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USA. Trade organization for professionals in the tanning and leather chemicals industries. Directory of resources for the leather industry. Open discussion forum.

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  • USHSLA. United States Hide, Skin & Leather Association - Trade organization for the US hides and skins industry. Trade data, and export standards and statistics. Links to related sites.
  • Spanish Council of Tanners - Umbrella organization for Spanish leather tanners and traders associations. Company textiles and nonwovens directory, categorised by type of leather. English and Spanish.
  • Leather France - Confederation of French trade organizations for the leather leather and fur textiles and nonwovens industry. List of global exhibitions. Links to companies leather and fur textiles and nonwovens and organizations.
  • Cotance. European Leather Association - Belgium. Non-profit trade organization, dedicated to the promotion of the textiles and nonwovens European leather tanning industry. Links to leather museums. Description of textiles and nonwovens leather production process. Industry statistics and business directory.
  • Hong Kong Fur Federation - Trade organization for Chinese fur farmers, traders and leather and fur manufacturers, dedicated to education and promotion activities, industry leather and fur development and knowledge transfer. Fur trends and facts. leather and fur Links to related sites. English and Chinese.
  • British Fur Trade Association - UK. Trade organization for fur retailers, traders, wholesalers and manufacturers. associations History and introduction to the various types of fur. Information associations on fur labelling. Links to related sites.
  • The Union of Russian Tanners - Non-profit organization of research and educational institutes, and manufacturers and leather and fur suppliers of leathers and chemicals in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.
  • Genuine Italian Leather Consortium - Trade organization for Italian tanneries, specialised in the manufacture of associations sole leathers, and focused on trade mark certification and market associations promotion, education and research activities. Directory of tanneries. English and associations Italian.
  • PTA. Pakistan Tanners Association - Trade organization for Pakistani companies involved in the leather and fur textiles and nonwovens local hide and leather industries. Industry statistics and leather and fur textiles and nonwovens newsletter.
  • ICT. International Council of Tanners - UK. Trade organization for the global leather tanning, associations processing and finishing industry. Business statistics and information. associations List of standards and test methods. Quality guide associations for hides and skins. Glossary of technical terms associations and definitions. Links to rel
  • FICA. Fur Information Council of America - USA. Non-profit trade organization for retailers, wholesalers, fashion designers, business associations analysts and editors involved in the fur industry. Extensive information associations about the history, uses and care of fur. Links to associations related sites.
  • FNL. Dutch Federation of Tanners - The Netherlands. Trade organization for the leather processing industry. Job leather and fur bank. Business information. Links to member companies, and related sites. leather and fur English and Dutch.
  • Fur Commission USA - Non-profit trade association representing US mink farmers and cooperatives, dedicated textiles and nonwovens to ensure superior standards of animal husbandry and consumer education. textiles and nonwovens Links to information and educational materials about fur farming and textiles and nonwovens the responsible use of fur.
  • AIMPES. Italian Leather Manufacturers' Association - Non-profit trade organization for local leather tanners, wholesalers, associations suppliers, artisans textiles and nonwovens and goods manufacturers. Company directory. English associations and Italian.
  • ELIA. Ethiopian Leather Industries Association - Trade organization for Ethiopian manufacturers and traders in hides and associations skins, processed and finished leather, and leather products, dedicated to associations export promotion, development programs and knowledge exchange. Description of the associations local leather industry. Lis
  • APIC. Portuguese Leather Association - Trade organization for tanners, processors, goods manufacturers, and associations traders in the Portuguese leather industry. Company directory associations and products list. English and Portuguese.
  • Arab Union for Leather Industries - Syria. International organization for Arab owned leather tanneries and leather textiles and nonwovens processing companies, active in events organizing, legal issues, international relations textiles and nonwovens and technical publications.
  • ALCA. American Leather Chemists Association - USA. Trade organization for professionals in the tanning and leather leather and fur chemicals industries. Directory of resources for the leather industry. Open leather and fur discussion forum.
