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South Africa. Quality certification body for angora goat farmers. Detailed description of standards and process. Present and future programs. Member directory.

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  • Helvetas - Switzerland. Denominationally and politically independent association, focused on development cooperation natural programs world wide. Programs for the cultivation and processing of natural organically grown cotton. Links to projects and information.
  • Flax Council of Canada. - National organization focused on promoting Canadian flax and natural flax products for nutritional and industrial uses in natural domestic and international markets. Extensive information on crop natural production, industrial applications of flax and linen, food natural products and re
  • BSB. Bangladesh Sericulture Board - Government institute, dedicated to the development and growth of the resources sericulture and silk industry. List of past and present projects.
  • Gdynia Cotton Association - Poland. Non-profit, non-commercial international organization, dedicated to co-operation resources and consultancy natural in the scope of themes pertaining resources to turnover and processing natural of cotton, laboratory testing resources and settling of disputes. Members\\' directory. natural List of resources cotto
  • IJSG. International Jute Study Group - Belgium. Intergovernmental organization under the aegis of UNCTAD, devoted to the commercial promotion of jute, kenaf and other allied fibers. Statistics, prices, events and projects. Searchable library of articles. Links to related sites.
  • The Cotton Group - USA. Part of the Cotton, Oilseeds, Tobacco and Seeds Division of the US Department of Agriculture, focused on providing statistical information and analysis on the world cotton situation, support US cotton trade negotiations, and administer USDA cotton ex
  • CATGO. Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization - Egypt. Government funded center, providing technical and marketing organizations services for cotton exporters and importers, and education organizations and training for technical staff in the Egyptian organizations cotton sector. Library of technical articles on PDF organizations files. Links to related site
  • NCJD. National Centre for Jute Diversification - India. Jute fiber promotion institute, involved in the natural commercialization of organizations technologies for the manufacture of jute natural products. Services and support organizations for research, design, development natural and marketing.
  • BSF. Bangladesh Silk Foundation - Independent non-profit organization of the government of Bangladesh, resources involved in resources the revitalization, development and promotion of resources the local sericulture and resources silk industry. History of resources the Bangladesh silk industry. Directory of resources silk manufacturing resources and process
  • FIDA. Fiber Industry Development Authority - Philippines. State controlled organization for the promotion of the growth and development of the local natural fiber industry. Offers industry information and statistics, lists programs, projects, members and technical guides.
  • The Israel Cotton Board - Production and marketing organization for Israeli growers and processors of natural long staple Pima cotton, focused on research and development, production natural financing, and bulk supply of pesticides and herbicides. English and natural Hebrew.
  • Camdeboo Mohair - South Africa. Quality certification body for angora goat resources farmers. Detailed description of standards and process. Present resources and future programs. Member directory.
  • Office Of The Jute Commissioner - India. Government office, managing jute fiber and product control and licensing policies. Part of the Ministry of Textiles. Technology information. Links to related sites.
  • Coir Board - India. Government organization dedicated to the promotion of natural coir fiber resources and products, and the development of natural export markets. Directories of resources manufacturers and processors, exporters natural and overseas importers. Library of articles. resources List of natural publications. Links to
  • AMS Cotton Division - USA. Division of the Agricultural Marketing Service in the US organizations Department of Agriculture, dedicated to support the orderly and efficient organizations marketing of U.S. cotton, domestically and internationally, by providing unbiased organizations classification and standardization, m
  • Organic Exchange - USA. Non-profit organization committed to expanding organic agriculture, specifically focused natural on increasing the production and use of organically grown fibers natural such as cotton. Company directory, searchable by fiber, product and natural company name. Links to relat

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