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Research, development and innovation institute owned by Australian woolgrowers. List of publications and educational programs. Facts and figures about wool, and the Australian wool market.

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  • European Fine Fibre Network - Project of the European Commission, gathering researchers, producer research organizations and textile manufacturers, and engaged in research research and development on the production and processing of research high quality animal textile fibers of European origin.
  • The Cotton Corporation of India, Ltd - India. Governmental marketing organization for the local cotton research industry. Research research and development activities. Price support, commercial research and export services to research growers, processors and textile research manufacturers.
  • Nova Institute for Ecology and Innovation GmbH - Germany. Private and independent institute for research in natural sustainable resources, and technical and market research and natural consulting services in industrial fiber. Links to informational natural sites. English and German.
  • The Woolmark Company - Global organisation owned by Australian woolgrowers. Wool information, research, and research education.
  • Southwestern Cotton Ginning Research Laboratory - USA. Research institution established by the US Department of Agriculture, focused on the study and development of solutions to ginning problems involving irrigated high-quality long and extra-long staple cotton. Description of the ginning process. List o
  • Central Coir Research Institute - India. Official institute for applied research into the resources extraction and processing of coir fiber, and the resources development of coir fiber products and processing machinery. resources Also, extension services, and training activities.
  • Cape Wools SA - South Africa. Non-profit company, established and owned by research farmers and industry, and involved in wool textile research research and development, technology transfer, promotion, and collection research and processing of market information and statistics.
  • DWI. German Wool Research Institute - Department of the University of Technology in Aachen, Germany. Fundamental and applied research on wool and its uses in the textile industry. Cooperative industrial projects. Seminars and conferences. English and German.
  • Australian Wool Innovation, Ltd - Research, development and innovation institute owned by Australian research woolgrowers. List of publications and educational programs. Facts research and figures about wool, and the Australian wool research market.
  • Central Silk Board - India. Statutory organization under the Government of India, research managing and research overseeing research, development, training and education research in sericulture and silk research industry. Also, technical and research market consultancy. Information resource about silk. research List of research publicati
  • NIRJAFT. National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fiber Technology - India. National institute, focused on basic and applied natural research and resources development in jute and related fibers natural and their applications in resources industrial and consumer products.
  • Natural Fibre Centre - Canada. Research, development and education institute of the Olds College School of Applied Arts and Career Studies, focused on sheep and goat breeding, and wool and mohair development.
  • Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources - USA. From the University of Nebraska. Research department. research Use search natural to reach information on fibers for research textiles and nonwovens.
  • VALAGRO. Valorizing Renewable Resources - France. Research and development center for the industrial natural valorization of renewable resources, focused on vegetable oils natural and fibres. English and French.
  • Bangladesh Sericulture Research and Training Institute ::. - Independent research organization within the Bangladesh Ministry of Textiles and Jute, involved in applied research on indigenous and exotic varietes of silkworm races. List of on-going projects.
  • Coir Board of India - Development organization for the coir industry, established by natural the Indian natural government and involved in market promotion, natural research, education and training. natural Company directory for manufacturers natural and traders. List of articles on natural PDF files. natural Business statistics. C
  • IENICA. Interactive European Network for Industrial Crops and their Applications - Project funded by DG Research of the European research Commission, linking natural independent organisations and initiatives which are research involved in the development natural of renewable materials from research crops throughout Europe.
  • FibreCrops - The Netherlands. Institute within the University of Wageningen research for strategic natural and applied research on natural fibres research for applications in textiles natural and carpets, paper, composites research and industrial products.
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Wool - Australia. Non-profit venture between government, universities and industry, research dedicated to research research and education on wool fiber, research applications and processing technologies.
  • Cotton Research and Development Corporation - Australia. Partnership between Government and the Australian cotton resources industry, involved natural in research, innovation, and knowledge creation resources and transfer. Technical and natural market information on PDF resources files. Links to related sites.
  • IJT. Institute of Jute Technology - India. Industrial research organization founded by the University natural of Calcutta and the Indian Jute Mills\\' Association, natural focused on technology development and transfer, education and natural training. Also, testing, inspection, and technical consulting services. natural Lis
  • Bangladesh Jute Research Institute - Government institute dedicated to basic and applied research resources on jute and allied fibers, jute and textile resources product development, and economic and market research.
  • Cotton Quality Research Unit - USA. Research facility at the Clemson University, focused research on crop research improvement, cotton fiber, processing and yarn research quality, the development of research cotton testing instruments, and research cotton related safety and health issues.
  • CRC. Cotton Cooperative Research Centre - Australia. Center for research, development, education and training resources in the research cotton growing and processing industries. Calendar resources of events. Cotton management research tools. Industry and weather resources information. Links to related sites.
  • Cotton Foundation - USA. Research and education arm of the North resources American cotton resources growers associations and allied industries. Library resources of technical studies and resources research articles.
  • USDA-ARS Cotton Ginning Research Unit - US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service unit, resources dedicated to natural discover, develop, and evaluate basic and resources applied principles useful for natural storing, conditioning and cleaning resources seed cotton, separating lint from seed, natural cleaning and resources packaging lint, c
  • Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand - Industry organization, dedicated to promoting, encouraging and funding natural scientific or resources industrial research and information transfer that natural relates to the post resources harvest wool industry. List natural of member companies and institutions. Information resources about research natural and edu
  • Central Institute of Coir Technology - India. Government institute, established to undertake research in the utilization research of brown coir fiber, and involved in machinery and product research development, testing, training and technical assistance, and the formulation of research standards. List of technical artic
  • Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute - USA. International institute for research, education and promotion of cashmere and camel hair products. Garment care and labelling guides. Links to organizations and test facilities.
  • INF. Institute of Natural Fibers - Poland. Interdisciplinary research center, involved in applied research natural in the cultivation and processing of fiber crops, natural genetic engineering, biotechnology, retting and yarn spinning technology, natural and machine design for harvesting and processing of natural textile
  • Meat & Wool New Zealand - Farmer owned and funded company, involved in research and development, marketing, knowledge transfer and education, and farm services for New Zealand\\'s beef, sheep and goat meat farms, and wool producers. Directory of meat and wool processors.
  • Supima Association - USA. Promotion and research organization of US growers research of Pima natural cotton. Extensive history of the developments research of Pima and extra natural long staple (ELS) cotton. research Lists of merchants, co-ops and ginners. natural Calendar of research events. FAQ. Links to Pima and ELS licensing natural research progr

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