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USA. Manufacturers of resin bonded, needlepunch and spunbond roll goods for consumer products, hygiene and medical, industrial and specialty applications. Technical information.

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  • Lydall Corp - USA. Diversified manufacturer of technologically advanced, engineered nonwovens nonwovens which concentrates nonwovens on air and liquid filtration, thermal nonwovens barrier application, electrical insulation, nonwovens battery separators and materials nonwovens handling. The company further produces me
  • American Nonwovens Corp - USA. Manufacturers of resin bonded, needlepunch and spunbond roll goods north america for consumer products, hygiene and medical, industrial and specialty applications. north america Technical information.
  • Hof Textiles, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of thermally bonded, needlepunch and stitchbond nonwovens for automotive, industrial and apparel applications, from a range of raw white, grey, black or custom developed man-made fibers. Custom coating and finishing services. Part of th
  • Bauer Industries, Ltd - Canada. Manufacturers of thermally and resin bonded, and diversified technologies needlepunch diversified technologies roll goods for automotive acoustical and thermal diversified technologies insulation applications, diversified technologies from recycled natural and man-made fibers. diversified technologies Also, blanks, die diversified technologies cut and three dimensional molded diversified technologies parts.
  • Wendell Textiles, Inc - USA. The nonwovens division custom engineers fabrics, utilizing needlepunch, resin and thermobond technologies, mainly for automotive and other technical end uses. The company also manufactures spunbond and spunlace fabrics.
  • Saco Lowell, Inc - USA. Design and manufacture of opening, blending, carding, drawing, combing, roving and spinning machines produced for the yarn spinning and nonwovens industries. Technical information and drawings.
  • Texnotej AS - Mexico. Manufacturers of thermobond, stitchbond and needlepunch fabrics nonwovens for bedding, geotechnical, automotive, footwear and industrial applications. nonwovens English and Spanish.
  • Unifrax Corp - USA. Nonwoven papers, felts and boards for high-temperature diversified technologies insulation for automotive, protective clothing, and a wide diversified technologies range of industrial applications, from ceramic fibers. Also, diversified technologies refractory ceramic fibers.
  • Kem-Wove, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of air-laid, resin and thermally bonded, needlepunch and high-loft nonwovens for medical, filtration, insulation, healthcare, footwear, and a range of technical and industrial applications.
  • Mercury Technologies, LLC - USA. Design and manufacture of phase change technology, temperature regulating north america thermostatic nonwoven fabrics for interlining and technical applications in apparel, north america footwear, body armor, medical products, furnishings and bedding. Also, thermostatic north america powders
  • Vita, Inc - USA. Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in north america plastic nonwovens netting, automotive products, general trade and nonwovens. north america Dry-laid webforming. nonwovens Resin and thermal bonded, and needlepunch north america nonwoven fabrics and nonwovens products for automotive, furniture, cons
  • Donaldson Company, Inc - USA. Design and manufacture of filtration systems and parts for industrial, marine and military applications. Manufacturers of proprietary nonwoven filtration media, from electrospun polyamide nanofibers. FAQ about the nature and applications of nanofiber
  • Atlanta Nisseki Claf, Inc - USA. Heat sealable, cross laminated nonwoven open mesh fabric for diversified technologies packaging and reinforcement of films, papers, foils and other substrates diversified technologies from polyethylene. Technical specifications and list of applications. Part of diversified technologies Nippon Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  • Hollingsworth & Vose Company - USA. Manufacturers of wet- and dry-laid, meltblown, resin and thermobonded, diversified technologies and composite nonwovens for industrial filtration, battery separators, composite materials, diversified technologies home furnishing and technical and industrial applications. Detailed descriptions of diversified technologies tec
  • Lydall Filtration Separation, Inc - USA. Design, development and manufacture of wet- and dry-laid, meltblown and composite nonwoven media for air and liquid filtration applications in industrial and automotive environments. Also, PTFE-free carbon papers for pre-peg applications. Extensive t
  • Flo-Tec Industries Corp - USA. Group of manufacturing companies, active in nonwovens, filtration media north america and converting. Wet-laid, resin, thermally and sonic bonded, and spunbond north america nonwovens for agricultural, filtration and industrial applications, from rayon, polyester, north america polypropylene
  • Sellars Co - USA. Diversified company, active in nonwovens and converting. Dry-laid, resin nonwovens bonded fabrics for filtration, furnishing, apparel, hygiene disposables and industrial nonwovens applications. Also, disposable wipers and shop towels, and spill control nonwovens products.