  • AHSLEA. Australian Hide, Skin & Leather Exporters Association. - Trade organization of exporters of Australian cattle hides, associations calf skins, leather and fur sheepskins, kangaroo skins and goat skins. associations List of member companies leather and fur and products.
  • LIA. Leather Industries of America - USA. Trade organization for US leather tanners, distributors associations and suppliers, textiles and nonwovens chemical and engineering companies, and machinery associations and products suppliers and textiles and nonwovens manufacturers. Searchable members directory. associations List of trade events. FAQ. Links textiles and nonwovens to related associations information.
  • SLTC. Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists - UK. International trade organization for leather processors and traders, and leather machinery, chemicals, dyes and finishing industries.
  • IFTF. International Fur Trade Federation - UK. International federation of national fur trade associations textiles and nonwovens leather and fur and organisations, dedicated to protect fur trade interests textiles and nonwovens leather and fur and promote innovation, high standards and a positive textiles and nonwovens leather and fur factual image of fur and the fur industry textiles and nonwovens leather and fur worldwide. Members' directory. Indu
  • ANPIC. National Association of Suppliers for the Footwear Industry - Mexico. Trade organization for suppliers of machinery for leather and fur associations footwear and leather tanning, chemicals, hides and leather, leather and fur associations textiles and nonwovens, and components to the footwear leather and fur associations industry. Calendar of events. List of member companies. leather and fur associations English and Spanish.
  • NOPSA. National Ostrich Processors of South Africa - Trade organization for South African tanners and processors of ostrich leather. List of members.
  • Deutscher Pelzverband eV - Germany. Trade organization for German fur wholesalers, buying agents, dressers, associations dyers and manufacturers. Links to member companies and related sites. associations English and German.
  • Association of Leather Producers and Exporters of East-Azarbaijan - Iran. Trade organization of the Iranian cow, goat associations and sheep associations leather tanning and processing industry. English associations and Iranian.
  • CLE. Council for Leather Exports - India. Non-profit organization, operating under the Indian Ministry textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens of Commerce and dedicated to export promotion and textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens development of the leather processing and products industries.
  • VDL. German Leather Federation - Trade organization for the German leather tanning, processing and trading industry. Company directory, categorised by application and leather type. Links to trade shows and resources. English and French.
  • International Leather Split Groupware SAS - Italy. International non-profit consortium of leather tanning and processing companies, textiles and nonwovens active in information gathering and dissipation, research and technology pertaining textiles and nonwovens to leather tanning, machinery and chemicals, and the organization of textiles and nonwovens trade fairs. G
  • CLIA. China Leather Industry Association - Trade organization for Chinese leather tanning and processors, leather and fur textiles and nonwovens finished goods manufacturers and traders, and chemicals and leather and fur textiles and nonwovens machinery companies. English and Chinese.
  • AICC. Italian Association of Leather Chemists - Technical association of professionals, students and companies involved in the leather and fur leather industry, dedicated to research, innovation and knowledge transfer. English leather and fur and Italian.
  • International Council Of Hides Skins And Leather Traders Associations - Non-profit, global umbrella organization for national associations of associations leather traders. Members directory. Lists of arbitration and associations measurement institutes,
  • UK Leather Federation - Trade organization for UK companies involved in the associations hides and skins, and leather tanning and processing associations industry. Links to industry regulations and standards. Calendar associations of events. Glossary of technical terms. Links to associations related sites.
  • AQEIC. Spanish Leather Chemists Association - Non-profit trade organization of chemists and technicans in textiles and nonwovens the Spanish leather industry, dedicated to promote and textiles and nonwovens improve the technical methods of manufacture and production textiles and nonwovens of the leather industry. English and Spanish.
  • BLLA. British Luggage and Leathergoods Association - UK. Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of leather and fur associations luggage and bags, briefcases, handbags and accessories. Business leather and fur associations and legal news. Searchable member directory. Links to leather and fur associations related sites.
