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Turkey. Consultants to spunbond and meltblown fabric manufacturers. Equipment, applications and specification sheets. Technical support and advice on production processes and product development. Also, winding and rewinding machinery.

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  • Dr. Rosario Maggio - Technical consultant to the spunbond nonwovens industry. Plant checks, feasibility nonwovens studies, retrofit design and midifocations. Turnkey services.
  • K's Technical and Management Consultants - India. Consultants to the nonwovens industry. Technology transfer nonwovens and material consulting sourcing. Marketing, import and export studies. nonwovens Turnkey project management and consulting technical assistance.
  • Speciality Fibres & Materials, Ltd - UK. Technology and product development consultants, specialised in textiles and nonwovens consulting wet and melt spinning of polymer fibers, chemical textiles and nonwovens consulting modification of fibers and fibrous materials, and nonwoven textiles and nonwovens consulting fabric technologies. Cleanroom production facilities. Case studies and textiles and nonwovens consulting links to
  • Nonwoven Associates LLC - USA. Technical consultants to the nonwovens industry, specialised consulting in process consulting design and optimization, product development and consulting international greenfield plants.
  • Gessner & Associates, Inc - USA. Technical consulting to the fiber and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens nonwovens industries. Polymer, process and product development. Specializing in textiles and nonwovens nonwovens spunbond technology for hygiene, medical, filtration, and industrial textiles and nonwovens nonwovens applications.
  • BMS Textile and Machinery Industry, Ltd - Turkey. Consultants to spunbond and meltblown fabric manufacturers. textiles and nonwovens Equipment, applications and specification sheets. Technical support and textiles and nonwovens advice on production processes and product development. Also, textiles and nonwovens winding and rewinding machinery.
  • KorTec GmbH - Germany. Project management and consulting for the nonwovens textiles and nonwovens consulting industry. Process design and engineering, plant layout, production textiles and nonwovens consulting and technology. Product design, market analysis and marketing.
  • John R. Starr, Inc - USA. Management consultancy, specialized in the nonwovens and hygiene disposable nonwovens industries, and related fields. Strategic planning, technology transfer, and financial nonwovens and legal services.
  • David Rigby Associates - UK. Consultants to the textile and nonwovens industries consulting and their textiles and nonwovens suppliers, specializing in strategy and marketing consulting issues.
  • Scott St. Clair Associates, Inc - USA. Executive search and human resource consulting services consulting to the nonwovens paper and nonwovens industries. Job hunting, consulting resume and recruiting tips.
  • Marketing Technology Service, Inc - USA. Consultants to the absorbent disposables and nonwovens consulting industries. Market textiles and nonwovens research and training. Air-laid pilot plant, consulting and testing services. Also, textiles and nonwovens manufacturers of testing equipment. consulting Links to short courses, trade conferences textiles and nonwovens and publications.
  • Tecnitex Ingenieros SL - Spain. Industrial engineers and technical consultants to the textiles and nonwovens consulting technical textiles and nonwovens industries. Multi-lingual site.
  • Dr. N. Balasubramanian - India. Technical consultant to the textile and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens industries, specialised in training, production and testing, ISO9000 textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens systems, and trouble shooting.
  • ATE Group - India. Group of engineering companies, specialising in yarn spinning, textile knitting, weaving and printing, and nonwovens processing technologies.
  • Calvin Woodings Consulting, Ltd - UK. Market and product development services to the consulting global nonwovens and cellulosic fiber industries.
  • Richer Investment SA - Mexico. Technical consultants to the disposable baby and nonwovens adult diapers, consulting wipes and sanitary napkins industry. Also, nonwovens diaper testing and factory consulting audits. Directory of companies. nonwovens Technical resources and dictionary. Information about consulting the technology nonwovens of diaper de

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