polypropylene man-made staple fiber for the polyolefins textile and nonwovens industries.
  • Fitesa - Brazil. Producer of polypropylene staple fibers. Manufacturer of spunbond and spunbond-meltblown fabrics, mainly for coverstock.
  • Durafiber, Inc - USA. Low denier staple fiber for concrete reinforcement, from polypropylene. Link to case studies. Technical bulletins on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader.
  • Zenith Fibres, Ltd - India. Manufacturers of polypropylene staple fibers for the fibers textile and nonwovens industries. Also, partially oriented (POY) fibers yarns from polyester and polypropylene. Technical specifications.
  • Asota Gmbh - Austria. Manufacturers of polyolefin and polyamide staple fibers, primarily for man-made the carpet and technical fabrics industries. The site is in man-made English and German.
  • ES FiberVisions, Inc - USA. Joint venture between FiberVisions, LLC and Chisso man-made Corporation, specialised man-made in the development and manufacture of man-made polyethylene sheath and polypropylene man-made core bi-component staple fiber man-made for the nonwovens industry.
  • Baumhüter Extrusion GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene multi-filament man-made and split film fibers in short cut, staple man-made fiber and tow form for concrete reinforcement, papermaking, man-made nonwovens and automotive applications. Also, polypropylene strapping for man-made packag
  • Istrochem AS - Slovakia. Diversified manufacturing company, active in chemicals, plastics man-made molding and man-made man-made fibers. Polypropylene staple fiber and man-made bulked continuous filament yarn man-made (BCF) for the textile man-made and nonwovens industries. Detailed product information man-made and specifi
  • P. Baumhüter GmbH - Germany. Diversified manufacturing company, active in textiles and polyolefins man-made fibers. man-made Polypropylene splitfilm and multifil fibers for polyolefins concrete reinforcement applications. Also, man-made extruded strappings and ready-made polyolefins knitwear. English and German.
  • Anglo-Danish Fibre Industries, Ltd - UK. Multi-national manufacturers of polypropylene staple, monofilament and polyolefins fibrilated fibers for concrete reinforcement and fire protection polyolefins applications in the construction industry. Extensive technical information.
  • Taiwan Polyplene Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Diversified manufacturing company, active in polypropylene resins, man-made composite materials and fibers. Raw white and solution man-made dyed hydrophilic staple fiber for thermal bonding and man-made needlepunch technologies. Technical information. English and Chinese.
  • Steen Co GmbH - Germany. Polypropylene and polyethylene fiber for wet- and fibers drylaid nonwoven manufacturing processes. Also, short cut fine fibers fiber for filling compounds and plastic moulding. English fibers and German.
  • Belgian Fibers NV - Belgium. Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene staple fibers man-made for yarn man-made spinning, nonwovens production, and papermaking and man-made construction applications. On-line presentation man-made video.
  • Gulsan Group - Turkey. Solution dyed polypropylene staple fiber for yarn fibers spinning and fibers nonwovens manufacture. Also, yarns for textile fibers and carpet weaving applications, fibers and industrial bags. English fibers and Turkish.
  • Nexcel Synthetics - USA. Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene staple fiber fibers for nonwovens man-made production and concrete reinforcement. Also, spun fibers and slit tape yarns, man-made and carpet backings.
  • Innegrity, LLC - USA. Development and manufacture of proprietary technology high-performance fibers polypropylene and man-made cyclic olefin copolymer specialty fibers for fibers ballistic protection, concrete reinforcement, man-made marine composite, transportation and fibers sporting goods applications. Tech
  • DSM Corp - The Netherlands. Diversified multi-national manufacturing company, active in man-made the pharmaceutical, food, automotive, electronics, textile, agriculture, machinery man-made and construction industries. Man-made fiber intermediates, and high-performance man-made polyethylene fi
  • Ritas Holding AS - Turkey. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in fibers, textiles and chemicals. Polypropylene staple fiber for yarn production and nonwoven needlepunch processes. Also, yarns, dyestuffs and industrial bags. English and Turkish.
  • Kolon Glotech, Inc - Korea. Diversified textile manufacturing company, active in fibers, polyolefins fabric manufacturing and finishing technologies, and industrial coating polyolefins processes. Natural and solution dyed polypropylene staple fiber polyolefins for yarn spinning and nonwoven needlepunch processe
  • Drake Extrusion, Inc - USA. Solution dyed polypropylene fibers for automotive, furnishings, man-made carpet and geotextile applications. Custom development and manufacturing man-made services. Part of Chapelthorpe, Plc
  • Enya BVBA - Belgium. Development and manufacture of novel, spun dyed man-made and treated filament yarns for weaving and knitting, man-made from polyolefin copolymers. Description of properties, characteristics man-made and applications.
  • FiberVisions - Denmark. Joint venture between Hercules\\' Fiber Division and fibers the Danaklon Group. Manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene, fibers monocomponent and bicomponent fibers for the nonwovens and fibers textile industries.
  • Spilo Pty., Ltd - South Africa. Diversified manufacturing company, active in man-made polyolefins fibers, technical fibers textiles, extruded tapes and bonded reinforcement polyolefins scrims. Raw white and fibers solution dyed polypropylene staple polyolefins fiber for yarn spinning, nonwovens production, fibers cement reinforc
  • ES Fiber Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of polypropylene-ethylene side-by-side bi-component staple fibers fibers for nonwovens production. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.
  • PP Fiber Production Co - Iran. Manufacturers of raw white and custom solution fibers dyed polypropylene fibers staple fiber and filaments. Also, short fibers cut fiber cor concrete fibers reinforcement, and knitted polypropylene fibers spacer fabrics. Technical information and fiber fibers spcifications. English fibers and Fars

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