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Germany. Manufacturers of high-speed spindels for yarn production and spinning machine manufacturers. Also, lubrication systems, and top and bottom rollers. Technical information. List of world wide representatives.

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  • Unispin, Lda - Portugal. Manufacturers of spindles for ring spinning and spindles and jets roving frames. Also, spinning frame spare parts, machine spindles and jets accessories, and a range of pre-owned spinning mill spindles and jets machinery. Detailed product catalogs. English and Portuguese.
  • Adhunik Udhyog - Servicing and reconditioning of twisting spindles as well as manufacturing.
  • Exemplar-Nihon Spindle Pvt., Ltd - India. Joint venture between Nihon Spindle Co., Ltd spindles and jets and the Deeco-Exemplar Group. Manufacturers of standard and spindles and jets custom designed aluminium spindles for cotton, synthetic and spindles and jets worsted ring spinning and ring twisting machines. Technical spindles and jets information and spindl
  • Awa Spindle Co., Ltd - Japan. Design and manufacture of spindles for tyre machine components cord and glass fiber processing, yarn covering, twisting machine components and false twisting. Also, nozzles for air- and machine components water-jet weaving looms, and a wide range of machine components spinning accessories. Detailed product catalogs, includ
  • Gambhir Enterprises - Manufacturer of spindles for yarn spinning frames.
  • GS Industries of Bassett, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of plastic injection molded custom products machine components for the textile, appliance, construction and furniture Industries. machine components Carriers and bobbins for yarn spinning applications. Technical machine components information on html and PDF files. Calendar of machine components events.
  • Spindelfabrik Neudorf GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of machine components for textile, automotive, energy and general engineering applications. Spindles, bearing units and drive systems for yarn spinning, twisting and covering frames. English and German.
  • Novibra GmbH - Germany. Design and manufacture of high-speed and heavy-duty spindles for yarn spinning frames. Also, spindle lubrication equipment, and top and bottom rollers. Technical information. List of world wide representatives.
  • InspirOn Engineering Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of precision engineered components for the spindles and jets machine components textile, automobile and liquid dispenser industries. High-performance aluminium spindles and jets machine components flyers and allied accessories for yarn spinning frames. spindles and jets machine components Also, stentering systems for woven and knitted fabrics.
  • Parmar Industries - Manufacturer and exporter of all type textile spindles including energy machine components saving spindles for spinning and twisting machines.
  • Textile Machinery and Equipments - Manufacturers of reconditioned spindles, top rollers and top machine components arms yarn spinning for yarn spinning frames. Also, adaptors and machine components accessories for yarn spinning ring spinning frames.
  • Jinqiao Spinning Machinery Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of machine parts for open-end rotor yarn spinning machine components systems. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.
  • Fusos Torello SL - Italy. Manufacturer of spindles and their accessories, machine components light alloy tubes for spinning and doubling, and machine components metallic bobbins.
  • Zentex SpA - Italy. Development and manufacture of spindle control straps, spindles and jets machine components pulling straps, and equipment for the preparation and spindles and jets machine components welding of spindle straps for yarn spinning and spindles and jets machine components twisting frames. Technical information. English and Italian.
  • Fibreguide, Ltd - UK. Standard and custom design, development and manufacture of air jets for the spun and filament yarn industry. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications on PDF files. On-line air calculator. Calendar of events. List o
  • New Age Industries - India. Manufacturers of a range of spindles and bolsters for spindles and jets heavy-duty spinning, and doubling, two-for-one (TFO) twisting and winding of spindles and jets spun yarns. Technical information.
  • Kosung Spindle Co. - South Korea. Manufacturer of spindles for covering machines.
  • SMF AŞ - Turkey. Custom development and manufacture of precision engineered machine components solid spindles and jets and hollow spindels for cotton, worsted and machine components woollen ring spindles and jets spinning frames. Technical information. English and machine components Turkish.
  • HongDi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of a range of spindles for long and spindles and jets short fibers, rotors, spindle blades and yarn tensioners for yarn spindles and jets spinning and processing machinery. Also, parts and accessories.

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