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Technical paper investigating the air flow in a false twist spinning chamber operating according the the Murata jet spinning principle. Authors: Dariusz Witczak and Józef Golanski.

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  • Fiber Motion and Yarn Forming in High Speed Air Flow - Technical paper about the development of models to air-jet spinning elucidate the behaviour of fiber in high speed air-jet spinning air flow yarn spinning technology. Authors: W. Oxenham air-jet spinning and others.[PDF]
  • Design and Fabrication of Air Jet Nozzles for Air Vortex Ring Spinning System to Reduce the Hairiness of Yarn - Technical paper about the fabrication of two types air-jet spinning of articles and studies air-jet nozzles with different directions of orifice air-jet spinning inclination and articles and studies suitable for air vortex ring spinning, air-jet spinning designed to reduce articles and studies the hairiness of cotton yarns. air-jet spinning Authors: K. Ramachandralu and articles and studies B.S. Dasarada[PDF]
  • Fasciated Yarns - A Revolutionary Development? - Technical paper about the air vortex spinning technology for the air-jet spinning production of fasciated yarns, and its predicted impact on the air-jet spinning cotton yarn spinning industry. Author: William Oxenham, Ph.D.[PDF]
  • Vortex Spun Yarn vs Air-jet Spun Yarn - Technical paper about the examination of the physical properties of vortex spun yarn compared with conventional air-jet spun yarn. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: G. Basal and W. Oxenham.[PDF]
  • Air Flow in the Air-jet False Twist Spinning Chamber - Technical paper investigating the air flow in a resources false twist resources spinning chamber operating according the the resources Murata jet spinning principle. resources Authors: Dariusz Witczak and resources Józef Golanski.[PDF]
  • The Effect of Short Fibre and Neps on Murata Vortex Spinning - Extensive technical paper about the Murata vortex yarn resources spinning technology, resources compared with conventional yarn spinning technologies. resources Author: Stuart Gordon.
  • Microspinning: Reinventing the Spinning Wheel - Technical paper about a novel technology of cotton yarn spinning, articles and studies aimed at removing the structural inefficiencies that come from the articles and studies imbalance between the scale of spinning and the other productive articles and studies stages of textile production. From Vortex Engineering. DO

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