Meltblown Spunbond, Spunlace and Meltblown Nonwovens Textiles and Nonwovens

USA. Papermakers and nonwovens manufacturers. Meltblown fabrics for liquid and air filtration, and battery separator applications. Custom manufacturing and specialty finishing services.

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  • Teda Group - China. Diversified group of companies, active in medicines, meltblown transportation, energy, nonwovens textiles, nonwovens, environmental protection and pharmaceutics. meltblown Melt-blown nonwovens for air, nonwovens liquid and particle filtration meltblown applications. Also, nonwovens for the garment
  • Ecotextil, Ltd - Czech Republic. Meltblown fabrics for filtration media, textile sorbents, thermal meltblown insulation and bonding webs, from polypropylene and low density polyethylene meltblown (LDPE). Product descriptions, technical specifications and magazine refences. English and meltblown Czech.
  • Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc - USA. Papermakers and nonwovens manufacturers. Meltblown fabrics for meltblown liquid and nonwovens air filtration, and battery separator applications. meltblown Custom manufacturing and specialty nonwovens finishing services.
  • Nuovo Latus Srl - Italy. Manufacturers of chemical bonded and meltblown fabrics meltblown for liquid spunbond, spunlace and meltblown filtration, from viscose, polyester and polypropylene. meltblown Technical information and specifications.
  • Tonen Tapyrus Co., Ltd - Japan. Manufacturers of meltblown nonwovens for filtration, medical meltblown and battery spunbond, spunlace and meltblown separation applications, from polyester, polypropylene and meltblown polyamide. Detailed product information. spunbond, spunlace and meltblown Description of meltblown technology. meltblown English and Japanese.
  • Mytrex Industries, Inc - Taiwan. Manufacturers of meltblown fabrics and finished products for thermal meltblown insulation, liquid and ait filtration, oil sorbents and occupational safety meltblown protection applications. Detailed product catalog, providing technical information.
  • Delstar Technologies, Inc - USA. Meltblown fabrics for industrial filtration, healthcare and meltblown medical uses spunbond, spunlace and meltblown and battery separators. Also, plastic extruded meltblown nettings for a variety spunbond, spunlace and meltblown of industrial applications.
  • Johns Manville Inc - USA. Diversified, multi-national manufacturing corporation. The nonwovens division spunbond, spunlace and nonwovens meltblown produces meltblown fabrics for medical, insulation, industrial and spunbond, spunlace nonwovens and meltblown environmental end uses. Fiber division manufactures micro-strand glass spunbond, nonwovens spunlace and meltblown fiber for filtration media.
  • Innovatec Microfiber Technology GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of melt-blown nonwovens for filtration, insulation nonwovens and absorption nonwovens applications in the automotive, medical, protective nonwovens clothing, bedding and construction nonwovens industries. Technical information and nonwovens specifications. Description of technology
  • Schoeller Hoesch Nonwovens - France. Meltblown fabrics for spill control and industrial meltblown wiping applications, from polypropylene microfiber. Also, fabrics for meltblown filtration media, insulation materials and hygiene products. Part meltblown of Schoeller Hoesch GmbH.
  • Irema Ireland - Manufacturers of meltblown filtration media for industrial and medical applications, spunbond, spunlace and meltblown from synthetic polymers. Also, global suppliers of respirator and spunbond, spunlace and meltblown surgical face masks. Links to related sites.

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