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Germany. Yarns, fabrics and ready made products from silk, and silk rich blends. Photo galleries of the company's past and present silk production. Silk dictionary.

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  • Hasegawa Corp - Japan. Manufacturers of spun and filament yarns for natural knitting and weaving applications, from silk and silk natural rich blends. Detailed yarn catalogs, including technical specifications natural and color cards. Description of silk properties and natural processing. English and J
  • Plauener Spinnhuette GmbH - Germany. Yarns, fabrics and ready made products from natural silk, and natural silk rich blends. Photo galleries of natural the company\\'s past and natural present silk production. Silk natural dictionary.
  • Huazhi Silk Co., Ltd - China. Raw silk and silk yarns.
  • Au Ver a Soie - France. Manufacturers of silk yarns and sewing threads for weaving, knitting and embroidery. Also, braids and cords, metallic threads, and silk ties and scarves. English and French.
  • Himatsingka Seide, Ltd - India. Vertically integrated textile design and manufacturing company. natural Regular and fancy, single and double plied dyed natural yarns, from silk and silk rich blends. Woven natural fabrics for garments and furnishings. List of global natural agents.
  • Huafeng Group - China. Spun yarns for weaving applications, from mulberry silk silk, and silk blends with viscose, wool and cotton. silk Also, silk fabrics and silk carpets. On-line ordering. English silk and Chinese.
  • Fogliano & Dosio Srl - Italy. Carded, natural and dyed, twisted, regular and melange yarns silk for weaving and knitting applications, from silk and silk rich silk blends. English and Italian.
  • Yihong Silk Textile Co., Ltd - China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company, active in sericulture, yarn natural spinning, woven and knitted fabrics, and ready-made knitwear. Silk tops natural and slivers, and greige and dyed yarns.

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