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Extensive information about carpet dyeing, carpet design dyeing and color restoration, and education about carpet discoloration, fading, bleach stains, and stubborn stain removal.

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  • Carpet Discoloration - Extensive information about carpet dyeing, carpet design dyeing and color restoration, and education about carpet discoloration, fading, bleach stains, and stubborn stain removal.
  • Carpet Waste - An Expensive Luxury We Must Do Without - Investigation of the sources of waste along the resources entire carpet resources manufacturing route, an assessment of their resources qualitative measurement, and a resources critical review of current resources methods in dealing with processed and resources post consumer resources wastes. From Autex Research Journal. Au[PDF]
  • The Effect of Carpet Fiber on the Growth of Dermatophagiodes Farinae in a Controlled Environment - Master of Science thesis presenting a study to articles and studies resources determine if, under identical and controlled environmental conditions, articles and studies resources mites will exist in equal numbers in similarly articles and studies resources constructed carpets with different fibers. Author: Glenda Gilmore articles and studies resources Andes.[PDF]
  • East Turkestan Oriental Rug Weaving - Short article about contemporary rug weaving in the Chinese region carpets of Eastern Turkestan. From Oriental Rug Review. Author: Murray Lee carpets Eiland III.
  • Current Status of Product Stewardship for Carpets - Report on current opportunities and initiatives by fiber and carpet resources manufacturers\\' stewardship on carpet disposal and recycling issues, prepared for resources the Midwestern Workgroup on Carpet Recycling. PDF document. Author: Catherine resources Wilt.[PDF]
  • Origins of Traditional Rug Hooking - Short article about the origins of making rugs from strips of worn out clothes and textiles by using a hand held hook. Author: Joan Moshimer.
  • Carpet Fibers and Manufacture - Extensive information about carpet fiber chemistry and characteristics, fiber dyeing, carpets identification and testing, and the manufacture of carpets. From the carpets Bane-Clene Corp.
  • Carpet Maintenance Book - A guide to carpet selection, programmed maintenance, spot resources removal and carpets restoration. From J and J industries, resources Inc.[PDF]
  • Industrial Resilient Floor Tiles from Post-Consumer Carpet Waste - Extensive technical report outlining modifications in the production articles and studies resources process of resilient floor tiles made from a articles and studies resources blend of PVC and mixed post-consumer waste to articles and studies resources improve efficiency, reduce cost, and to determine and articles and studies resources offer solutions to the cause of peaking d[PDF]
  • The Art of Oriental Carpets - The phenomenon of patterns in oriental carpets, analysed articles and studies through the study of symmetry. Joint project of articles and studies The Textile Museum and The Math Forum. Links articles and studies to related sites.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment for Carpets: Effectiveness and Durability In Field and Laboratory Testing - Report of laboratory and field tests, and case histories with articles and studies antimicrobially treated carpets installed in challenging environments. From Dow Corning articles and studies Corp.[PDF]
  • Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs - Extensive article examining the use of Ottoman textile designs in resources Turkish rugs, and conclusions as to how textiles are defined resources in relation to our built environment. Author: Gerard Pequin.
  • Cleaning Effectiveness Demonstration in a Carpet School - Final report of a 2000-2001 school study evaluating articles and studies carpets the contribution of cleaning and maintenance to source articles and studies carpets management of bioconaminants in a nonproblem, noncompliant, carpeted articles and studies carpets building. Prepared by Karin Foarde, Deborah Franke and articles and studies carpets Michael A. Berry.[PDF]
  • Guide To Ersari Rugs - Part of Barry O\\'Connell Jr\\'s homepage, dealing with the origin, history and weave patterns of Ersari rugs. Extensive collection of links to related sites.
  • Carpet Selection Handbook - A technical handbook about carpets and carpet tiles articles and studies resources for use in U.S. Air Force facilities. Fiber articles and studies resources types and carpet constructions. Installation techniques. Soil prevention articles and studies resources and cleaning methods. Glossary of technical terms, and articles and studies resources list of references.[PDF]

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