  • Association of Slovanian Leather and Shoe Industries - Trade organization for the Slovanian leather and footwear leather and fur textiles and nonwovens industries. Links to member companies and organizations. English leather and fur textiles and nonwovens and Slovakian.
  • FEDIC. Moroccan Federation of Leather Industries - Non-profit trade organization of the Moroccan leather tanning, associations processing, manufacturing associations and trade industry. Industry information and associations figures. Searchable company directory. associations English and French.
  • Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders Association - Trade organization for merchants and distributors of hides and finished leather and fur leathers. Searchable company directory in English.
  • DETEK. Turkish Leather Technologists and Chemists Society - Turkey. Trade organization for technicians and chemists in textiles and nonwovens the Turkish leather industry, focusing on publishing, technical textiles and nonwovens consulting and knowledge transfer. Calendar of events. Links textiles and nonwovens to related sites. English and Turkish.
  • Kastorian Fur Association - Greece. Trade organization for furring entrepreneurs in Kastoria textiles and nonwovens leather and fur province. List of member companies. History of leather textiles and nonwovens leather and fur and fur processing in Kastoria. Calendar of events. textiles and nonwovens leather and fur Multi-lingual site.
  • AAQTIC. Argentine Leather Industry Chemists and Technicians Association - Argentina. Trade organization for professionals in the leather textiles and nonwovens chemicals industry,dedicated to promoting research, science, education and textiles and nonwovens knowledge transfer. Links to associated companies. English and textiles and nonwovens Spanish.
  • The Real Sheepskin Association - UK. Non-profit trade organization for tanners, merchants, designers, leather and fur textiles and nonwovens manufacturers, retailers and specialist after carers in the leather and fur textiles and nonwovens sheep skin industry, dedicated to promotion, and education leather and fur textiles and nonwovens and training. List of members. Information about sheep leather and fur textiles and nonwovens skin tanning
  • Fur Institute of Canada - National non-profit organization for fur trade, animal welfare and furbearer textiles and nonwovens conservation issues, responsible for the implementation of the Agreement on textiles and nonwovens International Humane Trapping Standards in Canada. Extensive information about fur textiles and nonwovens farming and conserv
  • Thai Tanning Industry Association - Thailand. Trade organisation for the Thai leather tanning leather and fur leather and fur and processing industry, dedicated to promote modern techniques leather and fur leather and fur and technologies for leather tanning, environmental control and leather and fur leather and fur industrial waste management. History and development of the leather and fur leather and fur Thai leat
  • IFBA. Irish Fur Breeders' Association - Ireland. Trade organization for Irish mink and fox pelt farmers. associations Information about fur farming, animal welfare and the fur market. associations Links to related sites.
  • All India Hide and Leather Tanners and Merchants Association - India. Trade organization for leather tanneries, and manufacturers and traders in hides, leathers, and leather goods and apparel. Extensive overview of the Indian leather industry.
  • CLA. Chinese Leather Association - China. International trade organization and business center for the leather and leathergoods industries. Industry and market news. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
  • Haining Leather Industry Association - China. Trade organisation for Chinese companies involved in leather tanning textiles and nonwovens and processing, and the manufacture of garments, footwear, leather goods textiles and nonwovens and fashion accessories. List of member companies. English and Chinese.
  • Fur Council of Canada - National, non-profit federation representing producers, auction houses, processors, leather and fur designers, craftspeople and retailers involved in the Canadian leather and fur fur industry. Business news and industry statistics. Links leather and fur to educational and consumer resources. English an
  • KSIAD. Kürk Sanayicileri ve İş Adamları Derneği - Turkey. Trade organization for manufacturers, suppliers and traders of textile leather and fur and apparel, toys, furniture and flooring, using leather and fur leather and fur as the basic raw material. English and Turkish.

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