Flocking Coating and Laminating Textiles Textiles and Nonwovens

USA. Injection molded parts and fiber coating services. Class A flocking of three dimensional wood, plastic and aluminium parts surfaces for the automotive, copy and fax machine and retail display items industries.

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  • Creative Coatings, Inc - USA. Flocking services for textile fabrics, apparel and furnishings, and textiles industrial materials and products. Also, flocking equipment and accessories. Detailed textiles descriptions of technology and process, and the fibers in use.
  • Krekelberg Flock Products BV - The Netherlands. Manufacturers of flocked materials for cases, textiles boxes and textiles luxury packaging. Also, milled and cut textiles cotton, viscose and polyamide textiles fibers for flocking applications. textiles Multi-lingual site.
  • OEM/Erie - USA. Injection molded plastic parts for industrial applications. textiles Black and textiles custom color three dimensional flocking technology textiles for the automotive industry
  • Hub Fabric Leather Co., Inc - USA. Versatile textile finishing company. Custom flocking of textiles fabrics, garments and parts. Coating, laminating and embossing textiles services for the footwear, display, upholstery, automotive and textiles consumer product industries.
  • Mold Masters Co - USA. Injection molded parts and fiber coating services. Class A flocking flocking of three dimensional wood, plastic and aluminium parts surfaces flocking for the automotive, copy and fax machine and retail display flocking items industries.
  • Damei Flocking - China. Manufacturers of electrostatically flocked fabrics for upholstery, textiles apparel and gift wrapping applications. Catalogs of fabric textiles designs, including technical specifications.
  • East Yinhe Flocking Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of static fluff, and flocked and finished fabrics for apparel, fashion accessories and furnishing applications. English and Chinese.
  • Fuzhou Flock Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of electrostatically polyamide plain flocked, and coating and laminating textiles embossed, spray and print flocked fabrics for upholstery, coating and laminating textiles automotive interiors, footwear, garments and clothing accessories, art coating and laminating textiles and packaging applications, on cotton and polyester sub
  • Electroflock, Ltd - UK. Flock coating of three dimensional plastic and coating and laminating rubber parts, extruded profiles and flat sheets for coating and laminating the automobile and consumer goods industries. Short explanation coating and laminating of flocking technology.
  • Koschaum GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of flocked materials for cosmetics, cases flocking and boxes, flocking and a range of technical applications. flocking English and German.
  • Xinshen Flocking Co., Ltd - China. Design and manufacture of flocked fabrics for textiles apparel, footwear and fashion accessories, bedding and furnishing, textiles automotive upholstery, toy and decorative applications. Fabrics designs textiles catalogs. English and Chinese.
  • FiberLok, Inc - USA. Fiber coated graphics from custom designed artwork textiles for garment, coating and laminating clothing accessories, carpet and automotive applications. textiles Press releases and case coating and laminating histories. FAQ and catalogue. textiles Price list and on-line ordering.
  • Uniflockage AS - France. Industrial flocking of papers, board, soft and flocking rigid plastics, coating and laminating and textile fabrics for luxury packaging flocking and decorative materials. Detailed coating and laminating product information and technical flocking specifications. English and French.
  • Flock Tex, Inc - USA. Family operated company specialised in flocking of textiles packaging materials. coating and laminating Detailed product catalog.
  • Fabric Trends International - USA. Manufacturers of stock patterned and custom designed coating and laminating textiles air and heat embossed, crushed greige and colored coating and laminating textiles flocked fabrics for fashion, automotive, furnishing and upholstery coating and laminating textiles applications
  • Rishabh Velveleen Pvt., Ltd - India. Standard and custom flocking of textile fabrics and products with viscose and polyamide flock. Also, flock fibers. Detailed product descriptions and specifications. Part of the Texplas Group.
  • Spectro Coating Corp - USA. Flocking of textile suede and velvet fabrics flocking for the coating and laminating garment and clothing accessories industries. Also, flocking custom fiber coating services.
  • Xinyi Flocking Factory - China. Manufacturers of a range of electrostatically flocked flocking and flock printed fabrics for apparel, footwear and flocking fashion accessories, upholstery and furnishing applications. English and flocking Chinese.
  • Alpha Flock Co., Ltd - China. Joint venture between Alpha Polymers and Kyoto textiles Pile Seni Kogyo Co,. Ltd, involved in the textiles manufacture of electrostatically flocked fabrics for apparel, upholstery textiles and furnishing applications. Also, static electricity generators for textiles flocking processe
  • National Velour Corp - USA. Roll goods flocker, specializing in flocked paper, flocking textile fabrics and products, vinyl, styrene, and board flocking for the packaging, arts and crafts, medical and flocking automotive industries.
  • Flocart Textile Design NV - Belgium. Contract coating and flocking operation for textile flocking and nonwoven wallcoverings, black out fabrics and blinds. flocking Technical information and specifications. List of trade events. flocking Part of the Masureel Veredeling Group. English, Dutch flocking and French.
  • Chemica - France. Manufacturers of heat transfer films and foils for textile textiles and garment decoration applications. Also, viscose flock fibers. Detailed product textiles catalog, including technical information and color cards. Custom design services. textiles English, French and Span
  • Sangam Flock Co., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of plain and pattern woven, polyamide solid and coating and laminating print flocked velvet fabrics for upholstery, bedding and furnishing applications, coating and laminating from polyester and viscose blended substrates. Detailed fabric catalogs, providing coating and laminating technical information
  • Dongtian Flocking Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of a wide range of electrostatically flocking flocked fabrics for apparel, upholstery, furnishing, decoration and flocking packaging applications. Detailed fabric designs catalog, including technical flocking information. English and Chinese.
  • Fifield, Inc - USA. Custom developed and standard flock coating of textile fabrics coating and laminating for garments and decoration. Also, imitation leathers and velvets.
  • Casati Bros - Italy. Custom flocking of textiles and three dimensional textiles objects in coating and laminating the automotive, garment, furniture, packaging and textiles accessories industries. English and coating and laminating Italian.

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