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Spain. Design and manufacture of reeds, profile dents and dent wire, accessories and reed maintenance complements for weaving machinery. English and Spanish.

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  • Gayatri Group - India. Group of companies, involved in the design, manufacture and export of reeds, healds and drop wires for weaving machinery. Also, importers of wires, tin, lead and aluminium, and chemical flux.
  • Maksteel Wire Healds Pvt. Ltd., - Manufacturer of wire healds, flat healds and drop weaving wires for reeds all types of textile weaving machines.
  • Blue Rocket Group - China. Group of companies, active in reeds, plastic weaving films and metallic card clothing. Manufacturers of a weaving wide range of reeds for warping systems and weaving weaving looms. Also, mechanical and ultrasonic reed cleaning weaving equipment. English and Chinese.
  • Takayama Reed Co., Ltd - Japan. Manufacturers of a full range of reeds machine components for weaving warping systems, and all types of weaving machine components looms for weaving textile fabrics, and paper machine clothing machine components forming and dryer weaving belts. Also, on- and off-loom machine components reed and nozzle cleaners, weaving nozzle inspection equipment and machine components por
  • Shuifu Textile Equipment Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of reeds for shuttle, and air- machine components and water-jet weaving looms. Technical information and specifications. machine components English and Chinese.
  • Sicos Reeds - Manufacturer of metal reeds suitable for all modern machine components hi-tech weaving machines.
  • M/S Dokaksam - Turkey. Manufacturers of stainless steel profile, double and machine components flat, weaving and water- and air-jet reeds for high-speed machine components weaving machinery. weaving English and Turkish.
  • Pua-Tex SL - Spain. Manufacturers of reeds for weaving and knitting machine components machinery, weaving from standard and carbon reinforced stainless steel. machine components Also, crossbows weaving and slanting combs. Technical information. Multi-lingual machine components site.
  • Schoch Srl - Italy. Manufacturers of a range of metal flat and double reeds reeds and reed hooks for warping systems, weaving looms and reeds knitting machinery. Also, reed cleaning and maintenance products. Detailed product reeds catalogs, including technical information on PDF files.
  • Vebagal Sro - Czech Republic. Design and manufacture of harnesses and weaving metal frames for jacquard weaving machinery. Also design weaving services. [English, Czech and German]
  • Ghanem Co - Egypt. Manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel reeds reeds and reed wires for weaving looms. Also, ring reeds travellers for yarn spinning and twisting frames. Technical reeds information.
  • Steel Heddle - Manufacturer of precision-made, high-speed harness frames, heddles, reeds and drop wires for all types of weaving machines.
  • Liberty Textile Industries - Manufacturers of wire and flat steel heddles, as well as weaving drop wires. Inquiry form, company and product information.
  • Remo Ferrario & Figli Srl - Italy. Manufacturers of stainless steel reeds for weaving looms. Also, warper beams, grippers, specialty yarns and accessories. English and Italian.
  • Mo Doom Engineering Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of harness technologies for jacquard weaving reeds looms. Complete reeds spring and span sets, harness cords reeds and guide boards, and reeds accessories. English, Korean and reeds Chinese.
  • Schmeing GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of heald frames, heddles, drop wires weaving and selvedge machine components motions for weaving machinery. Also, plastic weaving bearing and components. Detailed machine components product catalog, including technical weaving information. Multi-lingual site.
  • Textile Technics Pvt., Ltd - Pakistan. Manufacturers of profile, flat and terry reeds for air-jet, weaving projectile and rapier weaving looms. Part of the Noon Group.
  • Sayteks AS - Turkey. Manufacturers of reeds for weaving machinery. English weaving and Turkish.
  • Grob Horgen AG - Switzerland. Design and manufacture of flat steel healds, harness frames, reeds warp stop motions and drop wires for weaving looms. Technical reeds information on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.
  • Blue Reed, Ltda - Spain. Design and manufacture of reeds, profile dents and dent wire, accessories and reed maintenance complements for weaving machinery. English and Spanish.
  • Lund Precision Reeds, Ltd - UK. Manufacturer of weaving reeds and a range reeds of loom weaving accessories. Site can be viewed in reeds Français, Español and English.
  • Sommaruga S.r.l. - Italy. Manufacturer of combs and reeds for warping weaving and weaving machinery and devices for the production weaving of crossing (yarns or threads) on loom-beams assembled weaving on sizing and beaming machines.
  • A.G. Borsa Srl - Italy. Design and manufacture of harnesses and components reeds for jacquard weaving looms. Also, accessories and spare reeds parts for weaving looms and textile machinery. English reeds and Italian.
  • Chang Lim Precision Co., Ltd - Korea. Manufacturers of tempered stainless steel flat healds reeds for jet-loom weaving weaving machinery. Also, closed end drop reeds wires, and pin dropper weaving warp breakage detectors. Technical reeds specifications. English and Korean.
  • L.P.L. Inc. - Repair and manufacturing of loom reeds. Site can reeds also be reeds viewed in French.
  • Zanfrini Srl - Italy. Manufacturers of carbon and stainless steel reeds for sizing and warping machinery, and air- and water-jet, projectile and rapier weaving looms. Technical information.
  • Startes Jacquard SpA - Italy. Manufacturers of jacquard harnesses, braided cords, heddles and comberboards. weaving Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and application suggestions. English weaving and Italian.
  • Colciago snc - Italy. Design, development and manufacture of carbon and weaving stainless steel reeds for warping systems and weaving weaving machinery. Technical information and reed specifications. English and weaving Italian.

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