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Italy. Design and manufacture of yarn break detectors, constant tension feeders, and yarn quality control systems. Site can be viewed in English and Italian.

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  • Helman Engineering, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of tensioners for filament winding and yarn spinning unwinding machine components processes. Includes technical information.
  • Fil Control Sa - France. Design and manufacture of yarn detectors, cutters, machine components meters, sensors with central monitoring.
  • BTSR - Italy. Design and manufacture of yarn break detectors, constant tension feeders, and yarn quality control systems. Site can be viewed in English and Italian.
  • Magnetic Technologies, Ltd. - USA. Design and manufacture of permanent magnet synchronous process control shaft machine components couplings, magnet hysteresis brakes and eddy current process control clutches for machine components high-performance yarn, capping, wire and cable, process control fiber-optic, aerospace, converting, machine components power transmission, chemical pump, vacu
  • Gebrüder Frei GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of electronic, electro-mechanical and pneumatic systems machine components and machine components products for power supply, transport and textile machine components machinery applications. machine components Sensors for yarn control and cutting. machine components Custom development services. machine components English, German and Spanish.
  • Jossi Systems AG - Switzerland. Design and manufacture of high resolution optical yarn spinning detection systems for the elimination of foreign materials yarn spinning in the yarn spinning process. Also, fire extinguishers yarn spinning for waste filters. Technical information on PDF files. yarn spinning Links to related sites.
  • Loepfe Brothers, Ltd - Switzerland. Manufacturers of sensors and monitoring equipment for machine components yarn process control spinning and fabric weaving processes. Technical publications machine components and brochures process control on PDF files. English and German.
  • Red Deer Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturer of textile machinery and accessories, such machine components as machine components elastic yarn warp trimmers, automatic control warp machine components trimmers, FDY, machine components POY swifts, hydraulic tensioners and reels.
  • Apex Precitech - India. Manufacturers of top arm load gauges for ring and yarn spinning speed spinning frames, draw frames, combers and lap formers. Also, yarn spinning detaching roller load gauges. Technical brochure, FAQ and user manuals yarn spinning on PDF files.
  • Otto Stüber GmbH - Germany. Design and manufacture of electronics and mechanical yarn spinning equipment for yarn spinning process control and automation yarn spinning applications. Technical information and list of representatives on yarn spinning PDF files.
  • Eltex of Sweden AB - Sweden. Design and manufacture of yarn sensors for machine components the process control textile industry. Also, energy control and data machine components acquisition systems. process control Technical information and drawings. English and machine components Swedish.
  • Sensoptic SA - Switzerland. Design and manufacture of optical sensors and machine components measuring systems for on-line quality control applications in machine components the production of mono- and multi-filament yarns, wires machine components and optical fibers. Custom development services.
  • FA.NI Textile Devices - Yarn break sensors and roving stop devices for yarn spinning ring spinning machines. Also, software available for ring yarn spinning spinning machines.
  • Samwoo Tension Co. - South Korea. Manufacturer of ceramic parts, winders, tension machine components devices and yarn tension regulators for textile machinery.

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