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The Netherlands. Custom converters of nonwovens into hygiene and bedding products for the mass transport industries. Also, flockprinting and embroidery services.

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  • King Nonwovens BV - The Netherlands. Custom converters of needlepunch and spunbond nonwovens fabrics, and high-loft waddings for civil engineering, industrial, nonwovens filtration and packaging applications, from polyester, polypropylene and nonwovens glassfiber. Also, coating, printing and laminating s
  • Piqua Technologies, Inc - USA. Custom converting and fabricating of urethane foam, rubber, nonwovens, textiles and nonwovens polymer film, and sealing and specialty materials for automotive and textiles and nonwovens industrial applications. Slicing, laminating, cutting, slitting and parts assembly of textiles and nonwovens nonwoven felts and fabri
  • Sparcon, Inc - USA. Custom converting of nonwoven polyester fabrics for nonwovens packaging, geotechnical, converters furniture, flooring and playground uses. Also, nonwovens fabric sales.
  • Keenedge, Ltd - UK. Custom converting company, specialised in precision slitting and re-winding of textile and nonwoven fabrics.
  • Web Converting, Inc - USA. Converting services for the fabric, film and textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens paper based rollgoods industries. Spooling, slitting and rewinding, textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens sheeting, and printing and coating.
  • Nichols Paper Products Co - USA. Paper converting company. Printing, laminating, slitting and converters rewinding services. converters Also, custom fabrication and treatments. Services converters catalog on PDF file.
  • Pacon Corp - USA. Spooling, slitting and rewinding services for the textiles and converters nonwovens, paper, film, foil, lamination and composites industries. Also, warehousing converters and shipping services.
  • Essuyage Ile de France - France. Diversified manufacturing company, active in converting, machine nonwovens tools, and textiles and nonwovens solid and liquid filtration media. Manufacturers nonwovens of nonwovens based cleaning textiles and nonwovens wipes, and medical garments nonwovens and bedding products. English and French.
  • German Canadian Felt Products, Ltd - Hong Kong. Custom converters of pressed felts for converters industrial and consumer applications.
  • Dunsirn Partners - USA. Contract slitting, rewinding and distribution services for textiles and nonwovens the paper, film and web based industries.
  • US Laminating Corp - USA. Commercial converting and laminating services of films, nonwovens textile fabrics, converters foams and nonwovens, for healthcare, automotive nonwovens and a range of converters industrial applications. Also, slitting nonwovens and sheeting of finished products.
  • Wegrotex AG - Germany. Manufacturers of nonwoven cloths for cleaning and textiles and nonwovens polishing applications. Part of the Bierbaum Group. English textiles and nonwovens and German.
  • Reagan Textiles, Inc - USA. A mill direct converter of paper and nonwovens non wovens. converters Supplying wiping cloths, disposable wipers, cleaning nonwovens rags, disposable garments, gloves, converters towels and absorbents.
  • Hanotex BV - The Netherlands. Converters of nonwoven needlepunch and spunbond fabrics for nonwovens construction, industrial and agricultural applications. English and Dutch.
  • K & L Services, Inc - USA. Slitting and rewinding services for the paper nonwovens and nonwovens nonwovens industries. Also, warehousing, distribution and inventory nonwovens management services.
  • Metric Felt Company - USA. Converters of felt, industrial textiles, and synthetic nonwovens materials, specialised converters in precisioin die cutting and slitting. nonwovens Also, manufacturers of felt converters fabrics for technical and nonwovens industrial applications in roll and sheet converters form, from nonwovens wool and a range of man-m
  • Boyd Converting Co., Inc - USA. Contract manufacturing and custom converting of paper, nonwovens and nonwovens engineered textile fabric based products.
  • ProTechnic - France. Thermofusible adhesives for the textile and nonwovens industries. Converting converters of films, papers and fabrics. Embossing, coating, printing and laminating converters services. English and French.
  • Material Concepts, Inc - USA. Converters and distributors of paper, films, nonwovens and packaging products. Also, paper brokers, technical consultants and merchants.
  • E.F. Walter, Inc - Canada. Manufacturers of water-jet cut and pressure sensitive adhesive backed converters pressed felt products, components and assemblies for are wide range converters of industrial and consumer products applications. English and French.
