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Germany. Slat web and wadding, and loose fiber transport systems for the textile and nonwovens industries. Custom design services. English, German and French

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  • Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH - Germany. Design and manufacture of a range of specialised industrial materials handling equipment. Also, pre-owned and rental equipment. Electric multi-directional sideloaders for beam loading and transport, and sliver can transporters for yarn spinning,
  • Bartholomy & Co - Germany. Standard and custom design and manufacture of crane, truck machinery and equipment and floor conveyor based load lifting and tilting equipment and machinery and equipment complete storaging systems for the papermaking, textile, nonwovens and metal machinery and equipment foil industries. English and German.
  • Ashton International Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers and distributors of spare parts, accessories machinery and equipment transporting systems and conveyor belts for the textile and nonwovens machinery and equipment transporting systems industries. Also, PVC profiles and pneumatic accessories. Multi-lingual machinery and equipment transporting systems site.
  • Nybelt Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of flat and tangential transmission and conveyor belts, auxiliaries spindle tapes, and roller coverings for the textile and nonwovens, auxiliaries and a wide range of additional industrial applications. English and auxiliaries Chinese.
  • Smith Textile Apron Co., Inc - USA. Aprons and conveyor belts for fiber opening and blending machinery and equipment machinery, and crosslappers.
  • UTIT Wagner Automazioni SpA - Italy. Design, development, manufacture and installation of automated systems for auxiliaries the management of factory logistics in the distribution, textile and auxiliaries packaging industries. Material handling and transport systems for staple fiber auxiliaries yarn spinning mills. Tech
  • Alum-A-Lift, Inc - USA. Design, development and manufacture of light weight, transporting systems battery transporting systems operated material handling ergonomic lifting equipment for transporting systems a wide transporting systems range of industrial applications. Detailed equipment transporting systems catalogs, including technical transporting systems information and application guides. Tech
  • Chiorino SpA - Italy. Manufacturers of conveyor and process belts, flat machinery and equipment auxiliaries transmission belts, and rubber aprons for a wide machinery and equipment auxiliaries range of industrial applications. Wide width belts for machinery and equipment auxiliaries crosslappers in nonwovens processes. Also, roller coverings. Extensive machinery and equipment auxiliaries technical information.
  • Madison Scandiafelt AB - Sweden. Design and manufacture of filtration belts and specialised conveyors auxiliaries for pulp and paper, nonwovens, chemicals, sludge dewatering and foodstuffs auxiliaries applications. Filtration belts for spunbond and air-laid processes. List of auxiliaries world wide agents. Library
  • Hastem GmbH - Germany. Slat web and wadding, and loose fiber transporting systems transport machinery and equipment systems for the textile and nonwovens industries. transporting systems Custom design machinery and equipment services. English, German and French
  • Forbo Siegling GmbH - Germany. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the machinery and equipment machinery and equipment development and manufacture of standard and customised conveyor machinery and equipment machinery and equipment and processing belts, and modular, timing and flat machinery and equipment machinery and equipment belts for industrial, sports and leisure applications. Power machinery and equipment machinery and equipment transmission belts,
  • GK Industries - India. Steel products manufacturers and fabricators. Trolleys, A-frames transporting systems and expander roll units for textile and nonwovens transporting systems transport applications.
  • Genkinger-HUBTEX GmbH - Germany. Design and manufacture of transport and handling equipment for warehouses and industry. Electric trolleys for the in-house transport of jumbo cloth rolls. Multi-lingual site.
  • Dollfus & Muller - Germany. Manufacturers of high-temperature resistant woven belts and auxiliaries nonwoven felts, coated sheets and open mesh extruded auxiliaries belts for textile and nonwovens wet and dry auxiliaries processing, printing and finishing machinery. Also, woollen overfeed auxiliaries rolls, roll covering
  • Siegling GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of industrial conveyor and flat belts for a machinery and equipment wide variety of applications. Conveyor, flat and processing belts, and machinery and equipment printing blankets for the yarn spinning, textile and nonwovens industries. machinery and equipment Technical information and brochures on PDF
  • Nitta Industries Europe GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of polyamide and aramide flat belts, transporting systems machine auxiliaries tapes and seamless belts for industrial transmission transporting systems and conveying auxiliaries applications. Also, installation and maintenance tools. transporting systems Part of the auxiliaries Nitta Corp. English and German.

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