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UK. Fusible and non-fusible interlinings for garment, filtration, automotive and industrial applications, from woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics. Part of Lesterdale, Ltd.

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  • Material Connections, Inc - USA. Wholesale distributors of first quality, closeout, overstocked and rejected wholesale and distribution polyester and polypropylene thermobond, needlepunch, spunbond and spunlace nonwoven fabrics wholesale and distribution for apparel, hygiene and personal care, automotive, construction, filtration, furn
  • Kunin Group - USA. Suppliers of pressed felts and needlepunch fabrics for educational, wholesale and distribution crafts, toy and home utensils fabrication, from recycled polyester fiber. wholesale and distribution Detailed fabric catalogs, including technical information and color cards. Product wholesale and distribution brochures on PDF files. L
  • Nolar Industries, Ltd - Canada. Distributors of nonwoven fabrics and molded rubber products for automotive, bedding, furniture, rubber and plastics, medical, geotechnical, packaging and battery separating applications.
  • Phoenix Fabrikations BV - The Netherlands. Distributors of off-grade carded and resin-bonded, nonwovens spunlace, airlaid, textiles and nonwovens thermobonded and needlepunch nonwovens in rolls nonwovens and bales for hygiene, textiles and nonwovens medical and industrial wiping nonwovens applications, primarily from viscose, polyester, polypropylene textiles and nonwovens and
  • Quilt Batting Plus, Inc - USA. Wholesale and retail of cotton, polyester and textiles and nonwovens blended batting and fiberfill in rolls and textiles and nonwovens pre-cut form for wuilting applications. Technical information and textiles and nonwovens prices. On-line purchasing feature.
  • Trend sas - Italy. Wholesale distributors and manufacturers\\' representatives for nonwoven first and nonwovens second quality fabrics industrial and medical applications. Also, hygiene disposables nonwovens and paper products. English, Italian and German.
  • Derek Duck Industries Corp - Taiwan. Wholesale distributors and suppliers of nonwoven disposable apparel, mattress nonwovens and automotive covers, and a range of nonwoven spunbond and nonwovens spunlace fabrics, and composites for medical and industrial applications.
  • Nonwoven Fabrics - United Arab Emirates. Wholesale distributors of a wide variety of nonwovens nonwovens for industrial, hygienic, and medical applications. Technical specifications.
  • Central Shippee - USA. Pressed and needlepunch felts and fabrics for wholesale and distribution craft, display, exhibit, and industrial applications. Offers a wholesale and distribution variety of felt styles, colors, and blends.
  • Prato TnT SpA - Italy. Manufacturers and suppliers of spunlace, spunbond and airthrough nonwoven nonwovens rolls, and wipes, towlettes, apparel, bags and accessories for hospitality, nonwovens medical, packaging, agriculture and furnishing applications. Multi-lingual site.
  • Hanes Industries - USA. Diversified group of distributing and converting companies, nonwovens active in nonwovens textiles, nonwovens and engineered fabrics. Woven nonwovens and nonwoven fabrics for nonwovens furniture, bedding and home nonwovens textile applications. Part of Leggett and nonwovens Plat, Inc.
  • Confortaire, Inc - USA. Distributors of polyurethane foam products and polyester nonwovens nonwovens to the furniture upholstery, healthcare, filtration, automotive, nonwovens packaging and home craft industries.
  • Sutherland Leather and Felt Co - USA. Distributors of industrial needlepunch and pressed felt fabrics and wholesale and distribution products. Detailed product specifications. Also, converting and die cutting services.
  • ColleTex, Ltd - UK. Fusible and non-fusible interlinings for garment, filtration, textiles and nonwovens automotive and industrial applications, from woven, knitted and textiles and nonwovens nonwoven fabrics. Part of Lesterdale, Ltd.
  • Combi-Fab Products, Ltd - Canada. Fabricators, converters, and distributors of felt products for display textiles and nonwovens and industrial applications.
  • Xetex, Ltd - Hong Kong. Stock agents for thermobonded and stitchbond textiles and nonwovens interlining nonwovens for apparel applications. Also, high-loft waddings textiles and nonwovens and thermobond fabrics for filtration, medical, hygiene and textiles and nonwovens automotive uses. Part of Korea Vilene Co., Ltd.
  • Alphamin SA - Belgium. International distributors of speciality polymers and waxes, nonwovens and polyester nonwovens nonwovens for bitumen modification applications.
  • Freshsign - UK. Wholesale suppliers of a wide variety of nonwoven fabrics nonwovens for industrial applications. Also, specialty paper products. Links to manufacturers\' nonwovens sites.
  • Kemex BV - The Netherlands. Suppliers of semi-manufactured products for the medical industry, textiles and nonwovens from nonwoven stitchbond, needlepunch and thermobond fabrics and laminates. Also, textiles and nonwovens converters of technical textiles for packaging, storage and transport.
  • Convermat Corp - USA. World wide distributors of paper and nonwovens based tissue and wadding materials on jumbo rolls, from virgin and recycled pulp and fibers. Transportation, import and export, and after-sales services. Marketing and business papers on PDF files.
  • Texinter Group - Spain. Multi-national group of companies specialized in supply textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens of woven and knitted, and nonwoven fabrics for textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens agricultural, packaging, geotechnical and industrial applications. Also, spun textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens and filament yarns, packaging machinery, and new or textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens upgraded turnke
  • Midwest Filtration Co - USA. Manufacturers and converters of woven and nonwoven filter media and manufactured filter products for dry and liquid filtration applications. Also, distributors of wet- and dry-laid, spunbond and spunlace nonwovens.
  • Nuova Latus Srl - Italy. Manufacturers of tools and machinery for straining textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens and oil skimming, reel storage and rewinding of textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens nonwovens, and storage and distribution of industrial lubricants. textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens Distributors and converters of viscose, polyester and polypropylene textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens fabrics for fil
  • Nowotec Srl - Italy. Manufacturers\\' representatives for carded and air-laid, spunbond, textiles and nonwovens meltblown and SMS nonwoven fabrics, and nonwoven composites, textiles and nonwovens from polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • Thrace-LINQ, Inc - USA. Wholesale suppliers of woven and nonwoven polypropylene fabrics for nonwovens geotechnical, landscaping, wrapping and carpet backing applications. Detailed fabric catalogs, nonwovens including technical specifications and MSDS on PDF files. Library of nonwovens technical articles
  • FilzFelt, Inc - USA. Importers and suppliers of natural white, custom wholesale and distribution solid dyed and melange woollen felts for flooring, wholesale and distribution handicraft and furnishing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including wholesale and distribution prices.

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