  • Medco Labs, Inc - USA. Contract research and development, and consulting for converters medical materials textiles and nonwovens and wound care product development. Custom converters coating, laminating and slitting textiles and nonwovens of adhesive transfer films, converters breathable films, plastic films, nonwovens, foams, textiles and nonwovens papers, cloths converters and foil
  • The Flexene Corp - Converting company, specialised in commission hot-knife slitting of converters woven and nonwoven fabrics for industrial applications.
  • Marbell BV - The Netherlands. Custom converters of nonwovens into hygiene and bedding products for the mass transport industries. Also, flockprinting and embroidery services.
  • Contract Converting, LLC - USA. Contract converting of paper, film, non-wovens and textiles and nonwovens nonwovens other materials. Slitting, rewinding and distribution services for textiles and nonwovens nonwovens the paper, film and narrow web industries.
  • Converted Products, Inc - USA. Custom converting of films, paper and fibrous web structures. textiles and nonwovens Slitting, die cutting, laminating, seaming, sheeting and shearing.
  • Custom Rotary Converting, Inc - USA. Contract converting services for the medical, high-tech, and the textiles and nonwovens film and foil based industries. Cutting, laminating, coating and slitting.
  • Lovely Co., Ltd - China. Converters of needlepunch, spunbond and spunlace fabrics converters into products for medical and industrial uses. Also, converters knitted garments. English and Chinese.
  • Interplissé - The Netherlands. Textile processing company, specialised in pleating textiles and nonwovens converters textile fabrics, foils, paper and nonwovens for blinds textiles and nonwovens converters and awnings, filter media, partition walls, and insect textiles and nonwovens converters screens and doors. Live production webcams.
  • Mercantile Development, Inc - USA. Converters of nonwoven disposable wiping products for automotive, food service, janitorial and industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, with technical specifications. List of representatives. Descriptions of webforming and bonding technol
  • France Découpe - France. Custom converters of nonwovens, paper, textiles, glassfiber converters and films, including winding, slitting, perforating and folding converters services. English and French.
  • Slosman Corp - USA. Converters of fibrous webs, paper and films, with further nonwovens activities in textile and nonwovens waste recycling, custom manufactured nonwoven nonwovens products for medical and hygiene end uses and disposables.
  • Oxco, Inc - USA. Nonwovens converting company, specializing in slitting, rewinding, perforating and converters sheeting of a variety of structures for apparel, filtration, geotechnical, converters bedding and furnishing and industrial applications.
  • Glatzeder GmbH - Germany. Sales and converting of technical textiles and nonwovens for textiles and nonwovens furniture, construction, horticulture and agriculture, automotive and hygiene products applications. textiles and nonwovens Also, furniture accessories. English and German.
  • NTI Global - USA. Diversified manufacturing and service providing company, active in construction, converters textiles, printing and industrial ducting. Custom converting of wide web, converters light to heavy weight nonwoven fabrics and laminates.
  • Web Industries, Inc - USA. Employee owned company, involved in custom slitting converters and rewinding, coating, printing and laminating, and spooling converters of nonwoven, paper, foils and polymer film materials. converters Also, automated assembly and packaging, specialty film extrusion, converters electronic docum
  • KT Industries, Inc - USA. Converters for the web based industries. Also, innovative packaging textiles and nonwovens solutions.
  • Naish Felts, Ltd - UK. Converters of felts, needlepunch fabrics and technical converters textiles for textiles and nonwovens industrial, engineering, decorative and educational uses. converters Cutting, sewing, adhesive backing textiles and nonwovens and laminating services. Application converters descriptions.
  • International Foam Products, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of laminated textiles, nonwovens and foams for a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • Spectex, LLC - USA. Specialty converters of textile and nonwoven materials. Slitting, die- textiles and nonwovens and rotary cutting, thermal bonding, and splitting services.
  • Halmatex Converting, Ltd - UK. Precision slitting and re-winding of woven and converters nonwoven fabrics, textiles and nonwovens films and foils.
  • Pagell Corp - USA. Materials converting company, specialised in slitting, rewinding converters and festooning textiles and nonwovens of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and converters composites.

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