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Iran. Spray and thermobond, and needlepunch fabrics and products for medical, fashion, footwear, filtration, automotive, geotechnical and industrial applications, from polyester, viscose and custom blends. Coating and calendering services.

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  • Ha'ama, Ltd - Israel. Diversified textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Chemical nonwovens spray bonded middle east and thermobond nonwoven fabrics and high-loft nonwovens waddings for thermal and middle east acoustic insulation, interlining, filling, nonwovens geotextile and filtration applications. Also, woven, middle east k
  • Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group - Iran. Diversified group of companies active in nonwovens, middle east man-made middle east fiber, masterbatch, lubricants, synthetic latex, and recycled middle east polyester and middle east polypropylene granulates. Resin spray bonded, thermobond middle east and needlepunch nonwovens middle east for automotive, floor coverin
  • Noam Urim, Ltd - Israel. Diversified textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. High-loft nonwovens waddings, needlepunch middle east geofabrics and wipes, filtration media and nonwovens technical fabrics, from polyester, middle east polypropylene, viscose and specialty nonwovens fibers. Also, quilts, pillows, comforters,
  • Specialized Industries Co - Jordan. Manufacturers of hydrophobic and hydrophillic thermobond and diversified technologies spunbond nonwoven fabrics and composites for coverstock, medical, diversified technologies agriculture, filtration, construction and a range of industrial diversified technologies applications.
  • Shalag Nonwovens - Israel. Carded and thermally bonded fabrics for coverstock, middle east disposable absorbent products, wiping materials and industrial applications, middle east from polypropylene, polyester, bi-component fibers, viscose, cotton and middle east blends. Also, spunlace fabrics. Custom product
  • Laei Saz Industrial Co - Iran. Spray and thermobond, and needlepunch fabrics and diversified technologies products diversified technologies for medical, fashion, footwear, filtration, automotive, geotechnical diversified technologies and industrial diversified technologies applications, from polyester, viscose and custom diversified technologies blends. Coating and diversified technologies calendering services.

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