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Magazine. Large site with information about cotton growing, production, processing and uses. News, articles and links to industry and research pages.

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  • Acrylic Chain Report 2006 - Research report containing statistics, tabulation and graphical presentations of the textiles and nonwovens trends and status of demand and supply in the acrylic textiles and nonwovens chain across various countries. Links to related reports. From Bharat textiles and nonwovens Books.
  • Fibre Chemistry - English language publication for researchers and scientists in news and media the Russian man-made fiber industry. Searchable article database, news and media with article excerpts. Links to related sites.
  • Extruding Plastics - Processing handbook covering the potential combinations of basic textiles and nonwovens variables or problems with solutions that can occur textiles and nonwovens from up-stream to down-stream equipment. From Knovel Corp
  • Handbook of Fiber Finish Technology - Technical handbook merging data from different fiber and fabric manufacturers offering details on textile finishing components, their structural formulae, physical properties and CAS numbers. From Polysurfaces Bookstore.
  • Fibre Science - Extensive list of books about man-made fiber science, news and media textiles and nonwovens and textile and nonwovens technologies. From Woodhouse Publishing, news and media textiles and nonwovens Ltd.
  • Cotton: Origin, History, Technology, and Production - Short review and contend list of a guidebook for industry news and media professionals with articles and essays about the history and cultivation news and media of cotton, the nature of cotton fibers and their processing, news and media cotton standards and classification, and marketing strategies.
  • Chemical Fibers International - Bi-monthly technical journal for the man-made fiber and allied industries. Article archive.
  • Bast and Other Plant Fibres - Comprehensive handbook about the physical and chemical characteristics news and media fibers and properties, production and processing, and the economic, news and media fibers environmental, health and safety considerations associated with bast news and media fibers and plant fibers. Published in association with The news and media fibers Te
  • International Fiber Journal - Magazine. Bi-monthly publication for the synthetic fiber and news and media news and media polymer manufacturing industries, spunbond fabric manufacturers and yarn news and media news and media processors
  • Fiber and Polymers - Quarterly scientific journal of the Korean Fiber Society, textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens dealing with polymer and man-made fiber science and textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens engineering.
  • Land of Cotton - Online newsmagazine for professionals in the cotton industry, updated several times a week. Extensive article archive. Links to related sites.
  • Phosphate Fibers - Book by Edward J. Griffith about the discovery, chemistry, synthesis, news and media properties, manufacture, toxicology, and uses of calcium and sodium calcium news and media polyphosphate fibers.
  • Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies - Scientific book about the technology and applications of news and media carbon fibers and nanotubes. Editor: T.D. Burchell.
  • World Directory of Manufactured Fiber Producers - Annually published global directory of manufacturers of man-made fibers fibers. From textiles and nonwovens the Fiber Economics Bureau of the fibers American Fiber Manufacturers Association textiles and nonwovens (AFMA).
  • Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe - Scientific publication on the East European man-made fiber news and media textiles and nonwovens and textile manufacturing industries. From the Polish Institute news and media textiles and nonwovens of Chemical Fibers.
  • Advanced Fiber Spinning Technology - Book providing a comprehensive overview of the science textiles and nonwovens news and media and technologies of man-made fiber spinning. Author: Takajima, textiles and nonwovens news and media Toshi.
  • General Fiber Production Technology - Part of Ullman\\'s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, dealing news and media news and media with the production principles of man-made fibers and news and media news and media filaments, yarns, and spunbond fabrics. From Wiley-VCH Verlag news and media news and media GmbH.
  • Handbook of Fiber Chemistry, 2nd Ed. - Coverage of the most important natural and synthetic fibers used textiles and nonwovens in consumer goods, agriculture, industry, medicine, and engineering.
  • Wild Fibers Magazine - Quarterly journal for wool breeders, spinning mills and fibers yarn processors. news and media Directory of breeders and retail shops.
  • Surface Characteristics of Fibers and Textiles - Reference book, focusing on the affects of fiber surface on news and media textile fabric performance characteristics. Editors: Christopher M. Pastore and Paul news and media Kiekens.
  • Eucalyptus Online Book - On-line book in PDF format sponsored by the fibers international forestry and papermaking industries, about the eucalyptus fibers tree and its uses in the pulp and fibers papermaking industry. Author: Celso Foelkel.
  • Abaca Philippines - On-line version of a reference guidebook on abaca plants and news and media its by-products, presenting the history and characteristics of abaca fibers, news and media the fiber extraction process, and the applications of abaca fiber news and media in textiles and craft. Author: Lalaine Villafuerte-
  • CottonTalk - Discussion forums for cotton growers, and companies involved fibers in cotton ginning and processing, warehousing, trading and fibers marketing, and textile mills. Also, library of articles fibers and cotton marketplace.
  • Cotton Bangladesh - Quarterly published business magazine for managers and professionals news and media fibers in the global cotton and textile industries.
  • New Fibers - Second edition of a scientific publication reviewing the fibers development, production, properties and applications of modern polymeric fibers fibers. From Knovel Corp.
  • New Fibres - On-line magazine for professionals in the man-made fiber industry, covering textiles and nonwovens developments in, and performance of innovative new synthetic fibers. From textiles and nonwovens Technica Snc.
  • King Cotton - Magazine. Large site with information about cotton growing, textiles and nonwovens production, processing and uses. News, articles and links textiles and nonwovens to industry and research pages.
  • Journal of Cotton Science - USA. Quarterly publication of original research, syntheses and articles on fibers new techniques or equipment concerning growing, processing and applications of fibers cotton fiber. From The Cotton Foundation.
  • Regenerated Cellulose Fibres - Extensive overview of the chemistry, physics, process technology, applications and markets for man-made cellulosic fibers, covering the properties and applications of viscose rayon, cupprammonium rayon and the new solvent-spun fibres, as well as consideri
  • Handbook of Textile Fibres - A survey of animal, vegetable and mineral fibers textiles and nonwovens news and media for textile applications. Author: J. Gordon Cook. Published textiles and nonwovens news and media by Woodhead Publishing, Ltd.
  • New Frontiers in Fiber Science - List of book abstracts about the process news and media of electrospinning in the manufacture of nano fibers news and media and tubes, splittable fiber, and membranes. From The news and media Fiber Society.[PDF]
  • AWI Publications - Collection of on-line reports and magazines for managers news and media and professionals in the wool growing and processing news and media industry. From Australian Wool Innovation, Ltd.
  • Journal of Industrial Hemp - Scientific magazine of the International Hemp Association, providing fibers articles and papers on hemp cultivation, processing and fibers products.

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