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USA. Manufacturers of tanned, dyed and finished alligator and exotic leathers for garments and fashion accessories. Also, contract tanning services. Description of grading process. Links to related sites.

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  • Curtiembre Moxos - Bolivia. Manufacturers of crust and finished alligator hides leather and fur for leathergoods and fashion accessories. Part of a leather and fur national program for the sustainable exploitation of the leather and fur yacaré alligator.
  • Specialty Leather Processors, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of quality ostrich leather, emu leather, leather and fur exotic and other specialty leathers. Detailed pricelists. Links to leather and fur exotic hide preservation and fleshing.
  • Samanta SpA - Italy. Manufacturers of chrome, vegetable and mixed tanned, crocodile, python exotic and lizard embossed and printed calf leathers for fashion accessories exotic and leather goods. English and Italian.
  • Pan American Leather, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of classic, matte and custom finished leather and fur exotic caiman, alligator and crocodile, lizard, snake and ostrich leather and fur exotic leather for apparel, footwear, fashion accessories and upholstery leather and fur exotic applications.
  • Izintaba Farm Crocodile Pty., Ltd - South Africa. Crocodile farm, involved in the production of skins diversified tanning techniques and meat products. Manufacturers of wet salted crocodile skins, and diversified tanning techniques custom cut and colored leather for fashion accessories applications.
  • Swartland Ostriches, Ltd - South Africa. Abbotoir and tannery, specialised in ostrich processing. Colored and finished leathers for apparel and leather goods.
  • Reptel - Madagascar. Crocodile breeding farm and processors of raw diversified tanning techniques exotic and semi-finished crocodile leathers for fashion accessories and diversified tanning techniques exotic leathergoods. English and French.
  • Ostrich Emporium - South Africa. Tanners of full quill ostrich, and diversified tanning techniques crocodile leather for apparel and footwear applications. Also, diversified tanning techniques ostrich feathers and leather fashion accessories.
  • Klein Karoo Cooperative, Ltd - South Africa. Cooperative of ostrich farmers, marketing meat, exotic feathers, leather leather and fur and seed. Semi-finished and finished ostrich exotic leather for apparel, leather leather and fur goods and automotive applications.
  • Mermaid Leather - Australia. Manufacturers of organically and synthetically tanned and exotic dyed barramundi, diversified tanning techniques snapper, groper and shark leathers for exotic apparel, footwear and leather diversified tanning techniques goods applications. On-line purchasing exotic feature with interactive color swatches.
  • American Tanning Co - USA. Manufacturers of tanned, dyed and finished alligator exotic and exotic leathers for garments and fashion accessories. exotic Also, contract tanning services. Description of grading process. exotic Links to related sites.

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