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Global, on-line business to business exchange for the trading of commodities. Soft goods, precious metals, fibers, seeds, grains and meal, and freight services. Cotton and polyester fibers and yarns for the textile and nonwovens industries.

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  • Fine Yarns - On-line business to business trading of industrial yarns. Access upon registration.
  • Got Cotton? - On-line marketing and bidding of baled cotton.
  • DyesOnline - On-line marketplace for manufacturers, distributors and resellers of dyes and textiles and nonwovens pigments for the textile, leather processing and plastics industries. Access textiles and nonwovens upon registration.
  • Colman & Co - On-like marketplace for embroidery and digital printing supplies materials for apparel decorating applications.
  • Utica Thread Company, Inc - USA. On-line purchase of yarns and sewing threads for manufacturers marketplaces and retail. Cotton, polyester core, polyamide and silk. Product descriptions, marketplaces prices and ordering. Link to color chart.
  • China Yarn - Internet marketplace for Chinese made greige and dyed natural, synthetic marketplaces and blended spun yarns, and synthetic filaments and staple fiber. marketplaces English and Chinese.
  • Filati Shop - On-line purchasing of knitting yarns. Detailed product catalogs, materials with prices materials and color cards. List of knitting materials magazines. English and German.
  • China Nonwovens Supermarket - Internet trading site for nonwoven roll goods and textiles and nonwovens marketplaces finished products.
  • Wholesale Yarn Store - Sourcing and on-line wholesale purchasing of a wide textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens range of natural, synthetic and blended industrial yarns textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens for knitting applications. Detailed yarn catalogs, including prices. textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens Links to related sites.
  • Textile FiberSpace - On-line trading of natural and man-made fibers for materials the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, yarns, fabrics, materials apparel, household textiles and industrial fabrics, and recycled materials items.
  • The Ohio Hempery, Inc - USA. Internet trading site for hemp and its textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens derived products. Fiber, garments and fabrics. Paper, seed, textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens oils and care products. Library search for articles textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens on hemp.
  • Cotton Yarn Market - Portal and marketplace for the Indian yarn spinning materials industry. Company directory of cotton ginners and yarn materials spinners. Market news, cotton process and business reports. materials Library of technical and feature articles. Links to materials related sites.
  • Fiberglass World - USA. From Fiberglass.Com, Inc. Internet trading site. Links textiles and nonwovens marketplaces to manufacturers of glass fiber, composites and consumer textiles and nonwovens marketplaces products, providers of production services, information and directories.
  • eCotton - On-line commodity and information exchange for the cotton marketplaces industry. Password marketplaces protected marketplace. Calendar of events. News marketplaces and weather reports. Access marketplaces upon free registration.
  • RENEW. Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste - Trading and exchange marketplace of the Texas Natural textiles and nonwovens marketplaces Resource Conservation Commission for waste products and materials. textiles and nonwovens marketplaces Articles and recycling facts, trade forum, and links textiles and nonwovens marketplaces to recycling companies and waste management services.
  • THK Online - Worldwide electronic marketplace for textile auxiliaries. Database of manufacturers and material characterizations. On-line demo version. Access upon subscription. English and German.
  • Knitshop, Ltd - On-line marketplace for retail and wholesale of silk, alpaca, mohair, textiles and nonwovens linen, woollen and cotton knitting yarns and tops. Also, felting textiles and nonwovens and knitting tools and accessories, and collections of patterns, books textiles and nonwovens and magazines. Detailed product catalogs.
  • Yarns and Fibers - Electronic marketplace for the international fibers and yarn marketplaces industries. Trading marketplaces zone, discussion forums and conversion tools. marketplaces Business news and reports. marketplaces Extensive technical library. Access marketplaces upon registration.
  • Yarn Sons Online Trading Hub - On-line sales and purchasing of cotton, yarns and materials textile fabrics.
  • e-Wool - Internet trading of Australian grown wool. Also,futures trading. marketplaces List of marketplaces brokers. Extensive market information. Reference library marketplaces on PDF files. Requires marketplaces Acrobat Reader. Access upon marketplaces registration.
  • Spinrite, Inc - On-line marketplace for a wide range of machine materials and hand knitting yarns. Also, patterns and accessories. materials Links to related sites.
  • Holrose Sewing Threads, Ltd - On-line marketplace for a range of spun, bonded, corespun and materials monofilamentsewing threads, from cotton, polyester and polyamide. Also, piping cords.
  • The Thread Exchange, Inc - Internet marketplace for industrial yarns and sewing threads, from natural, man-made and high-performance fibers, and blends thereof. Extensive product catalog, with technical information, specifications and prices. Also, webbings and clearance items. Lin
  • Cotton Recaps - Electronic marketing of cotton bale lots. Provides tools textiles and nonwovens materials to cotton ginners for creating and managing recaps. textiles and nonwovens materials From Software Builders Cotton Systems, Inc
  • Comdaq.Net - Global, on-line business to business exchange for the marketplaces trading of materials commodities. Soft goods, precious metals, fibers, marketplaces seeds, grains and meal, materials and freight services. Cotton marketplaces and polyester fibers and yarns for materials the textile marketplaces and nonwovens industries.
  • Pakistan Textile Connection - Internet trading of raw cotton, industrial yarns, textile marketplaces fabrics, and textiles and nonwovens machinery and parts.

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