Wool Import and Export Natural Fibers

Australia. Vertically integrated wool brokerage. Joint venture between Australian wool growers and global textile manufacturers. Market research and sales assistance. Link to Australian wool selling program.

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  • Moses & Son - Australia. International wool marketing and brokerage company. Weekly import and export wool market reports. Sales roster. Links to related sites.
  • G. Modiano, Ltd - New Zealand. International wool merchants and processors, specialised wool in greasy and scoured wool. Also, wool tops.
  • PGG Wrightson, Ltd - New Zealand. Providers to the agricultural sector, offering import and export a wide range of products, services and solutions import and export to local and international farmers, growers and processors. import and export Wool brokerage, storage and shipping services.
  • Australian Alpaca Fleece, Ltd - Breeder owned cooperative, focused on alpaca fleece collecting, classing and natural marketing.
  • West End Works - UK. Merchants of greasy and scoured wools. Also, topmakers, and import and export mailorder suppliers of knitting yarns and patterns. Technical information and import and export colorways.
  • Bryton Wool Canowindra - Australia. Wool brokers and buyers. List of services. natural On-line wool catalog. Wool classifications. Bidding facility.
  • Wool Sell - United Arab Emirates. Exporters of creasy, scoured and natural washed tannery wool wool fleeces for further processing.
  • H.H. Hansen GmbH - Germany. Wholesale suppliers of goat hair to the yarn spinning import and export and nonwovens industries. Also, sorting, scouring, and custom blending and import and export specialty treatment services.
  • Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers, Ltd - UK. Brokers of raw wool, involved in grading wool and sorting of local wool clips. Also, suppliers wool of woollen tops and knitting yarns, carpets and wool rugs.
  • Techwool Trading - Australia. World wide trading in wool, and exporters of greasy natural and scoured wool, and wool tops. Daily market reports on natural PDF files. Links to related sites.
  • Lempriere Fox & Lillie - Australia. Direct on farm wool buyers and brokers of unshorn natural and shorn wool. Detailed description of wool processing.
  • Australian Wool Network - Australia. Vertically integrated wool brokerage. Joint venture between Australian wool wool growers and global textile manufacturers. Market research and sales assistance. wool Link to Australian wool selling program.
  • Merino New Zealand Co., Ltd - New Zealand. Marketing organization for New Zealand merino import and export wool fiber producers, dedicated to its promotion in import and export the global wool textile industry.
  • Cape Mohair & Wool - South Africa. Brokers of greasy and processed wool and mohair. natural Also, broker agents in livestock and game, and real estate. natural On-line auctions. Clip advice, quality assurance and classing, sales roster natural and marketing options. Calendar of events. Links to rela
  • Roswell Wool - USA. Wool broker handling wools from all over the United States. Online catalog of available wools, including results of core samples. Also, a full line of shearing supplies and parts.
  • BKB, Ltd - South Africa. Cooperative organization of South African farmers, import and export wool involved in the handling of agricultural produce, real import and export wool estate marketing and livestock auctions. International merchants of import and export wool wool and mohair. History of South African wool import and export wool and mohair. Industry
  • AMMO. Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation, Ltd - Grower controlled, non-profit mohair fiber classing and brokerage company. Description of fiber classing process. Information about angora breeding and management. Links to related sites.
  • Kreglinger Pty., Ltd - Australia. Diversified company, active in wool, sheep skins wool and wine. Buyers and exporters of wool for wool yarn spinning. Part of the Kreglinger Group
  • Bloch & Behrens Wool, Ltd - New Zealand. Exporters and international merchants of greasy and scoured wool. Market price indicator and scoured stock list. Part of the Woodham Group.
  • Wool Trade, Ltd - Israel. International merchants in grease, scoured and carbonised wool, wool open tops and tops, noils and wastes. Also, spun yarns. Extensive trade information and stock offers. English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • New England Wool Pty., Ltd - Australia. Buying and sourcing of fine and super import and export fine wools for yarn spinning applications. Market quotations import and export and report.
  • Western Wool Marketing - Australia. Independent wool brokers offering risk management and marketing services, wool laser scanning of fleeces, livestock sales and wool related merchandise. wool Market reports. Links to related sites.
  • Prestige Fibres, Ltd - UK. International traders in raw and scoured mohair, alpaca and natural wool fiber for yarn spinning applications. Also, custom tops and natural yarns. Technical information.
  • J.L. Crichton & Co., Ltd - New Zealand. International merchants of raw and scoured natural wool for wool textile and nonwovens applications.
  • Jemalong Wool - Australia. Original flat rate regionally based wool handling import and export and marketing organisation. Extensive information on PDF files. import and export Links to related sites.
  • Laycock International, Ltd - UK. Merchants and topmakers. Distributors of mohair, alpaca, import and export camel hair, cashmere, angora, silk, and additional natural import and export fibers to textile spinning mills. Custom tailoring services.
  • Wool Partners International, Ltd - New Zealand. Operating company of Wool Grower Holdings, import and export involved in the procurement, storage, blending and marketing import and export of raw and processed New Zealand wool.
  • British Wool Marketing Board - UK. Central marketing organization for UK fleece wool. import and export wool Extensive information on wool processing, statistics and marketing. import and export wool Glossary of wool terms. Links to related sites.
  • Jamieson & Smith, Ltd - UK. Shetland wool brokers. Also, mail order suppliers natural of Shetland wool wool, lace, yarn, knitwear, raw fleece, natural knitting kits and patterns, wool and hand knitting accessories. natural Links to related sites.
  • Lanoc Wool - Australia. Wool brokers, involved in customised preparation, presentation, wool marketing and sale of clips. Links to related wool sites.
  • Quality Wool - Australia. Wool brokerage and exporting company. Industry and import and export wool trade news and reports. Sale prices. Fleece testing import and export wool services. Links to related sites.

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