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UK. Suppliers of pre-owned and reconditioned machinery for woollen and cotton fabric weaving and processing applications. Also, plant installation and removal services.

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  • Iran Tectile Machines Co., Ltd - Iran. Importers of new and pre-owned weaving looms, jacquards and weaving spare parts. Also, CAD/CAM software. Detailed machine catalog, including technical weaving information and specifications.
  • TransorgaTec Trading GmbH - Germany. Traders in pre-owned machinery and complete plants pre-owned machinery for weaving preparation, and fabric weaving, processing and pre-owned machinery finishing. Also, upgrading and refurbishing, liquidation, auction, dismantling pre-owned machinery and assembling services. Technical information and compa
  • Etracon BVBA - Belgium. Traders in pre-owned machinery, accessories and parts for carpet and velvet fabrics weaving applications. Also, upgrading and plant erection services. English, Dutch and French.
  • Alfred Briggs, Sons & Co., Ltd - UK. Suppliers of pre-owned and reconditioned machinery for pre-owned machinery woollen and cotton fabric weaving and processing applications. pre-owned machinery Also, plant installation and removal services.
  • Finatex International, Inc - USA. Repair, rebuild, and re-manufacture of Dornier weaving machinery and equipment weaving looms, parts, and services. Also, ring spinning frames machinery and equipment weaving and tape knitting machines.
  • Giamminola Group - Italy. Group of companies, involved in the supply of reconditioned pre-owned warping and weaving machinery, and spare parts. Also, new crumpling, crushing and pleating machines, yarns and sewing threads, and textile accessories. Multi-lingual site.
  • Noetex SL - Spain. Dealer in pre-owned textile machinery with stock in weaving machines and ancillaries.
  • David Laycock Textile Machinery - UK. Dealers in pre-owned weaving and weaving preparation machinery and equipment machinery. Also, yarn spinning and textile finishing machinery machinery and equipment and equipment.
  • OMNI 2000 Ltd., Inc - UK. Distributors of a range of pre-owned weaving machinery and equipment looms. Also, appraisals. Detailed product listing, with technical machinery and equipment information.
  • Gadda di Gadda Giacomo & C. Snc - Italy. Dealers in pre-owned and reconditioned warping systems, pre-owned machinery jacquard machinery and equipment and dobby units, weaving looms and related pre-owned machinery parts. Detailed machinery and equipment machine catalogs, including technical information. English, pre-owned machinery Italian and French.
  • Mingyang Textile Machinery - China. Dealers in pre-owned, reconditioned rapier weaving looms. Also, manufacturers pre-owned machinery of spare parts for air-jet and rapier looms. English and pre-owned machinery Chinese.
  • Siyaram Textile - India. Dealers in pre-owned machinery and complete plants weaving for fabric pre-owned machinery weaving. Also, a wide range of weaving loom parts and accessories. pre-owned machinery Technical consulting, and appraisal weaving and liquidation services.

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