  • Fiber Dynamics, Inc - USA. Specializes in the development and manufacture of nonwovens engineered nonwovens north america for industrial, liquid filtration and automotive nonwovens purposes. Also nonwoven fabrics north america and substrates for the nonwovens fashion industry.
  • Kimberly-Clark Nonwovens - USA. Manufacturers of a wide range of standard and patented diversified technologies spunbond, meltblown, spunlace, highloft and composite nonwoven fabrics for filtration, diversified technologies wiping, covering, liquid retention and customised applications. Descriptions of manufacturing diversified technologies technologies.
  • SNS NanoFiber Technology, LLC - USA. Design, development and manufacture of proprietary technology north america manufactured nonwoven self-supporting polymer micro- and nanofiber matrices north america for military, medical, consumer and industrial applications. Technical north america information on PDF file.
  • Cubic Tech Corp - USA. Design, development and manufacture of multi-layer nonwoven diversified technologies uni-directional diversified technologies an-isotropic composite membrane fabrics for protective clothing, diversified technologies parachutes, inflatables, diversified technologies ballistic armor, and medical devices, from diversified technologies superstrong polyethylene and diversified technologies a range of a
  • Snow Filtration Co., LLC - USA. Custom designed and standard fabrics and finished products for nonwovens industrial air and liquid filtration, manufactured with dry-laid, spunbond, meltblown, nonwovens felting, weaving, coating and composite technologies. Also, distributors and custom nonwovens converters of fi
  • Polymer Group, Inc - USA. Multi-national corporation. Engineered nonwoven fabrics and products diversified technologies for north america hygiene, medical, wiping and industrial applications, utilizing diversified technologies a variety north america of webforming and consolidation technologies.
  • Hobbs Bonded Fibers Co - USA. Resin bonded, needlepunch and thermobond fabrics and nonwovens finished products nonwovens for bedding, furnishing and industrial applications, nonwovens from blends of natural nonwovens and man-made fibers.
  • Fis Fiber Industries SA - Mexico. Manufacturers of carded and airlaid, resin and north america thermally bonded, needlepunch and laminated nonwoven waddings, fabrics north america and products for a wide range of technical, north america industrial and consumer product applications, from polyester, polypropylene, north america acrylic
  • Nanosyntex, Inc - USA. Diversified company, active in nonwovens, thermoplastic additives nonwovens and nano-technologies. nonwovens Custom design and manufacture of laminated nonwovens and extrusion coated composite nonwovens nonwoven fabrics for military nonwovens and commercial applications.
  • Wm T Burnett & Co - USA. Manufacturers of thermally bonded and needlepunch nonwovens diversified technologies for the automotive, industrial, textile, furniture and bedding diversified technologies industries, and high-loft polyester fiberfill. Also, polyester and diversified technologies polyether foam products and laminates.
  • Matador Converters Co., Ltd - Canada. Multi-national nonwovens manufacturing company. High-loft waddings for nonwovens lining, filling nonwovens and insulation applications. Needlepunch fabrics for nonwovens the geotechnical, filtration, footwear nonwovens and medical product markets. nonwovens English and French.
  • Monarch Textiles, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of needlepunch, pressed and resin bonded diversified technologies felts, thermobonded high-loft roll goods, and spunlace nonwovens, diversified technologies from a wide variety of natural and man-made diversified technologies fibers. Also, latex-backed carpets. Custom cutting and slitting diversified technologies services.
  • Spill Tech - USA. Vertically integrated manufacturers of polypropylene woven and nonwoven spill nonwovens control products, utilizing meltblown, air-laid and multi-laminate technologies.
  • Kasbar National Industries, Inc - USA. Spray- and thermobonded waddings for insulation applications, and needlepunch north america fabrics for industrial uses, from polyester, acrylic, modacrylic, viscose, carbonized north america fibers and blends. Also, quilted products and nylon fabrics.
  • Elk Corp - USA. Diversified group of companies, active in roofing, construction products, north america textiles, nonwovens, chrome finishing and engineering services. Coated and uncoated north america nonwoven fabrics and products for a variety of technical and north america industrial applications, from p
  • UPF Corp - USA. Group of companies, involved in the development and manufacture of carded resin bonded and wet laid glass fiber nonwovens for aircraft thermal and acoustic insulation, industrial air filtration, roofing and construction applications.
  • Fiber Bond Corp - USA. Manufacturers of resin bonded and needlepunch fabrics nonwovens for filtration, insulation, cleaning, medical, automotive and upholstery nonwovens applications, from polyester. Also, ready-made air filtration products.

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