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Group of textile manufacturing and trading companies. Woven, greige and dyed fabrics for the garment industry, from blends of natural and man-made fibers. English and French.

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  • Cosserat KS - France. Manufacturers of dyed and finished fine velvet and corduroy, mixed blends and flat woven fabrics for apparel applications, from cotton, linen, mixed blends bamboo, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends. Part of the Certex mixed blends Group. English, French and German.
  • Stè Balas Textile - Manufacturers of jacquard and plain woven and knitted, mixed blends dyed, mixed blends finished and coated fabrics for sportswear and mixed blends outerwear applications, mixed blends from blends of natural and man-made mixed blends fiber. English and mixed blends French.
  • Quintenas Textile Solutions - Manufacturers of woven and dyed, teflon coated breathable fabrics for mixed blends workwear, active and sports wear, medical and military apparel, and mixed blends lining applications, from cotton, polyester, polyamide and blends. Technical information mixed blends on PDF files. English and Fr
  • Rauch SA - Manufacturers of woven, bleached, dyed, coated and uncoated, france and finished mixed blends fabrics for furnishing, bookbinding, food products france and technical applications, from mixed blends cotton, viscose, polyester and france blends. Also, custom converting services. English mixed blends and French.
  • Pastels SA - Design and manufacture of jacquard, satin, taffeta, crepe and jersey europe woven, fancy and cocktail fabrics for apparel, from acetate, polyester, europe linen, cotton, silk and blends. English and French.
  • Tenthorey SA - Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Projectile, rapier and europe air-jet woven france fabrics for apparel and furnishing applications, europe from cotton, wool, linen, france viscose, polyester, polyamide, spandex europe and blends. Technical specifications. Principles of
  • Chamatex Group - Group of textile manufacturing and trading companies. Woven, europe greige and dyed fabrics for the garment industry, europe from blends of natural and man-made fibers. English europe and French.
  • Victor Perrin - Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Open-end spun yarns, europe from cotton, polyester and blends. Grey fabrics for europe garment, home textile, furnishing, blinds, luggage and footwear europe applications, from linen, polyester, viscose, spandex and blends.
  • Cheynet Textile Group - France. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. mixed blends Elastic mixed blends and non-elastic woven and knitted fabrics for mixed blends medical, apparel, mixed blends underwear and sportswear applications. Also, spun mixed blends and filament twisted mixed blends and texturised yarns for knitting mixed blends and we
  • DMC Corp - Woven fabrics for casual wear, and collections of home furnishings. Also, needlework and embroidery supplies. Links to crafts and fashion sites. English, French and Spanish.
  • Isoule Textile Sarl - Manufacturers of plain and pattern woven, yarn and france solid dyed, mixed blends and finished fabrics for apparel and france outer wear applications, from mixed blends cotton, linen, mohair, silk, france viscose, polyester and blends. Directory of mixed blends world wide france agents. Multi-lingual site.
  • SAIC Velcorex - Corduroy and flat woven, regular and stretch fabrics europe for apparel, from cotton, viscose, spandex and blends. europe Detailed product catalogs, with technical information and specifications. europe List of trade shows. Part of the DMC europe Group. English and French.
  • Birtex Sarl - Manufacturers of jacquard knitted and woven fabrics for mattress ticking applications, from cotton, bamboo, viscose, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and blends. Specialty finishing treatments. Also, mattress covers and components. Technical informatio

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